Prime Bar

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Ali D           

prime bar is fab, me and my m8 lisa went to kavos and we were there every nite, great music, great bar men, stelios is hot! allong with the rest of them! def a must go in kavos! went back to live for a few months and they looked after me really well, wish i was still there! roll on next year!


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! this was the best bar in the entire world!!!!! everyone who works there is amazing from the pr's (yes charlie) to the bar staff( jhonny and stellios) and mr dj! they made me and my mates soo welcome in kavos the deals for drinks waere wicked 2! 5 euros 4 3coctails and 2 shots! it was soo hard to say bye! but i will b going back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! email me on if u want to know ne more! xxxxx

Alexandra V           

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hi there!!

the prime bar is always verry good!!!

and the men oeff soo good and lovely...

soo people next week are wee coming again!!!!

lots of kissis alexandra


Wicked bar, you have to go ! Charlie the PR is well fit !

Nicola, emma, micki & dan G           

Hi all! went ot kavos on the 2nd may til the 17th it was the best holiday eva! were canny pissed off that all the bars and clubs weren't open but prime bar rocked the whole of kavos! can't rememba all the bar men's names- something like spearos, stellios, christos and G the pr! they wer all class!!! can't wait to go back . . . watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicola .           

Hi all, went to kavos at the start of may, we were canny pissed off that not all the bars and clubs were open but once we got to prime bar everything was alright.  Every night we'd start off in the barn then head to prime for the majority of the night. can't remember the barmen's names, think it was something like stellios, spearos and christos. they were mint! defo go back like. propa gutted when we had to leave.  best holiday eva!!!


Have been to Kavos twice this season and this bar is just great on every score. Stelios is the bounciest happiest barman you're likely to come across and we had problems paying for our drinks in here. The music's good as the DJ is class. As for the PR's? G is THE sexiest PR in Kavos - no question!! He's a really nice bloke too and gives good hugs! The bar is one not to be missed!