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Gemma T

Hey all there's two of us going to Kavos  on 5th Aug and we're wondering where the best place to go is!!

Rachael D          10/10

woo loved bonkers loadss didnt wanna come homee! spent like most of our holidayy in there..the dj was a cheaky t**t hah but we still loved him hah and alex the barman and all the pr's was amaziin aswell!! loved goiing to the rock in with them and the geordies they weree greaat too hah! defoo coming bak in may but too stay this timee! lovee bonkers lowdss love the scousers!! * headband giirlss*  rachael,,jess (ginge) and jamie-lee xxx

ohh yehh deann...ive never had a threesum with myy best mate..drink!
never had sex with a pr or a dj..drinkkkk  see youu next year! xxx


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i love this bar hopefully will go back and work here again this summer coz last year was amazing i miss it soo much

samantha glad to here you had a good time !! 

Alex C

click to enlarge bonkers was awesome! somehow got dragged in here on the first night and we were hooked everynight for rest of the hol even tho was at opposite end of the strip to our hotel it was worth it! bar staff were awesome and some fun times were had! gotta love dj dean -  cheeky little s**t! have you ever.....??

25th june - 10th july! just started thinking bout next years hols and reminiscing bout just how good this place was!!

pics of the adventures
here -
and here -

doorbell doorbell!!!!

Lee L

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DJ Dean, what a legend, eh? I was out in Kavos twice this summer, my other comment is further down. See you guys in May!

If u wanna chat about Kavos, etc, MSN is

Samantha D          10/10

click to enlargehey all,,bonkers bar is the best bar in kavos its amazin me n my friend jess went 17th sept till 2nd oct 07 had the best 2weeks ever.everynite we went in bonkers was just round corner frm where we was stayin..the prs were brill ashley becky n danielle miss u guys hopefully see u next year!after a few nites there the bar man alex knew wot were wanted so we didnt even need 2 ask! the dj is top noch love it!!! BONKERS BAR IS THE BEST  

Anneka G          10/10

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Best bar ever !!! went nearly everynight love the tunes! DJ was awesome and just out there to get everyone leglesss and usually  (sick), Jen did the sambuca challenge 17 shots in 20 secs! beat all the lads!!! whoop whoop def would go back to kavos purely for this bar only!!  

Shaun D          10/10

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Hey all. kavos was the best holiday ever!!!! it was that good i even missed my flight home to stay for an extra week!!!! big hi to every1 who knows us, the geordie boys (we were legends). a massive hi to dean, miss u lots mate, the welsh lads, the stavros girls (leanne, marie, jo etc) costas and every1 we met and got smashed with while out there. we are all out again next summer so kavos beware... cos the geordie boys are back for another session!!!!! more pics on

Sarah E

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EEE this bar was amazing coz it were jst so full on all the time got everyone involved. was in here most nyts lyk was mint...PR's were gr8 too!!!

Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaa lee hehe ~ This lad carried me home haha a was guna be gettin a fine off the cleaner for been sik in the loo haha a got loadsa grief tha next mornin but ya na a was on holiday lmao


Lee L          10/10

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hey bonkers bar was awesome! we were in there every night from 18th june-3rd july! we were the geordies who were in every single night! we were doing the sambuka challenge, the headf**ker upside down u name it! i was the 1 wiv the bald him who dj dean (or as we called him bombhead from hollyoaks) nicknamed me harry hill, any 1 remember? we got the git out with us around kavos getting him smashed, he was always in bed b4 us,

if any1 was out in this time or remembers us lot
heres my msn

Kerry J          10/10

bonkers is welllll good! got my night started most nights! good atmosphere and good tunes to get you going, a must go!

Bex Y          10/10

heya al i jus got bk from kavos on 16th july 07, it was the best holiday eva n ive bin 2 a few places.

ther r sum reali jus bars out ther gota love the bonkers bar wiv the doorbell song couldnt get enuf ov it. best place 2 start ur nite is stoned bar which was jus near r hotel the ppl ther r ace.
kavos is the place 2 b. n u defo have 2 go on the ringos n the crazy speed boat is 1 not 2 b missed
gunna miss the place

Marie F          10/10

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Bonkers was a awsum bar!!

Played all of the great tunes!!!
Dj Dean was crazy!!! and the drinkin games, wat a laff!!! I never.......???
doorbell, doorbell, doorbell doorbell dooorbell doorbell- double doorbell double doorbell
icecream con icecream cone, icecream icecream icecream cone! big box, small box,big box small box big box small box
swim swim...... crystall ball crystal ball.... feed the feed the feed the f**kin pigeons!!!!!!!!!!
that says it all haha

Leanne C          10/10

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Mint bar.... Was in everynight!!

Spent most nights wiv Dean the DJ at our hotel bar, playing I NEVER!! Got him drunk before he went to work!!
Known as the Stavros Girls whenever we went in!! Fab Time!!
Weird tunes were played.... All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey, at the beginning of July '07?!?!? Whats that about?
Gotta get yourself there, but don;t go to early!!

