Crash Bar

Bars in Kavos

Dave M

i was bored an googled crash bar... and this is what i find meg lol

Megan H          10/10

check 1, check 2 going out to my raving crew.....check 3, check 4, to all my ladies on the dance floor.....check 5, check 6 its the sound of mr rich kid....check 7 check 8, dont get 2 crash bar 2 late....check 9 check 10, your guna wana come bk again!!!

ok guys crash bar is the best bar on the strip! it has its own music not like everywhere else! and the staff are amazing! people just start walking in and its gets regulars each week from when people are on holidy! people come in sober and then either walk out hours later looking messy from drink and sweat! or just never come out! your the people that annoy us when we wont u go go so we can pack up...but we love you 4 it as we know ull be back in 2moro! meet so many poeple at crash and me and tasty tiffany had the most amazing time working there! we had the best boss which we cant wait 2 see next year!....lia we love you!!! greek mummy!!!!
been home 4 one day and wana go bk!!! cant wait 2 see every1 in 2011!!!! love you lia!!! miss you already!!!!!!!!!!! ur one crazy lady! love from ur crash bar girls, megan melons and tasty tiffany!!! x  

Tempsssss T

to be real though, if anyone from crash bar actually reads this message. whats are the chances of me being a PR or anything along the lines of that. for next year in kavoooos, im masively down get back to me on facey b if so ha 

Tempsssss T          10/10

crash barrrrrrrrrrr is the worlds greatest.
the bar is messy liveeee
slipps is a f**kinng messy dj
rich kid is the shiyitttee
majestic majman is s**t hot
bang on get your silly a**e there you wont regret it
hayley behind the bar and leah moother fooooookin leg ends :d 
mahooosoiveee place
enjoy it c**ts
mad love leeds boys and obvs tempsss
memorise it you c**tssssssssssssss
barelove xxxx

Danny H          10/10

I'm Looking to get a job at the Crash Bar this year (09) and I'm going to head out in the start of may. Can you help me with any info that I may need such as flights, accommodation etc. I've been Kavos before but working out there is a different ball game.

Lauren T          8/10

worked in kavos for the summer was amazing, crash bar was the place to be, best bar in kavos cant wait to come back next year, hey to leah at crash bar really enjoyed working there!! 

Jamie C

Its nice to see im remembered manchester lads HAHAHAA, i'll be there next year, from may-september hopefully!!! I'm well chuffed that i'm remembered hahaha, shout out to the manchester lads waheyyyy...
If anyone ends up in the best bar in Kavos (Crash) tell Lea the bar maid i said hello and the PR Lauren, i'll see her soon

Avril M          10/10

 crash is defo the place to be!

was in there every night, shout out to Mc Lipton and Leah - provided us with free drinks every night!!
music was wicked, and wicked atmosphere. loved it.
the birmingham crew!! 2007

Jamie C          10/10

By far the best bar in Kavos... raving it up on the stage with my crutches hahaha... Mc Lipton made Kavos this year biggest MC ive heard in a while!!! DJ Tango was doing it aswell

Chris S          10/10


Ashleigh F          10/10

Oh my god this is the most amazing bar in kavos, spesh if mc lipton is in there, we used to go in really early and stay there till it closed then hit the other bars, this place is the main reason i wana go bak to kavos! u will kick urself if you dont go to this place!!!

Toby W          10/10

 THE CRASH bar is sik we raved dere nearly every nite Big up mc lipton RIP 2 DA PAUL tunes were boomin rave on OI OI OI OI OI OI

Dizzy W          10/10

Best Bar in Kavos by far....spent a good few hours in there every nite without fail!! MC Lipton- legend!! Fit Bar Staff!! Wicked music and good drinks deals!!

Marc I           

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Worked at Crash summer 2006!

Big shout out 2 every1 who loved it!
i no we all loved it!marc

Jordan C           

i was in kavos in may n crash bar wa da 1 the cardiff crew took over heavy mc wkd bar kavos 2007 guna pr loved it CARDIFF CREW 

Nicole D           

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just a quick hello to everyone that came in crash bar this year! i was shot girl at the beginning of the season and then worked on the back bar after that.... glad you all had a good time!

Linz P           

crash bar was wicked! lipton and lee made the bar their own and we loved it in there!

shout out to the crash bar crew! love you all!

Sammy H           

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were in kavos 7th of july to 21st!!! was amazing and our number one spot was crash bar....with a mixture of amzing old school garage mixed up by simon sez,the one and only lipton and the wicked ya nicole!!! this bar made our holiday, you are garenteed an amzing start to your night

miss kavos soooo much, will be returning to work next year !!!!!

Tamara R           

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i bloody loved it in dere loved da urban music n i loved me mc lipton always givin us shouts outs n dat he was really friendly n wudda liked to vist more often to tha bar but my mates dint like dat type ov music
i recommend every1 to go dere at least once cos 5 5 euro each u get 2 drinks n a goldfish bowl ful of mixed spirits or free bottle of champayne
well as mc lipton used to say shout out to my sexy salford ladie haha

Danielle M           

Crash Bar is wicked, loved Mc Lipton does any one know were i can get a copy of his cd from. cant wait to see him at the reunion LOVE YOUR BIRMINGHAM LADIES Danielle,sam. left left left right left................... got home monday and cryed

Ceri D           

crash bar was the best bar by a mile, legendary. hey banbury boys, its your neighbours from the Hebe! the 2 cov girlies x

Gavin G           

the banbury boys are back home crash bar was a s**thot bar to go into

David P           

Crash was the best bar in Kavos!!!!!!

Old skool garage and Drum and bass took me right back, and that tune left, right, left, right, left-left-left, right! anthem eh? respect to lipton!
where can I get a copy?

Lucy T           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Got home from Kavos yesterday absolutely loved the hol especially crash bar! Simon Sez and mc Lipton made the place!!! Any1 remember the 2 Coventry girls who spent the whole hol in there dancing like nutters? Wanna come back soo bad!

Simon or Lipton please sort me a cd
Ceri  Lucy (me)

Shiv X           

Just got home after the most fun week of my life!!

I want to go back there sooo much!
Crash Bar was our Favourite!! There every night!
Loved the cocktails, free shots, fishbowls etc haha!!
And the music!! Downloaded the song they were always playing while we were out there!!
Rock to the beat (Toxic Remix) - Garage! It just reminds me of there!!  Haha
My friend pulled one of the Djs - it was a funny night! ;p