St George Sth Beach

Beaches on Corfu

Mick D           

Excellent beach, although the local area does look somwhat like a building site.  Much to please the eye though.  Water sports at the Penguin Beach Club excellet - especially the hiring of the boat.  Was able to visit the 2 nearby islands and explore the coast down to Santa Barbara in the allotted 1 hour - and at the excellent price of 30 euro.  These beaches are apparently frequented by Greek sunseekers which may explain why these beaches seem better developed than nearby Kavos. 

Sasha E           

excellent, we will be going back in 2005

Chris M           

best beach we found in corfu, well organised plenty of room, kept clean. only one caution we went the day after a massive overnight thunderstorm, changed the current and depth so careful with the kids. sexy v****a doughnuts v nice 1 euro. other doughnut man does not wear a t-shirt and its kinda hot did not buy from him as who knows what could have dripped in to his doughnut basket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice beach spent many happy days swimming in the ionian sea.


Brent T           

We use the beach in front of XL bar - clean and tidy, with excellant sand. Normally you can get beds with no trouble. Easy walk up to XL for lunch, or a bit further, past the life guards, etc, to Malibu. Greta lunches in both

Nigel J           

We had an excelent time once more

John S           

TOP BEACHES IN ST GEORGES SOUTH, i BEEN ALL OVER CORFU AND TO FIND BEACHES LIKE THESE YOU WOULD BE SEARCHING far and wide. Iknow some of the most beautiful in corfu , but they are very secluded, but for resort beaches these are number 1

Tracy S           

a plus on this beach is that it is all sand, no pebbles and the water is not too deep even quite a way out. it is a flat and safe sea base so the kids can go far out, swim but not be out of their depth.

the sexy v****a doughnuts sold on the beach are pretty good too. 1 euro for a huge one. delicious.

Danny B           

The two beaches here are well known for being the best in corfu. i perfure the east side beach it has a life guard tower where the water sports are. i had the best time on the ringo's, para sailing you name it its there and has a record for safety and price. but if your after jet ski's go to the west side beach (penguin sea club)as the one on the east side is over priced and out dated!! over all you can really relax and top up your tan here, shops? arn't far either for drinks etc... oh and for you ruddies out there walk along the beach to find the nuddies.

Anita B           

Two beaches are available,we went to the eastern one, issos I think.One rep said there was a dangerous undertow another said not. It did seem as if there might be one, they have a lifeguard area. This beach was really littered, bins only at the nearest end, so if you want quiet, expect rubbish. Sunbeds are 3euro each.