Agios Spiridon Beach

Beaches on Corfu

Karen M           

We went to the Blue Bay Resort in May 2004 for 1 week on an all inclusive basis and didn't think it was that bad. Accomodation is very basic and dated but we did have lovely views from our balcony. The complex was very clean including the dining area,food was ok too except for breakfast which only ever served up those horrible frankfurter sausages but a good choice of local greek dishes. The pool area was pretty and fairly spacious and once again we thought the views from the poolside were stunning. The beaches nearby are not bad but not brilliant could do with a tidy up and the sea was a bit grim aswell. The resort itself wasn't up to much but the hotel did offer a courtesy bus to the neighbouring resorts of Kassiopi(beautiful resort) and Ancharvi which i thought was a brilliant idea. Though we did enjoy our holiday to some extent we did find the entertainment to be appalling and our children found the kids club very boring..and another thing a BIG problem with mosquitoes there my other half was covered in bites every night and none of the repellants we brought be warned as it drove everyone mad.

Emma L           

Just got back from the blue bay escape and all in all had a pretty good time....not much to do around the resort for adults and your kind of in the middle of nowhere but then its not advertised as anything else. Was a bit disappointed about the watersports as we were told there was canoes/pedaloes/etc at the hotel...from what we was all there was was a boat and a couple of rubber rings. We went on quite a lot of the first choice excusions but would recommend you used the small booking place just outside of the complex as its cheaper (we didn't know that there was another one when we booked) Also bear in mind that most of the trips start at corfu town which is over an hour away from the complex! The rooms were nice, new sand clean and there was plenty of room....but then we were given a four bed room for two of us so I suppose there would be! The beach at the back on the left was nice - although not that clean and the reps warned us about undercurrents so i do think its very safe for swimming to far out. Had heard there was going to be a problem with mozzies and wasps but with the help of repellant i didn't get bitten at all and we didn't see any wasps - quite a lot of worker bees (there are some bee hives a few minutes walk into the nature reserve at the back) but they were pretty placid. There is a really lovely beach if your prepared for about a ten minute walk...go out of the gate at the back and turn left, at the end of the path go over the bridge and carry on straight, through the trees...there are a could of nice beaches on the other side... The food was pretty good for buffet style and the pool was lovely, the location is pretty and ou can sit by the pool and listen to the sea, the aqua park is worth a visit (its not the tiny one you see going to the resort) Hope all this helps anyone who is going. Hope you have a great holiday ;-)

Gary H           

Have not got much time to write in great detail, however....

Arrived home yesterday, 25/05/2004.
Had a superb holiday (as did everyone we spoke to at airport/by pool/in restaurant/bar etc).
Food was excellent - plenty of choice (breakfast was a little samey, but no great problem).
Drinks were plentiful but as others have mentioned, the plastic cups are a bit of a pain. I suppose it was safer with children about the place. (You could always take your own camping type plastic pint/wine beakers!)
Beach to left of complex, we thought, was lovely. Quiet, untouched, not dirty, with some really pleasant tavernas nearby.
We swam/snorkelled in the sea - great!
Pool was good, children loved it.
Weather was good all week.
Didn't bother with any trips, hired a car for a day instead. (Hire place outside complex (down hill turn left).
Accomodation was very good:
We booked a double room which meant that our three children slept together in one room and we had a seperate bedroom to ourselves.
Everything was in new condition as complex went into service for the 1st time last year.
Most of the staff were very friendly and helpful.
Our only single grouch, maybe, was the evenings' entertainment as it was all "in-house". Generally I'm not that bothered about entertainment anyway, but I could see that if they had of imported professional entertainment, say, 2 or 3 times a week, I suppose other people would have been happier.

pp. Not sure what "posing potential" means.

