Kavos Beach

Beaches on Corfu

Kristina B          9/10

 jst got back from been in kavoz for 10 days....

had the best time of my life got 2 say the night life is wicked if u love 2 party deffo the place 2 be. cant say much 4 the beach was like a night mare when seen it smelt really bad looked s**te,although on a nite was different when all the bars & clubs spread out on 2 the beach 4 after partys it was wicked buzz,snobs bar & my favoraite crash bar r the places 2 go all u party people like my self will love it

Sarah E          5/10

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av got to say lyk the beach was s**t it was lyk man made looked lyk it had wood chippings in all of it n the sea had toooooo much seaweed in it but part from tht walkin along on a drukn nyt well in my case getin carried half the time it was not half bad :) kavos's nytlyf ~ amazing!!!


I thought the beach woz great, yeah u got a lot of seaweed but once u found a spot without none it woz fine! The sea woz so clear and me and my mate would just lay in it for hours sunbathing! I went in July 06 and it woz 2 hot 2 b sunbathing so laying in sea woz nice! If you go to entrance of beach near The Barn its cleaner and quieter for that hangover, u got music playing from the hotel with a pool for anyone 2 use! The sexy doughnuts man woz wicked! If u see a man advertising Crazy speed boat on beach, do it! It woz bout 30 euros but definatley worth it, u go snorkeling in Blue lagoon (amazing), champagne diving, then around Kavos on speed boat at bout 80mph with boat on its side! Its wicked, u wont want it 2 end!


Was in Kavos in the summer and again on 22/09/06-30/09/06.  Beach was nice in the summer, but in September there was quite a lot of seaweed!!

Dolly F           

Just come back from Kavos yesterday,having heard badquotes about the beach we was like arhhh but when we got there , it was rather good we went on watersports mates fell of the ringos went abt 10ft in the air but i mangaged to stay on woo hoo,We also staggered our way to the beach in early horus of the morning for the beach fire near after bar which is open 24 hrs, the cd men kept on trying to sell u things lol esp FLOWER if any 1 remembers him he said ur my sister, and the man who trys to sell u sexy doughnuts n sexy melons hehe yes so it was a brill hol good enough beach

Stacey E           

The beach was okay like; went there most days of our hols as its a good suntrap.

A few water sports going on and it was fairly safe as the water wasnt too deep too quick.
But, it was a bit dirty litter everywhere and alot of condom wrappers!
The sea wasnt none too clean either and you are constantly harassed by people trying to sell you fruit/drinks/CDs/boat trips Etc...

Michael D           

The beaches around Kavos are on the whole very good. We visited most sections between Lefkimmi and Aspro Kavos.  The sections near the "Strip" are rather narrow, but are adequate. A previous poster in this forum made mention of the "hawkers" trading along the beach.  Even though these guys are alomost a part of the scenery, the local council is attempting to clamp down on these individuals.  I personally found the DVD/CD guys (mainly Africans) intensely annnoying. Not because of their race, but because they wouldn't take "NO!" for an answer!  The "Sexy Doughnut" man has been there for many years, and I found him quite OK as he did not pester you.  However, the price of 3 Euros for a soggy doughnut is rather extortionate.  It seems we Brits forget all proportion with our money over there.  Know how much 3 Euros is?  About 2!!!!

You could by a dozen doughnuts back home in Tescos, Morrisons and Asdas!

Sammy P           




We were staying at the Morfeas Apartments so we went down the side road to the beach.  There was only a little bit of seaweed, and a couple of stones.  Beach was clean and did not smell.  It was really relaxing lying in the sea on a lilo, can be dangerous though cos you dont feel the heat that way, so make sure you slap on the cream!!  You dont get hounded by pr staff there either as they didn't come down the beach that far.  Watch out for the guys selling dvds and cds though, some of them can be really annoying.  Keep your eye out for the "sexy watermelon, sexy doughnut" guy, he's funny!!

Emmajane M           

 I went to the beach in Kavos 03. Had a great time, plenty of water sports and it wasnt dirty! Only thing is that the bars are more expensive to drink in along the beach. Goin back on the 26th June cant wait!!!!!

Natalie P           

we was down the very bottom end of kavos the beach had a bit of sea weed the water was cleaner than towards the bars etc, went swimming a few times. Look out for random anchors thou they drop them anywhere. When walking towards the bars etc there are a few ditches with dirty water in look out for those specialy at night when a bit tipsy lol

Keri K           

We were really worried bout the beach before we went bcos of all the comments we had read but when we got there it was no where near as bad as everyone was saying. Yea it was small and there was quite a bit of seaweed in some areas but we walked along it and parts of it where actually quite nice. The sea didnt look to nice and i dont think i would have swam in it but the beach was ok. So if ur worried bout some of the comments u have read dont worry. Its not as bad as some say!!  

Rhian A           

the beach was dirty, full of litter, sewage pipes..not nice at all sand is poor quality as well

Andrea J           

Sadly not the nicest beach we have been on,sea was full of black seaweed and not very clear!

The view from the beach is amazing though!

Liz C           

The beach in Kavos was better than expected there was no rubbish and stuff like people have said on here. Did anybody else meet Sexy Donut Man? He was very amusing hehe!! You do get pestered quite regularly on the beach though from people wanting to sell you stuff like CDs but I did buy some melon off the fruit man, that was very yummy!

Lorraine T           

the beach wernt dat bad,as long as uv got a sunbed,sun,sea a gud book an plenty of fags an water,who really cares??!!!! wernt much sand tho,more seaweed than sand.
only thing is,after uv payed4ur sunbed u jus wana lay down an go sleep,xcept the woman on the beach spoke2u 4 bout half hr!

Jac R           

just back fromkavos and we had a fantastic time! the beach really isnt that bad. there was a bit of seaweed about but when your lying huingover who really cares.We went everyday without fail. it really doesnt smell despite what people say. Buzz is the best bar and atlantis is the best club. if your going to kavos you'll have a great time!!!

Natasha L           

the beach is a state. there are broken bottles and fag ends allover it. other than that, we had a great time!! going back on 7th september xxxxx

Hayley A           

i stayed in st peters just outside kavos and the beach there was fab there was a little seeweed at the shore but apart from that little bit there was none. the water was so shallow.

i would recomend this beach to anyone

Chris M           

Kavos beach is the worst I have seen in Greece, car tyres, rubbish,broken glass and used condoms from the night before. Seaweed piled up on the beach. Best thing is to get a car and go to some of the nice clean beaches the west coast has to offer.

Harriet, fran, sarah and            

The beach is fine, no way as bad as we perceived it to be. Plenty of room to sunbath if you get there early!!! Lots of water sports! Not that much seaweed- nothing to stop you enjoying the water.

Heather P           

we tavel with our son who is only two, he loves the water and can walk out for about half a mile in the sea without the water getting too high. The beach does have a lot of seaweed but the government does clear it up. The hotel owners also clear up their patch of beach so it depends on were you stay how clean the beach is.

Nat N           

we r staying at the umbrella apartments 2nd week in august is there any1 out there who is staying at the same time if so get back 2 us. we can meet up with ya!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea J           

Sorry but the beach in May in Kavos was minging. I know its seaweed season but the stuff was piled up in metre high piles all along the edge of the sea and the sea was completely full of it (you could not get to the sea because of the seaweed) There were even trucks carrying it by the truck load away. Maybe this beach is nicer without the seaweed (and the bottles and trash) in high season but I would give it a miss in May!

Angel W           

Hey Guys i've booked a holiday in July to go to Kavos with 10 other of my gorgeous gf's and i was just wondering if the beaches in Kavos is rubbish then what other beaches are there which are good!