Resorts on Corfu

Pa Bi          10/10

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rp7PDcGZSjQ#t=100 old memories of 90's. Ipsos Corfu

Lin & andy H

Hi John
Great to hear from you again, Neill said that you were going to stay with him for a few days, it would have been just after we left.  Have just booked Andreas again for next year but only Andy and myself this time, will be there in May and again in June, we are still looking for somewhere to buy so that we can move over there.  Take care and if you speak to Neill tell him we havent forgotten that we still owe him a drink.
Lin and Andy Holmes

John C


Hope Andy is ok?! and im sure you had a great time. I have been away for ages. was in Corfu - popped to Ipsos for 2 nights and stayed in my old room - not as tidy as when i was there but ill let Neil off! Was great seeing everyone again!
Was shocked to see Dinos had closed. Hope all the family are doing well - looking forward to going back to the Christina Apartments? haha!
Taxi from airport to Ipsos (Jason Hotel) is about 30-40Euros - i reckon  - never took one myself but its about 25-30 to Corfu Town

Chelsea S

Hi, i am going to the Jason hotel in ipsos and i was wondering if anyone knew roughly how much a taxi would cost from the airport to the hotel? its about 30 minutes away roughly. Any ideas??

John C          7/10

I repped the Solomu apartments last year and must say i found them a very nice place. Alot of people moan that ipsos is a loud place - well Solomu is perfect - its set back from the road - but its very quiet and peaceful. Costas who owns the apartments is awesome - hes really canny and quick to sort anything out! The cleaners are spot on too! Neil will more than likely be your rep - hes a good mate of mine - put me to shame last year - he supports West Brom so he aint all good. and as for it being a dodgy place! bollocks!I never saw one hint of crime around that area - fair enough - anyplace you go in the world has its didgy areas and im sure there is in corfu - but walking the streets - even at night i felt safer than i do living in the UK. Have a good time!

James R

I spent and wasted the best years of my life in Ipsos, I have travelled the world and trust me there,s no place like deep blue when your hung over on a beautiful greek morning

Gary J

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hi everybody, its Gary Joy the dj from Hectors 2005and leigh the dj from b52  ive already been out this year once in june it was wkd so im out again for a week 20th august, Ipsos is the only place i have been in the world where the workers are amazing and the locals are friendly and genuine,

I cant wait to see everybody again get the sambucas ready,Yamas
Gary Joy

Katherine H           

My friends and I went to Ipsos in 1996 for a 2 weeks holiday.  Little did we know that we would be returning to work for the following 3 summers...

After 3 summers of total debauchery (in every which way you can imagine) and having had a 7 year break, we are returning in August to rekindle days of old!  And we can't ruddy wait!  We may now be 28 but here's to feeling 18 again!

Ceri E           

Ipsos is hottt ! Was staying near by from 26th june for a week, it's wikked , gorgeous beach , hot guys , didn't see Phil there though :p lol

Phil D           

hey there people! me and my mates went to kavos last year and it was amazing, the best nightlife imaginable. this year in uni and everyone is skint! lol so every one droped out of hol but me and a mate thought f**k it, and were coming to ipsos! any one staying at the christina appartments between 17th and 24 of july, we wana meeet loads of people and have a great week of drinking and partying, not gona let the drop outs get us down!!! were 19 year old guys and big drinkers!  is ipsos good? hee is the place to go? any replies welcome!!

thanks phil!

Becci +           

got back from ipsos 3 days ago and am already missing it. Its the best resort ever, everyone is so friendly, there are no pushy PR guys trying to force you in every bar, there is such a good atmospeher and people of all ages seem to get on well.

we met so many nice people in our time there that we are planning to go back in october, so a big thanks to everyone at the yannis hotel, the staff at dirty nellies and everyone else who made it a fantastic holiday. 

Minh C           

summer 2003 and the coach darts around corners at 50 mph along ipsos’s cliff edges. we crap our pants and pray we get to the jason hotel in one piece.   


before we know it we’re in havana club, "10 euros all u can drink for an hour" - the man with a beard claims.  he spoke the truth, but hid the fact it was a g*y bar.  three of us decided to stay for the drink – the other, paul, claimed he stayed just for the drink...woteva paul.  it turns out this place was crucial – 10 euro deal was too good – so for each of the next 12 nights we would sneak an hour here and there.  paul would go for the music…

stupidly first night i tried to get 8 times my moneys worth within the allocated hour….it was then i knew what to expect for the next 2 weeks.


the normal routine was to then work our way down the strip (shooters / cocoon etc.) ordering cocktails where you got this free shot….it looked like strawberry milkshake and tasted like melon, probably as far away from being alcoholic as possible, yet we were convinced it would get us pissed.  i guess you could say we had high spirits – in fact everyone was and that was one of the good things about ipsos.  paul – allergic to cranberry – orders four sex on the beaches….


although we were not fans of techno music, ending up in hectors was inevitable.  we would triple an albanians’ family annual salary by purchasing their whole supply of fluorescent wrist bands and other crap they forced on us .  when this techno stuff came on…heavily covered in illuminous things and dancing like we’ve never done before - we knew we were having the time of our lives.


i guess we didn’t realise how much we liked ipsos until we reached the airport for our flights back to england. that was a depressing journey.  i recommend ipsos if you want to have a laugh with your mates, be amongst alright people (away from the kind of idiots you get from those more obvious resorts), and be under the sun! 


three years on…we are due to rejoin this part of the world in august 2006.  this will be the third time my friends have been there, my second as i had missed the 2005 trip. i hear havana is not there anymore….sorry paul.

