Rolling Stone Bar

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Amy J

 hi iv heard so much about your bar/club and I am looking for work in Kavos and was wondering if you had any vancancies? many thanks amy x

Becky G

hey me and the girls are off to kavos in june and i have heard soo much about this bar does any one know wheres abouts it is thought is it on the main strip of bars ?? xx

Sarah M          10/10


I remember rolling stone very well. I went to Kavos in 2003 with the girls. Had a fab time we were in the bar every night without fail. Great music, great staff.
Cant believe its still there after all these years!

Lucy T


went to kavos with my girlies this summer and had the most amazing time!
rolling stone was the absolute place to be, loved it.
we had headf**kers in there every night (and a black death or two) and although our throats were sore the next day from so much cheap alcohol... it most definitely wasn't watered down! did the trick for us anyways!
if we can we're definitely getting our a**es back there for summer 2010... awesome times!

Alex P

It is truly one of the hotest places to be in kavos. Rolling Stones has quality drinks and brilliant music that you can dance to until the early hours of the next day. For all of those who claim that the drinks are watered and make you feel ill, i believe it is simply cause you had one too many and you could not handle it.

Kerry J          10/10

click to enlarge my favourite bar in kavos, great music, great drinks. headf**kers (9 spririts - one pint) contained actual alcohol, unlike other bars which clearly watered down their drinks a lot.

Sophie J

definitely my favourite place in kavos, i only ever drank smirnoff ice in there so i can't say much about the drinks, but i was told its a good job i stuck to bottles.

music is the best though, cheese and oldies in the front with the new stuff, and indie in the back room
can't beat ittttt.
and scott the pr was lovelyyy, if anyone knows him tell him to get his a**e on here and find me ha.

hopefully back out there in 09 =d
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Jordan T          10/10

This place shizzled my nizzle. Quality bar made a stop there every night. Sex on the beaches were awesome!!! Cheese music, hot bar men, buy one get one free on drinks! what else are you after??

Claire Y          5/10

Awesome music, just dont drink anything that doesnt come in a bottle because it will be cheap flavoured alcohol - not the proper stuff - and will make you feel VERY ill the day after. Failing this just get drunk before you go!!

Salv M          10/10

Came back from Kavos last week... loved Rolling Stone, defenitley the place to be, filled with great people.

Jeff G          10/10

Went to Kavos in 2006. Had the BEST time! Spent EVERY night in the Rolling Stone bar! By far the best on the island!

Sophie           10/10

went kavos june 07 nd goin bk 2 work june 08 gna b wiked!! kavos rele is the best place 2 go 2 get smashed nd just hav a wiked time!!!! rolling stones fukin loved it great bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirsty B          10/10

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Went to Kavos in Summer 2006 and 3 times in summer 2007....June, 10-17 July and 7-14 September.

Kavos is THE place to be...great atmosphere,great bars and clubs. THE BEST of the lot is ROLLING STONES. Best PR on the strip!-Mackem you r a legend mate! Hit up Mackem eats lizards-youtube! (foto of mackems crazy tats!)
Cheeky Vimto's all the way....
Me and a mate are goin out to Kavos to work this summer coz we love the place.....if you haven't been, GO! Especially to rolling stones.
Watch out,,, We're coming......

Frances G          10/10

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this place was just the best. cant wait to go back next year. the bar men were awesome.  you have to do a headf**kercheecky vimtos all the way free condoms baby

Ellen T          10/10

Deffo the best place in town for anyone with indie/rock taste in music. The atmosphere is great , especially in the back club. I spent every night there :)

Hollie J          9/10

loved the music in the back (as it didn't go off when the police went down the street) if i went to Kavos again would go back there!!!!!

Toni H          10/10

rolling stones is boss best bar in kavos id say plays best music eva wanna go back next year

Kerry J          10/10

rolling stones is great for all youre indie rock stuff, sometimes can be abit empty, but i did try and go here everynight to listen to some good music! was 1 of my fav bars :D

Susana R          10/10

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My friends and I were in Kavos from the 2nd to the 8th of June and it was awesome. never had such a good time, ever. best place? rolling stone! we spent there like every night, especially in the back room. People there were just amazing, everything was so cool and everyone was so friendly in kavos! (maybe because most people weren't from there?) Also I have to add we were really nicely treated as we were the only Spaniards in town lol

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The rolling stone = best people, best music, best place

Jen W

Went to Kavos 11th - 18th June 2007, it was awsome! music in rolling stones was brilliant! only thing that ruined it was that my camera was stolen on our last night (17th, Sunday night) in the indie back room of rolling stones bar. it has all the memories of my holiday on it, i am obviously gutted. it is a sony cybershot camera. If anybody reading this knows of its wherabouts please email me

a reward will be given. 



Tamara R           

was mint in here was always packed and the pr wasnt really dat annoying xxxx

Katie M           

Had some of the best nights of my holiday in Roling Stone and met some of the fittest guys in kavos in here too.

The rolling stone is open til 5 (or was while i was there) and has two rooms. The front room plays really cheesy music but has a fantastic atmosphere. The back room is more indie and i didn't go in there much.

E E           

This bar rocks!!  End of.  We ended up here every nite!  If you like a good bop with some cheesy tunes this is the place to go.  Prs were luvly, drinks were cheap and you get to play on the rolling stone at the front of the bar!!

We never went into the back room.  We just stayed at the front, on the steps...where it was nice and cool and we were able to dance the night away!!!   


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What a bar! Me and my mates spent most ov our holiday nights owt in here we always ended up here whatever I would strongly reccomend that you should try this bar out if ya goin 2 Kavos!!

The Back part opens at 1 I wouldnt go in before then cuz the front is really cheesy anyways a good bar try red vodka and lemonade fit as xx