Scorers Bar

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Yvonne B          10/10

i know its a few months since ive been to kavos, we went this summer. it was fantastic, scorers was amazing love the dj hes mint. we are going back nxt year for another 2 weeks so watch out. cocktails in this bar are amazing especially the newcastle coctail.

will see you all nxt summer (look forward to it) it will be mint. !!! x

Kerrie H          10/10

 wow!   what a place to be. discovered scorers towards the end of my hol and gutted it wasn't sooner. this place served the best cocktails ( that we could actually drink with gagging ! ) n the staff were fab.

glenn, chic, you are an absolute diamond. the crazzy speedboat was one of my highlights and i still have visuals of you paddling to get it going. sodding hilarious! lol  you are such a laugh, loved your music n i hope you enjoyed your summer after that dippy bird you met. you deserve a gooden!
mikey, mikey, mike...what can i say babes. your boat trip was funny as hell, although you did keep picking on me!, but you kept the fun going for me.  you made my last day one to remember . thank you for being such a gent and keeping me grinning from ear to ear!!
x x mwah x x 
scorers was the place to be this summer and i will defo be telling my mates to visit next summer.  thank you for making my hol such a wicked one. love you all x x x
p.s, scott you keep on enjoying yourself s**gging them donkeys!! ha ha ha  x eww!!  he he x

Robbie V          9/10

hey hey! the manchester boys here, fukin locved this place deffo the place to be, the dj's a w**ker and he play indie s**t lol and dont ask for ella hahah! seriously top guys loved it! will be back next summer! love you guys xx

Abbie L          10/10

  scorers is amazin!! without doubt the best bar in kavos! glen the dj made my holiday and his taste in music needs to be shared with more of the dj's! this was our local in kavos n we wouldn't go 1 night without a visit to scorers! from all your manchester crew: we love you glen! and hopefully ur bar will be jus as buzzin without us! xxx

p.s. umberella is s**te!!!!

Ellis D          10/10

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scorers is absolutely brilliant! it made me and ma pal louise's holiday! evelyn's vodka slushes r the s**t and dj glen plays such a good mix of indie, dance & cheese - loved it!!!

staff & pr's r great, which totally makes the bar! scotland cocktail is also s**thot!
so get ur a**e down 2 scorers :)!
sorry for not comin in on our last night, ended up wrecked - totally gutted
see ya's next year !!!! big love from glasgow xxxx

Kerry D           

This place was our saviour!!!! The music is excellent and glenn- the Dj- is great. He plays a mixture of indie, 90's and some 80's. Not like all of the other bars, this will be "your new local!" You can chill out, drink proper drinks, listen to great music and have a laugh all at the same time.

Loved it x
SAS Burton girls, september 2006.


this place was wicked.  first day we arrived durin the day, headed down there, got several s**t faces or head f**kers whatever they called them.  top bar man marco scottish dude too:)  1st night it was a bit dead coz we went out early but us glasgow boys got it bouncin, dj big baws was a wkd dude n had sum bangin tunes.  was a gd start to the holiday

nico, bone, fungy an corbett rude boy tour 2k6 naha


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Top bar and top DJ! You'll have a reet laugh here! xx


We had a good night in here on the bar crawl I think the Dj got pissed off though coz my mates couldnt understand that he didnt play rnb they went up and asked for Sean Paul lol.

Gemma A

What's Seans number, he used to PR ther!! A neva saw him on my last day to get it :'(

Gemma A           

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A need Sean's Number!! He used to PR ther!! xx

Michael D           

click to enlarge  scorers best bar in kavos, the dj murph is a legend nd bar maid gail wat can i say    <========  

got to go bk again. remember the drunken times in scorers from the livi boys nd lanky b*****d   

Stellios S           

hiya stokie boys wot a great summer will c u there next year if u go again!

hope your all still gettin drunk!!!

murph's top dj!

Shane H           

wow,amazin,wot a bar scorers is!!!! if ur goin kavos this is the place to go. top dj (even if it does say he's a w**ker) the staff were amazin, not forgetin stelios, she is a crackin lass n took us all out one nite n got us absolutely f**k faced (cheers stelios). the drinks were top (especially the flamin lambourgini). go to this place coz u'll av a great time n the dj will anythin u want afta 12. if u guys frm scorers read this thanks agen for the memories n mayb we'll c u soon. shane,cooper n zac (stokie boyz). p.s. the mighty potters r goin up this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob S           

scorers was awesome and definitely some of the best times we had in kavos were here. the music was wicked and the dj and staff were legends. anyone know if they have an e-mail address? if so can you send it to me. need to thank them for sending us t-shirts in the post and looking after our suitcases so that we could get pissed on our last night out! cardiff city fc- we are top of the league! (if only our drinking ability could be transferred to the pitch!) rs \o/ {o>

Graham G           

well what can i say? erm,let me music on the island, coolist dj on the island, best sports bar on the island too.if,like me, u can only take so much of that rnb s**tte, then try this place out. oh yeah, only go there if u like footy!!!! all together now.. "the dj is a w**ker,the dj is a w**ker,tra la la la....!"

Leigh S           

best bar in kavos by far, played the best music. Dj was sound hes a nice bloke and funniest dj in kavos. We drank in there every nite ov our holiday. If u go drink a WALSALL cocktail very nice, help keep us 2nd in the league. Plus the prs matt and suzy r well cool + suzys hot. Definatly recommend this bar.

Scott D           

Scorers is a great bar - we spend most nights during our june 2003 holiday in there. For the first half of the evening it plays the best music that everybody else plays... but at midnight DJ Mad Murph starts playing a great selection of Indie and Rock music - so whatever you like Scorers has stuff for you. They also have the best selection of coctails in Kavos. They even have a coctail dedicated to every premier league football team and many other popular ones. Try the portsmouth one - its great :). There are always great people in there and we met loads of people who we became friends with. Also - the bar staff and Evelyn the manageress are really friendly and won't forget you if you're a regular (our coctails seemed to get stonger and stronger as we went in there more). Whatever you do while in Kavos make sure you go to Scorers - you'll have a great holiday and meet great people.

Oh... and if the Stoke / Portvale posse read this - get in contact with me. Thanks. Would be great to talk to you again.

-Scott (The portsmouth drinker from Kent)

Jane A           

Didn't fancy a sports bar much but we were taken on a bar crawl on our first night and went back every day for 2 weeks. Plays different music from most bars (Oasis, Stereophonics etc.) DJ is well funny (Ask for the Fred West Song) and the barman with the spikey hair is FIT!!!