Atlantis Club

Bars in Kavos

Salv M

Loved the place, I came back last week. I was there for 11 days but just realised where Atlantis was on the last 2 nights because it was hidden. I went in there and it was amazing.... stayed in there until 4 in the morning.

Rainbows S

Atlantis is free to get in to you can either get to it by going through futures or just go on to it off the beach or strip

futures is free to get into as well except for when its trinitys.
Atlantis really is amazin goin back in a week

Caitlin G          10/10

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Brillaint espcically school disco nite :) xx

Dan R

Can anyone tell me how much the entry is? And what the bar prices are like??

Lindsey H          10/10

oh my god this place was amazing. just loved the fact that you could go on the beach, listen to music, smoke, drink and all the other s**t that goes on in atlantis. i also loved the bar that had the ring of sunbeds and the fire in the middle can't member the name though. wanna go back next year but debating though coz doubt it will be as good as this year.

Georgia D          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge I went kavos from 20th to 27th august this year.

didn't even go atlantis til the last night! i regret not tryna find it from the beginnin!
I LOVED IT!! great atmosphere! looks well posh n dat but the music was big, played all the latest hip hop and r&b tunes.. arr i jus loved it..
definately going there next year for my 18th (yes im only 17 lol)
if you was der wen i was, HOLLA!

Anneka G

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well this place was amazing!!! PUT YOUR HANDS UP FOR THE JUDGE!!! bloody brilliant he was! the best night had got to be the Hed Kandi night tho they were so good i danced for 2 and a half hours none stop! . Be sure you dont miss the after party bar on the beach! didnt go there till the last night, I was so pleased we went but sooo gutted we left it till the last day. after a mad night just go behind the club to the chilled out session on the beach sit around the bonfire and tuck into some BBQ definately the best place to go! MISS IT AND MISS OUT!!

Rachel H          8/10

I loved Atlantis

went there at the end of most nights. Is ace chillin out on the beach at about 5 am and then watch the sun come up

Sarah E          10/10

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Oh MY god!!!

This club was the best n it looks really posh once ya gan in well me n me other 2 mates hu went to kavos a cuple ov month ago thought it did!
we also went to a foam party but they rip u off with the drink prices then but ya always remember to barter to get the prices dwn u haveto make the offer haha.
A met some amazing people in this bar and still keep in touch today.
This is defo a place worth visiting!!!
wooooo :)

Ashleigh F          10/10

Atantis was very cool, looks gorgeous with all the fountains and is great to chill out or to dance, woteva u want, then all u have to do is step onto the beach for a bbq at like 4 in the mornin its great def worth a visit

Rich G

Futures // Atlantis is absolutely amazing everynight! You will definitely end up chillin' on the beach of After or Atlanis. Hit the Barn or Crash bar though for early on chilled out drinkin'. The barn is the best bar to drink at during the day as well!

Rich G

Katie B          10/10

I Had The Best Holiday 2 Years Ago And Im Gong Away This Year Again To The Same Place For Anyone That Hasnt Yet Been Its Absolutly Mental Best Holiday Ever!! Any Questions On Restarants Places To Go Email Me_x

Dolly F           

spent most of the last hours of my night here, there was a gorg bar man called costas he wanted to marry me hehe he was such a lovely lad got loads of free shots off him i think i had a bit too much tho,loving the r'n'b tunes tho gr8 place to chill out or dance and the beach is right there gonna miss it lots xxx


gotta agree wiv ya there, but me finks its s**t but its wikid!!best of the lot this place and actually quite beautifull if you dont stay till sunrise an see the skanky beach!good laugh,good nights and a s**t load cheapr than ibiza!!


Was class loved it! Good music and good times man. Make some noise for the judge!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles H           

Best night club in Kavos! So relaxed, good music. Perfect place to chill when your fu*ked out your face.

Becky G           

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Myself and the girls I went with really liked it here. It has really good surroundings like fountains (spent most of the night in them!) and loved how that it was outside.Would definitely recommend it to everyone. The music was awesome too.

Ryan N           

This place is wicked! its cool when its too hot as its outside. they play good music aswell...

Cheryl B           

Atlantis is wicked - free to get in and the music is really good if your into RnB/Garage!!!  The DJ is excellent and will put any tune you like on!!!  Partying in Kavos is mint, never a dull moment - will def be going back!!!!


Music was good, plenty of space to walk about, and it's free to get in!!!  It's open from 1am-7am, cant really get much better than that!!

Dolly F

Hiya me and me 4 mates are stopping there in aug time is is a good location to chill in the day and got mad for it on the night ? We r party animals but we like a nice beach in the day

H H           

Hey everyone, just got back from Kavos on Monday, had an amazin time, the drinks, the music and everythin jus killed it. I was dancing on the bar a lot! Ha Ha. Thinking of going back out there in july or august! Would like to work out there next summer! I thought the night life was top, with decent new music me an my mates could bump an grind to! Oh yea some hunky blokes there too! xxx


Was in kavos last july, Went to atlantis at the end of most nights, was pretty cool, but  a bit boring. Wa good to calm down before ya went home or sit n chat 2 ppl yad met, it opens up onto the beach which was realli nice, bt jus watch out for all the dirty couples down here!!!! Not realli my kind of music but im sure other people would like it more than me if that was their kinda thing.Everyone always realli happy there( one BIg fight one night, but thats better than the other places where fighting was much more frequent), youve def gota go to atlantis if ure in kavos



I stayed at the Chandris Apartments and ihad the best holiday ever the clubs are amazing and like 2 min from the big clubs but you cant evan hear any of the clubs where i stayed it was just perfect swimming pool there shops near by as well as clubs and 1 min walk from the beach not a nice beach really but sit on the wall at 8 in the morn and the sunrise is beautiful best holiday ever!! If you want me to tell you anythink about Kavos Holla at me either on or if you got face-pic this is me And ill inform you bout


Lovely lovely club perfect in the morning while watching the sun rise excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!