Nicki L           

I have been to Ipsos twice now (04 and 05) but my mate Trav has been going with her family for a few years. I loved all the stories she told me when she got back so when we turned 18 off we went and have never been anywhere else since! Ipsos is great for all ages.

We're going out again to work in Dirty Nellies this year, flying out on the 5th May so make sure you pop in and say hi!!!! 

John M           

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Hello Ipsos!!!!

Was there for a two week holiday last year from August 5th to whatever two weeks after that is! It was the best holiday I have ever had in my life. I loved it so much that I'm doing back this year for the season to work. I stayed with Dimitri and co in Antigone apartments. They were very accomadating and friendly, even when we woke them up in the wee hours ! Definitely recommend Ipsos for either a two week bender in the sun or for a nice relaxing family holiday. I dont know what I did and now I cant turn off the italics!!!!!  Start your night in dirty nellies then make your way down along the strip to coccoon, cheers, shooters, aa and then finally hectors and you are guaranteed to have a brilliant night! Then when you can drink no more go to cafe uno for some soakage at any hour....
Cant wait to get out there!! Heading out on May 26th with Nigel and Brady! Cya all then!
    GET UP HORSE!!     

Paul(bubbles) A           

been 01 m 05 b bk soon love da place,doing another sentence for 06 ello all workers love ya miss ya essex_chavvie@hotmail.com


Hey there, my sister and i went to ipsos for two weeks in august and we absolutly loved it!!!!!!! we recommend anyone to visit, staying at Mega Hotel, they are the most friendliest people to stay with, they are so welcoming, we had so many laughs with the staff, the restaurant under the hotel was very afforable and beautiful!!!! the beach was so relaxing and peacful to lay on during the day,especially after a big night out!!! One club we recommend visiting is The Old Tree, the bar men are fantasic guys and good looking too!!! great music to dance to!! also visiting Monte Cristo and heading into the corfu town and visiting the Privillage club.Shoping in the corfu town is great especially at night, catching the boat across, was a great ride. we recommend anyone to go and stay in ipsos, we are definately heading back the same time next year, it was FANTASTIC, the best holiday ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim M           

hey there everyone .just got back fi corfu about 4 weeks ago oh what a great time we had 5 scottish girls ! went 2 every bar on the strip aa was great! also lumberjakes get loads of free shots! we also meat loads of really nice people always looking out for us but load of italians they are p***ks stay clear off them ! we are going back next year same time meeting up wi a group eh irish lads again ! oh stop! xx kim macmillan and co !!!!!!!!!! oh and sam got a great pic of u in ur pj's ha ha


ipsos is the best place i've ever been, the best holiday i can ever recommend!!!!i went back 3 weeks later and worked 4 a bit 2!i loved it that much! the people are fantastic, they all treat you like family and you feel like you've known them all forever not just 4 your holiday! the days are chilled out and laid back,with plenty of sun. the nights aren't overly hectic but still brilliant, best bars are aa-but not til later on as it gets really busy, hectors from 3am onwards, dirty nellies to start off and cocoons and shooters in between! my advice is to mingle, mingle ,mingle,especially with the workers, this way you have endless people to talk to who are all guarenteed to look after you in the day and all through out the night, make sure you stay out til the end of the night as the nights don't get busy til 1.30 onwards.tiffany's is great 4 food in the day and you can watch a film if is does happen to rain on the big screen-staff are wicked and so friendly!ipsos felt like a home away from home like i'd lived there 4 years,i couldn't walk down the strip without bein dragged in2 a bar or resteraunt 4 a drink with the staff,who genuinely wanted to speak to you and get to know you,i'm returning next summer to work 4 two to three months if anybody wants to say hi. take care 4 now and i love you all in ipsos, you know who you all are xxxxx

Tracy K           

Just returned from Ipsos (July 23rd). Had an excellent time. Stayed at the Margarita Studios, where you couldn't possibly meet a more friendly or hospitable family!! Would reccommend trying Dimitris cocktails if you get the chance . Already booking to go back there next year!! Plenty of great places to eat, including the Margarita, and the food is really cheap. We found that all the shops & restaurants were really accomodating with our 2 year old - much more than in the UK. Definitely the place to go whether you are looking for good nightlife or a family holiday.

Christine M           

been goin to pirgi for 9yrs now all my family goes as well goin the 5th sept about 15 goin this year all different app about 9 of us stayin at yiannis this time, sis stayed there last yr said its brill, cant wait to get back its like a second home to my family. mum and dad like locals now theyve been goin about 13yrs or more now.anyone goin theres plenty of good places to eat and everyones great to get on with. defenitly the place to go.


Im going to the Cactus Studios on the 26th August, has anybody got any info on it?????

Sandra B           

we just got back from ipsos and it's excellent,wonderful,great....special greetings to milanco&dj martin from shooters.

we liked a lot the foam party in monte christo and we'll come again in august!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see you

Steve D           

hi going to ipsos in corfu at the Yiannis Hotel would like some information and pictures if anyone can, cheers.

Craig S           

hey guys! i just got back from ipsos and i think it is amazng! i stayed at the andreas apartments, they were ok, hopefully going back next week to work out there for the summer, is it easy to find work or hard?


Rachel H           

We had a fantastic time in Ipsos, the locals are very friendly and the night life is great but you definately would have visit a pub/club called B52's, the music is amazing as is the atmosphere.