Legends Bar

Bars in Kavos

Emma R          7/10

we went to legends once quite quiet but fun.made best friends with babis and the boob man.the prs were very friendly,most of all we enjoyed the sex behind the bar! and also Hi to the irish legends.get your langer out!!

Liz P          7/10

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Legends Bar was fookin awesome...me nd my mate went there nrlii every night and the music was amazin!! Love my Kavos Anthem which was Get Far - Shining Star dunno if anyones heard it but it goes like (8)The way you touch the way you look at me the fire in your eyes i swear makes me shiver insidw(8) BEST SONG EVER!!

Anyway it was quite lively some nights but others it was pretty average but the best thing about the legends bar is the bloody pukka barman named Babis <3333 Love that man!! There he is on the right lookin gorge with the PR man who was also gorgeous!! He fed me alcohol over the bar nd I love every minute of it, plus we got given free shots nd drinks as we became good friends with them all behind the bar....Miss all of you!!
So wanna be back in Kavos I miss it soo much the weather nd everything in England is horrible!!

Emma C

 IF NOTHING ELES>>>>> go to this bar for the gourgeous bar man!!!! Gaz and Paul the PR's arent bad either!! xxxx


full of greeks but the bar staff were so hot it didnt matter!!good starting point and my hotel was just up the road so perfect!!

Karen S           

went to legends june 2005 great holiday close enough to walk to town but not to close that you had loads of noise people were very friendly and they let us have the rugby on. apartments were clean and we had a poolside view so that was good. we went into the town every night and that was good b.e.d is the best food resturant and saxaphonme bar was the best bar all in all brilliant holiday


does any body have the number for the olympionm village apartments, its is just up the road from legends? please please help


Go here when you are pissed before hitting the clubs, we had a laugh dancing to all the old tunes! we only had 3 euro left and they gave us loads for the money!!! we got 2 beers and 2 cocktails!!! funny but probably only if you are pissed and only when the place is packed!


we watched the england/greece football euro2004 in legends, good atmosphere, good local beer. good place to start in for a quiet drink if u go out early ie before 11pm when places start to get busy. x

Christina M           

Just want to say if it wasn't for angela the PR and Mharri the bar staff, the place would be bollocks! i lived next door to these girls and they made our holiday! TOP BIRDS!!!! see you when you get home girls!


good atmosphere, especially during the football (england matches)
good laugh with the bar staff
dj (paul) good guy
headf**kers are a must try experience, hella pils lager is ok at 3euro's a pint
became our local for 2 weeks

Gemma B           

well wat can i say ...the men were gorgoeus. especially the DJ and the PR..the drinks werent cheep but it was worth it just to see them.. a good place to start your evening with(chat the barman up and get loads of free shots)best way.. love Gem xx

Rob M

Does anyone know the e-mail address or any other contact details for "LEGENDS" bar?

Dj K           

Is Fat Simon still dj-ing in there?

B-low P           


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B-low P           

fantastic place dj really funny bar really nice dont know wot that birds on a bout??

Nikki H           

cocktails were overpriced compared to everywhere else dont go there

Ian J           

over priced crap cocktails