Emma B

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june 2007!!!  @ stavros

oh my god i didn't wanna come home! just got back from kavos and had the best time ever. bonkers is a must, was in there nearly every night for 2 weeks. the dj is a w**ker!! the dj is a w**ker!!  dean i love you to bits and im gutted i didn't get to say bye!!!!! all the bar stuff are great and the prs! i miss you all!
stavros rules! i'll be back at the stavros very very soon. dont miss me too much.
taz & jen your the best!!! dean, boggle, glen, alec, dom, tom, josh, steve etc i love ya all!
if any one is going there your have a great time but make sure you go on the crazy speed boat with was the best! tip- avoid front left, its the perfect bikini removing i found out, thanks glen!!!
went for a lovely meal at tkds on our last evening and experience an eartquake - f**king s**t myself! what a way to end my hol! lol
see you all soon
miss you
emma xxxx

Nikki           10/10

I was on holiday in Kavos 26th Aug til 2nd Sept - Bonkers is a great bar & the PA's were a great laugh.  I loved in here & was in here every night.  1 night decided to do a bit of dancing on the bar & ended up being pushed off by accident & ended up with a broken arm, but I was having a cracking nite!!  I would definately recommend a nite in here!!

Hope to see you all again - this time I won't be bar surfing!!


Was in kavos in the summer and again from 22/09/06-30/09/06.  Was in here every night.  Wasn't as busy as it was in the summer, but it's still the best bar in kavos!!!  See you all again next year.

Glitter G           

omg did ny1 meeet karlos th PR?? he is fkn hot lyk!! we lvd th music in here! n how gid is it tht u can sign th walls!!!! ave got muh name up there bout 12 times if u go tae kavos this place is a must lv ya XxX

Cheryl D           

hi guys its the glasgow girls !!! really missin bonkers !!! n all the pr's :)) ! bonkers was the best pub in kavos !! we wer their evri nite !! and we had the time of our lives !!! we myt b bac nxt yeer :d ?? dnt no we myt go ty ayia napa ! bt hopefully we wull b bck for the nxt yeer !!! hope ty c yooz soon !! missin yooz nd kavos loads!!!luc cheryl,lauren,michelle nd karen

" the glasgow girls 06!


Rock C           

Lovin Bonkers Bar. DJ Dean's a nutter but plays all the best songs and u always get a shout out when u go in. Barmen are class a rite laugh, they set the bar on fire for u if u ask! The pr's are lovely so go in when u see them, especially Carlos (watch out 4 him drunk in the streets afta closin!!!!) Bonkers is an amazing bar, we went in every night. If ur goin 2 Kavos Bonkers is the bar 2 go in and if ur luky they let you sign DJ Dean's boat!!!!


Geordie B           

Hi People

I wasnt quite sure about DJ Dean at first, thought he was a moody tw*t, but then he came outa his self nd played all the top tunes, even played ant nd dec for us for a laugh ha. The barman r class as well, love it wen they lit the bar. Loved that u cud sign ur name anywhere n all. Great memories of this pub if ur going soon def pay it a visit.




bonkers is by far the best bar in kavos! dj dean u leg-end! will miss u m8! us jersey girls had some right laughs wiv u! shame we cudnt go skinny dipping again lol and wud of loved a bar crawl wiv all u guys at bonkers! the prs are the best there and the bar staff are quality! us jersey girls like our cheese so when we requested it tht was wat was played! plus some top dance and house stuff 2! get dancin on the bar its a right bubble!! wish i cud just pop along to bonkers of a night!! one day i will return!! hehe!!

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miss bonkers like cccccrrrazzy!!
"get f*cked off your w*nk!!"
xxxxxxthe jersey girlsxxx

Tam C           

how amazin is the dj in here didnt know if he was a comedian or a dj haha was in her 3 out of my 7 nights in kavos but cooda easily done the whole week in it bar stafff r some laugh the mix of dance oldskool trance cheese and rnb was jus right and i fukkin loved every minute of it and i lved how everyone includin the females wer all w**kers ahhaaaa i cry myself to sleep at night knowin im home and cant just jump down the road to by far one of the greatest nightclubs ive jigged in miss ye all tam cruise (ripped kavos from 10-7-06 to 17-7-06)

Michelle G           

Hi guys,

Me and my boyfriend Ross wenre here from 26/06/06 to 03/07/06.  The mustic was good.  THe PR staff were amazing - Natalie, Aaron and Nicole.  We went a Bonkers Bar crawl on our last night with the staff. What a laugh we had./  you are the best.
Hope to get back soon
Love Chelle and Ross - (Glasgow) x x x x


what can i say, the dj is a w**ker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   this is the best bar in kavos.  i was in kavos from 23rd june-7th july.  we were in here most nights   the staff are all really nice and friendly.  if  you dont go here, you dont know what your missing.  i cant wait to go back.  see you in september guys!!!!!