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Bars in Kavos

Nicki d Frog & toad

I don't believe it! We, as in me plus Lally were going to Greece to prove that, that life is true. Now i have living proof, see you soon! Hope all is fantastic, and that our meeting up only improves upon that. Whats the bar name? Plus, whats the best hotel?  XXX. Don't forget sister act.... Loving regards, Nick.

Jonathan H

Hi I was just wondering if anyone had an email address so that I could contact The Forum in relation to a job they offered me and my mate ?

Sophie J

Aha gota love this place purely for Polyfilla! (good for the crack apparently)
Hilarious guy, just the way he sang along to certain songs made me laugh, and how he played about 15 songs in a row that mentioned the word monday
It was a monday obviously

First night out there and we got a free bar for ten euros for the duration of a football match. Drank too many sex on the beaches too soon after one another, and definitely felt it when i left ha.

PR outside was gorgeous too, even though we were told he has a girlfriend </3 tut tutttt!

Liz P          7/10

Me nd my girls started off most nights in the Forum!! We love the karaoke so its all gurdeee...

Drinks nd that were but we nrlii drank them out of vodka nd redbull haha! Deals were good as well a free hour at the bar for 12 euros which is all good esp if your a quick drinker!!

Chris C           

I've just spent a bonkers week in Kavos. Me and me mates spent every night in The Forum. OH MY GOD!!!!! Tommy Pollyfilla has got to be the funniest DJ I've ever seen. One night, he put on a record by Bob Marley and then stuck on a rasta hat and pretended to smoke an enormous wacky backy cigarette. I laughed so much I managed to spill my Bacardi all down my shirt.


Hahaha what a laugh this bar was. its totally laid back, across the road from our appartments and just fab for a start of a finish to your night out.

just remember the toupée dance, and pollyfilla; put yer teeth in!

Chloe S           

TOMMY POLLYFILLA!! Top bloke, highly recommend going here if you like karaoke, even if you don't just sit back and enjoy the entertainment - you'll have a great laugh!! If there's one bloke that's f***ing excellent at his job then this is the guy, go and see it for yourself!! See you next year.

Stacey C           

my boyfriend and i thought the forum bar was absolutely great, especially for couples who don't want to go wild every night. If you just want to chill out in comfy chairs with a cocktail and laugh at the people on the karaoke then the forum is the best place to go.

Graham C           

Great night at this bar - with TommyPollyfilla (Good for the crack)


Not very busy but do Karoke which is gr8 for those people who like that sort of thing