Frosso Studios

Accommodation in Kassiopi

Terry W          10/10

Having stayed at Frosso Apartments for the last 3 years I feel I am well qualified to pass comment. The apartments are basic but what do visitors require from a holiday apartmment in what is the most delightful village on Corfu? A base, somewhere to have breakfast after a good night out and a kip, somewhere to have a mid-day cuppa, a comfortable, clean bed to lay your head. If there was ever a problem, Nikos was never far away to sort it out. For the price I paid it was fantastic value which I hope I can take advantage of again in 2009. Afaristo Frosso!

Tracy F           

We went to these appartments for our homeymoon. When we arrived, oh my word, this was a nicer way to say what we said!! To be fair though, we had come straight from our wedding, travelled 400miles to the airport flew and had a ride from hell to Kassiopi with a taxi driver who I'm sure was just trying to scare me!! When we first went into the appartment i was gutted! After a sleep and a look round Kassiopi, finding Cosmic tourist office (a god send!) we decided that Frosso wasnt that bad! After all we ate out most nights anyway and only slept in there! Our room was cleaned every other day and the bin in the bathroom was emptied then, we had taken nappy sacks too tho to control any potent smells! The staff that we saw in the appartment block were friendly and we were left a bottle of champagne and a bowl of fruit as it was our honeymoon. The bed linen was changed twice a week and towels too. If you need a safety deposit box (as it appears not to be so secure here, although we left things in the room and they werent touched!) go to Cosmic, they're free to use. All in all this studio was ok, this is more of a greek style place luxurious kitchen etc but if you can get over that you will truely enjoy your stay here!!!!

Sarah A           

Oh my, what can I say? It looked like it hadn't been cleaned for 20 years when we arrived. The towels were old fraying beach towels. The bin in the toilet was only emptied on our last day which is disgusting considering you have to put your used toilet paper in it.
filthy, way overpriced and to be honest they should knock it down.
If you are booked in, ask for a refund.
Oh yeah and it was our honeymoon. After several complaints to Crappos (Manos to you), they told us we were lucky to get a room at all as it was a busy week.
Nice! Certiainly a holiday to remember.