San Stefanos Beach

Beaches on Corfu

George B          10/10

 Agios Stefanos is a lovely resort with freindly people who greet you and make you feel very wellcome. me and my family havce been there 3 times and this year will be are 4 time. the beaches are lovely and the sea is blue as the sky. the resturants there are great. one great resturant is the nafsika, which offers tasty home cooked food cooked by spearos's mother, there is also another resturant called the two stars. great place with great people everything you could wish for.

Kerrie C           


Jayde W           

my god i can't wait till july it will be my 4th visit and i miss it so much. especialy stef , dimitri, mama and maria. these are like just a few people i miss also kiki and co. if you havn't been here before i don't think you will be disopointed. i am soooooo glad that in 2000 we ended up going there it's fun and you just don't want to leave. supose the hot beach football and the airport security are the best views, last year i made a bit of an ass of myself i was at the airport and i was to busy admiring the security bloke i forgot to put my hand luggage on the thing and got told off  

     anyway cya in july agios stefanos mwah. jayde

Stuart F           

Just came back (24th September 04)from San Stefanos. absolutely Beatiful, 2nd year there. The beach is as safe as houses, you can walk out 50 yrds and the water is just up to your chest. Ideal for families but it does take a bit of getting to the resort from Corfu Town. Willmore than likely be going back there next year. Both me and my wife are missing the place already.San Stefanos please don't change.


Great stretch of beach, luscious water and gorgeous sunsets. Havana Beach Bar is a must - Spiros gives the best of welcomes - food and facilities - also best views. Miss you all!!!

Tracey M           

the beach was lush and went on forever just watch out for the nudists (not plesant mostly old fat people)really clean, with a wicked beach bar Havana, cant beat the beach football lots of sexy greeks looking very masculine, ursurs an waves the sexiest teams;) looking forward to that in june!

Annie O           

it cant be better. long beach, perfect sand, great beachbars. havanna sprios we love u. captain nikos own´s when it comes to watersport, his bike is top of the line. lots of nice greeks playing sandfotball. I would like to live there. / a former worker in Agios Stefanos

Reg M           

one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. end.

Rosanna C           

Very large beach, and one of the few nice sandy ones we found on the island. lovely shallow water for a long way out aswell.

Phoebe P           

The beach here seems to be a well kept secret!We ended up staying in Aghios Stefanos as a last minute holiday and we were very pleasantly surprised.We were there in September,the weather was lovely and the beach never felt overcrowded.Highly recommend the beach.

Tref P           

we love the place