Lynette W           

went to the blue bay st.spiridon on the 3rd may came home on the 18th may.
well what can we there early hours of tuesday morning apartment nice and clean one bedroom and a lounge consisted of two single beds in the bedroom and three singles in the lounge.
the cooker was a two rings only one large saucepan and one large frying pan.
what was i expected to cook during our stay here for two weeks self catering.
after a short sleep my husband went to the welcome event on the terrace.
he came back and we all had a look around the place .
we found that the shop on site was small and did not have much in the stock of food. problem( what are we going to eat while we are here)
for our first evening meal we had pasta and pasta sauce .
we found the swiming pool and bar it looked o.k.
we ordered two coffees and three cold drinks for the kids but was given them in plastic cups. yes the ones you get from the vending machine.
whats next the person next to me ordered a glass of larger the same again a plastic cup.and not full to the top.
around the pool was very slipery and you had to tread carfully.
there was a small beach on the right hand side of the pool but it wasnt that clean.
we went outside to have a look around to see what was there we came across a shop that had a lot more food in it it catered for all your needs.
also a small booking office that you can book your trips up at a much cheaper price than the hotel. to late we already booked to go to aqualand with the hotel at a cost of 120 euros.
we should have wated .
anyway went to aqualand a large warter park but it was cold and raining so came back early only two familys went so we met up under a shelter and found the rep that took us to ask if we could come back early.
if you go book outside its much cheaper its only 70 euros for two adults and two children under 5yrs go free. we booked for the second week to go again had a great day out weather was hot and on saturdays
its not that busy. the kids loved it there.
the childrens entertainment was not much good it started at 8 oclock with an introduction of whats your name followed by where you from and how old are you this took at least 20 minutes and then a few dances a short game and then at 9 oclock all over.
the big end to the evening was a game of bingo for 70 euros we was back in our room at 9.30pm and in bad by ten oclock.
we ended up up grading to all inclusive at a cost of 29 euros each kids under 12yrs old eat free .
the food was good plenty of choice in the restaurant.the kids could eat as much hotdogs burgers and pizzas as they wanted and also as much drinks as they wanted as well .
would recomend all inclusive only.
all wines and beers were served in plastic cups . not nice at all.
would we drink out of a plastic cup at home i dont think so?
the adult entertainment was limited to two singers singins the same songs at the same time each night.not bothering to dress up to look the part they stood around with a pair of trousers and a teashirt and fleece jacket to keep warm.
it wasnt what we have seen of entertainers in the past yeare of our holidays .even at butlings they dress up ?
all in all .
we will not be going back to the blue bay escape at st.spiridon corfu in the near future/
sorry but the blue bay escape means NO ESCAPE ONCE YOUR THERE.
glad to be home most people we spoke to did not like the blue bay
lots of places to go to. a short taxi ride away .
well hope i havent bored you.

Vince G           

We travelled to the Blue bay escape Sept 03 for 2 weeks All Inclusive holiday.
I have travelled lots of times all over the world but my girlfriend & her daughter & friend had never been abroad before.
I told them lots of stories about all the places I'd been & what a great time they would have.
We arrived at the hotel tired n wet as it was pouring down,
into the reception through a cloud of smoke as all the guests congregated in that area when the weather was bad,
because as we found out later there was nowhere else to go if it was raining.
After checking in etc we started to walk to our room & my 1st impression was Butlins in Corfu.
We had 2 girls of 12 with us & the only entertainment they were offered was painting with the under 8s.
The place was alive with wasps all over the food & drinks,
The food was second rate & very poor choice.
The pool & surrounding area was much too small to accommodate all the guests & the muddy grass area
was the only place to sunbathe.
The staff were rude & the so called all inclusive was a joke,
there was no water available unless you asked for it & god help you if you tried to get a glass on your own.
The snacks turned out to be dry toasted sandwiches & even when we asked for butter they said it wasn't available till morning.
All in all the hotel,staff,beach was total rubbish with the only decent thing being the trips you could book outside.
The best place to go was, out the gate by the pool, turn left, walk to the bottom & slightly to the left & it was right in front
of you.
We done some really lovely trips from there & the only trouble was that we had to go back to the hotel afterwards.
That was the 1st & last time that we would visit Corfu.
If you want a fantastic all inclusive holiday that is 2nd to none please visit the Occidental Grand Hotel in Fuerteventura.
I travelled there in Oct 2002 & we have booked for this Sept 04,the place,staff,beach are all you could wish for with
great entertainment for adults & kids alike,also it's right on the lovely sandy beach that stretches for miles.

