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Terry P

hiya people its loopyloo, worked in kavos, london bar, 2004- 2005. been in prison for 4 years got out in may 2008. anyone that wants to get intouch with me im on face book. terry parr of london, your see my kavos pic with gemma and know its me,lol. well speak to you all soon,telboy.p, a.k.a,loopyloo.xxxxx

Troublesome B          10/10

really good bar not as busy as it used to be

decent shots and decent vodka n redbull and sex on the beach

Dizzy W          9/10

Have 2 stop 4 a cheeky London Special every nite b4 hittin future/atlantis.....


We went in here once or twice the music was good only the toilets were minging!


Its a bit small, but do some nice cocktails only went once.

Kylie N           

top bar went in every night pr are blooody beautiful specially ritchie and bad boy baker

Laura H           

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hahaha, remember us? we had a love/hate relationship with the pr's (especially julie, jess and charlie) who weren't too impressed with us walking past the bar....every night, sorry lads, it just isn't as good as splash and other bars! went there once with sam, was a bit eventful tho in not a good way! but anyway im sure others found it to be good!



I had a good time in here. the bar staff were always welcoming and the PR's were wkd as well as another set of  BUFF TINGS. the music was alright I enjoyed it and had a good little dance.


The bar itself was a bit poor, pretty dull.   It never seemed to be very busy in there and the toilets were minging. 

Bar staff were pretty cool, a good laugh.  The guys who were PRing were buff tings! 

Jeni W           

ok so im biased cos my mate is PR and bar maid here but.....

 best RnB/groove bar on the island, drinks taste wicked (unusual in kavos) and its friednlya dn open late. Go out of your way to find it - so worth it.....
give my loev to Kate and jen workers in there, Manc and all too!
Watch out for creepy glass collector thou girls!

Laura B           

The London bar was brilliant, the music was amazing and everyone was really nice. Highly recommend the London bar special cocktail, anyone who didnt like it must be crazy or was extremely drunk.London Bar all the way!!!

Tracey G           

This is wicked!!!...... the PRs are sooo fit ha ha!!XX and the music is wicked!!

L P           

Went there last week, was amazing!
Best place in kavos - busy but not overcrowded! And the DJ/staff are the best around!!!!

Becky P           

This bar was the best i loved it!! the music was great the DJ was kool!! there for 2 weeks and everytime we had free real close to the PRS mmmm!! cant wait to cu again!!  i had the best orgasims in there, all with whip cream mm mm !!

Paul J           

off the main road and is rubbish. avoid.

Edinburgh G           

good place to escape the chavs - played RnB all night, good looking guys, a fit PR and cute barstaff! shots were vile tho!

J W           

jen stow i have to agree with you when i went my reps told me not get drinks from there cos they put s**t in them but yeah s**t bar don't go

Jen S           

awful dragged down a dodgy ally way...and plonked on a little table....listenin to terrible music! only went in cos the cute pr pestered us every night of the holiday...would never go to the bar ever was terrible! and full or weird people who look like they shud have been in some nutters club in ibiza!

Sarah N           

never went to the london bar but loopy one of the prs was the boy funny crazy bad boy x x x x x

Jadey B           

Fookin loved the place!!!!!
Juliano the bar man, proper sound geeza- miss him loads, antonio the fitty n gareth in the dj box, we loved them!!
london bars the place to be!
john n chris r well fit too!
went in 2003 n 2004 goin back in 2005, cant wait to go back again yehhhhhh!!!

Stef G           

went to kavos in august, had a brilliant time, the only hot guys i pulled were pr's, they were hotter than the holiday makers especially chris! def go back next year for the summer. and loopy, lets just say i hope i never bump into him again, gave me a black eye, crazy guy man! any1 goin back next year?? xx

Sam B           

Its worth goin just 2 check out the PR's!! John and Chris are seriously the fittest blokes u r likely 2 c!! The bar staff are absolute legends aswell and the dj plays gr8 rnb tunes!!

Soph and fran            

London Bar is great especially the little VIP area! and JOHN PR IS BUFF!!!

Natasha L           

went to kavos a few weeks bk had a g8 time london bar were sound.
have 2 agree loopy is a bit of a handful but a good laugh.
were in sept cant wait see ya all soon



Ive been to Kavos Twice this year and am going back a third time in a five weeks! Loved the london bar. Loopy is nuts! Bar staff are the best! except Nikki no longer works there which is a big shame!