Jungle Bar

Bars in Kavos

Spencer M           

Was there from 19/05/06 - 26/05/06

This Bar was the Nuts

Other than the scousers ruining my singing

The Female P-R's from middlesboro were lovely
I snogged the dark haired one P-R Jade
Would love to get in contact with her!
Spencer x

Asmita P           

I loved the jungle bar as not only was it cheap - 5 euros for 2 coctails but they were also drinkable. We went in every night but used it as a starting point and since it is at the begining of the streched it ment you could start to get pissed but hold a coverstation as well. The bar man was great and always had a smile for us. They played a bit of everything and although it was never really packed when we wre in there we never felt out of place.

Nicola A           

spiros made me and my boyfriend very welcome, drinks were strong and cheap, good clean bar, good rnb tunes were played, bar should be more busy due to location it is, worth a visit

Helen L           

its at the end of like the strip, was good though! :D

Kelsey L           

quite empty but good r n b tunes and the only place the drinks tasted strong worth it for one drink to get warmed up!

Paul G           

We went in one night and had a few good drinks and decided to return a few days later. However, second time round the barman was a bit rude, he served us poorly made, watered down drinks and he couldnt be bothered to make us the free shots we were promised outside.Must have been time of the month or summit, shame.

Claire G           

hey hey i worked in the jungle bar for a while it was totally boss never got that buzy cause of where it was but we always had big groupd of lads in way claire xx

Gary K

i no this will sound stupid but does it play jungle n drum n bass here

Alex M           

best bar in kavos by far. it has character and serves real alcohol (not ethanol!!). not as busy as it should be due to its location (everyone wants to be in the centre of the action and pay twice as much for s**t drinks - doesn't make sense!!) be sure to pop in and say hello to spiro behind the bar!!!!