Helen A           

this is to lexy, you are going to blue bay at the beginning of the season so im not too sure what will be open in the towns but there is a great bar called Valentinos down the end of the road right by the beach! you can get to it easier by going out the gate by the pool but they close that gate at 10 ish so you have to walk for what feels like miles after loads of valentinos brilliant cocktails!!!
valentinos also let kids in and he is real cheap! he mixes what ever cocktails you want and he even gives you little freebies......great stuff!! other than that theres a place in Archaravi called planet olivewood, great people and great drink! there wasnt anything for my 17 mth old to do on the actual resort,he just sat in his buggy the whole time, very poor entertainment and he hated the food! but i do wish you all the best for a great family holiday. hopefully 1st choice will have listened to all our complaints and sorted everything out for 2004! happy holidays lexy luv helen xxxx

Lexy A           

me & all my family r going to the blue bay resort on may 7th 2004. Iam hoping 4 a really good holiday as it's the 1st time 4 generations will be on holiday 2gether. my sister & i av 2 little girls under 2, jus wonderin wots there 4 them. where r all the family bars. also the best places to go when me nana & grandad take the kids back & iam free to PARTY!!!!

Helen A           

This is for Isabel....if you like Kassiopi then you will be able to find great places to eat as this is the closest town to Blue bay and if you are self catering you will spend more time there than actually at Blue Bay. Janis is a lovely restaurant if you like steaks and theres a Mc donalds there and 1 in Sidari and Corfu town.
good luck!!

Sarah H

I am going to the Blue Bay Escape Resort in June this year. I have 3 kids, 1 I have booked into the football school and the other 2 I intended to put into the kids club. I am very anxious now after reading the other reports. Has anyone anything good to say about this report. It has cost me alot of money and I don't want to pay out any more deposits if I have to change venues.

Sarah H           

I am going to the Blue Bay Resort Escape Apartments, Self-catering in June. I have 3 children 2,4 and 9. I have booked my eldest into the football school and intended to put the other 2 into the kids club. After reading the other reports, can anybody say anything nice about this place before I pay a further deposit?

Helen A           

hi this comment is for lynn dating back to septemeber when you asked about the restaurant Yannis. When we stayed at Blue Bay all we wanted to do was Escape so although we were all inclusive we did get out for meals and we tried Yannis. It was lovely, prices weren't too bad and the service was excellent. They are really polite in there and treat you like they have known you for ages. They do a brilliant steak!!! By the way, the thumbs up symbol is for Yannis, not Blue bay!!!

Helen A           

We went to Blue Bay in Corfu October 17th to 31st but actually came home on the 24th becasue we hated it so much. We too paid more for this holiday becasue it was half term yet we saw it was starting to close down around us. The apartment became a prison characterised by boredom and frustration and my 2 children hated it from day 1. The kids club opened as and when the reps felt like it and when it was open the kids were just sat in a corner with a set of crayons and paper. In our 1st week there was just 4 entertainers but we still expected some kind of entertainment, but all we got was a quiz at 2pm and a game of bingo at 9pm. The reps didnt want to listen to our complaints and just shrugged us off and told us to write a letter when we got home. We found out from 1 of the entertainers that they were due to go home at the beginning of our 2nd week and so were some of the reps. we were disgusted at this and when we found out that there was room on a flight home that night we decided we had no choice (for our sanity) but to pay out extra and get home.
The food was awful but we think this was also due to it being the last 2 weeks of season, they were using up all the left overs in the freezer. The pool was dangerous, had lose tiles at the bottom which several people injured themselves on throughout the year, so far nothings been done about it and when I wrote my letter of complaint to 1st choice they tried to make out they were very concerned and said they would deal with it straight away but I know, through reports on here that 1st choice must have known about this problem since May when the 1st child was injured yet nothing has been done.
On the whole it was a holiday from hell and no way will I be going back to Corfu ever again.

Amanda S

We have booked to go to the Blue Bay Resort in Aug 2004. Can anyone tell us what the Wavelength Kids Club is like? I have a 9 year old who is dying to get there already!!! Glad to hear that the resort is finished. Does anyone know if all the watersports will be back on by then??

Amanda & Russ (the greek!!)

Lynda D           

We've just returned from Blue Bay and were bitterly disappointed. We paid more to go in half-term but were completely unprepared for the resort closing down around us. We expected local tavernas to close but not Blue Bay itself - while we were still there! The entertainment crew went home 48 hours after we arrived and there hasn't been any watersports since early Oct since the jetty was damaged in a storm. The First Choice reps blamed the management and the management blamed First Choice! Whilst the accommodation is good, we found the area itself to be unattractive, tacky and unworthy of a second visit. Couldn't wait to get home!

