Almyros Beach

Beaches on Corfu

Sandy B           

not very good for kids or swimming but great for a lazy quiet day. flat rock slabs run into the water and can be VERY slippery. not safe for kids although there are a few narrow access points where you can get in to swim. once you get past the slabs it's waist deep onto sand and shelves gradually. the further east you go the quieter it gets. no problem if you want an all over tan - no problem if you don't. just a few walkers passing by who don't seem to care anyway. track runs parallel to beach for easy parking but don't get bogged down. tavernas within reasonable reach. swimming better back towards Acharavi or east to Spiridonas beach which is round the headland.(excellent, shallow and sandy although 2 beds and an umbrella will set you back 9 euros)

Andy B           

beach good and partial nudey so me and the missus got our bits out rocky down to sea and very slippery so be very careful grassy area at top before beach has some nasty p***kly plants so wear shoes at all time a couple of tavernas at start of beach very friendly, especially uncle zorba and his jcb who towed my hire jeep outta the sand so park on the path area (only cost me a large amstel)