Mark T           

We went to the Blue Bay back in June. Overall it was a great holiday. the food was good. the kids clubs were excellent. The swimming pool and sun area were adequate.There are always problems with bar service in most all inclusive hotels and at the BBE, it,s much the same.
You cannot fault the accomadation and maid service.We got talking to the owner and it seems he has great plans for the future.He want to build resturants and Bars outside the complex,simular to the way they do it in america.This may spoil the resort.The general feeling is over the coming years the resort will improve more and more.The mozzie problem needs sorting out,i,m aware they spray the lake but this still causes problems.

Susan C

Going to Blue Bay Escape Resort on 20th October.Whats the entertainment like on the resort and surrounding areas? What is the food etc like for Self Catering? is it pricey? more importantly will it be hot?

Chris O

i,m going to the blue bay resort on monday 13 october.going self catering can anyone help with places to eat and drink.the kids are all teenagers.any other imfo would be appreciated

Jill S           

Well we have returned from the Blue Bay Escape. The complex was fantastic the apartments were just great loads of room we had two bathrooms! The wasps we a very big problem during the day and the mozzys were bad at night. I would have rather had the mozzys and the wasps than the rude and arrogant bar staff Nicos in particular. When you pay for a all inc holiday its so the kids can have what they want when they want, he was sending the kids anyway telling the not to come back for an hour or ignoring them all together the bloke needs to get a life or possibly a personallity as I think this is what is lacking at the Blue Bay. The other problems are small compered to him and the others I have never travelled to any of the greek islands before and after meeting this bunch I dont think i'll bother again.

Gemma S           

Me my boyfriend his Sister her husband and her three children went on holiday on the 19th Sept 03 for one week to the Blue Bay Escape Resort. The weather was great. The food was good but not a big selection for the children. The resort was just fantastic, its not very good for the people who love shopping as there is only two shops around the resort. The apartments were great very spacious and very clean. The only trouble was is that there was wasps all through the day and nats and mosquitoes at night. The childrens entertainment was great, there was even some bingo every night. I enjoyed it.

Del C           

Before we came to the resort we had heard lots of bad reports. we really enjoyed it, the food was good and the views were excellent. Thw weather was really hot every day that we were here. The rooms were very spacious and the complex nice. The only problem we faced were the wasps, which were particularly bad during lunch.Also the mosquitoes come out at night and a lot of peiople got bitten. I would advise people to bring spray repellent and bite cream, and mosquito candles can be bought here as well.

Jill S           

We are going to the Blue Bay Resort Corfu on monday 22nd sept for two weeks. We will send our comments when we get back. We have checked many sites and we seem to be getting mixed reviews, but never the less its booked and were looking forward to it as we have never visited Corfu before.

Annaleise T           

We have just returned from the Blue Bay Escape Resort in St Spiridon. We thought it was great. The food was lovely and there was plenty for all. The rooms were well equipped and you could always get a sunbed no matter what time of the day you went to the pool or the beach. The courtesy bus to Kassiopi and the other village (forgot the name)is very handy and Kassiopi is especially pretty at night.

I had a great time and will be returning in a few years to see how the resort has developed. The beaches are very nice as well, and if you are staying at the hotel you can take out pedlows and canoes for free, which is great fun.

TIP: Remeber to take strong mosquito spray (deep wood formula)for the evenings as you are in the middle of a nature reserve.

Lynn O

My daughter is getting married next year [ July 2004 ] and we are staying at the Blue Bay Resort.
The wedding is in Acharvi and we are planning to have the meal at the retaurant called Yannis in Kassopi. I would be very interested in hearing any reports on the hotel , Acharvi and the restaurant.

T C           

Dear Can U Help? - We have also booked a holiday for the Blue Bay Resort we go on September 19th 2003. I will let you know how it goes.

Sandy B           

good sandy beach in small bay. has a resident lifeguard who seems to take an interest in his job - blows his whistle if he thinks someone has gone out too far. he also owns the beach beds which will set you back 9 euros for two beds and an umbrella. dearest we came across. if you take your own umbrellas make sure you anchor them down as the wind tends to spring up about 3 in the afternoon. lots of greeks go there weekends with their kids. nice sand for buckets and spades. small river to the left of the beach, comes from the nature reserve - kids can feed the fish. good parking behind the beach with shop tavernas and restaurants close by. blue bay resort close by that seems to have it's own little beach and amenities. right alongside nature reserve with walk through to small cove and 15 mins. further to almyros beach. sand gets hot - wear something on your feet - also sharp vegitation behind beach.