Resorts on Corfu

Matt T

Hey guys I'm looking to do my first season in kavos next year and want to try and set up a job before I leave if anyone knows of any work and accomodation going then please let me know @ thetoonloverlover@gmail.com thanks a lot

Claire W          10/10

hey guys! me and my friend have just come back from kavos today! absolutley loved every minute after speaking to the workers we want to get back out there to finish off the season..what are the chances of finding work for the month in september , ive got the whole month off work in the uk and cant think of anything worse than spending it here in england!

Jj Jj

Professional DJ needs job abroad . Bags of exsperience . Broadcast quality

Alex T

Hey im going to Kavos from 6th-9th september with some co-workers.
Going to have a blast im sure. atleast we did in Riga and in Barcelona :)
Anyone wanna hookup in Kavos 6th-9th?

Im a 25 year old dude from Norway.
And its always fun to get to know new ppl.

Mail me at Borknagarn@hotmail.com :))

Hope to see you all there! :D

Laura M

Just got back from Kavos 2 days ago and I'm so depressed to be back. Me and my friend want to go back and work asap we miss it so much already. Any help with jobs and accomodation would be appreciated. x

Laura M

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Just got back from Kavos 2 days ago and I'm so depressed to be back.  Me and my friend want to go back and work asap we miss it so much already.  Any help with jobs and accomodation would be appreciated. x

Theone C          10/10

click to enlargeI WANT TO GET UP AND LEAVE FOR KAVOS!!! Like yesterday! If anyone knows of what i would need to do please let me know as this is my first time ever out of the country since 14. I am 24 and it's been too long, I need to party hard. Would like to work for a whole season if possible??? What's the deal with travel and accommodation etc? If you can help me please send and email to theone@iprstudios.com Also is it easy to get DJ work out there?

Kimberley W

I'm pretty much in the same position as Craig. A friend and I are hoping to come out probably end of May till Start/Mid September and hopefully get some work in the bars as an entire summer in Scotland may just be the most horrible thought. I have no idea where to begin with this though so any help on how to find a job would be much appreciated! Hope you all are well! x Kym

Craig M          10/10

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Hi im craig, me and a mate are looking to come out for wor from the end of june till the end of the season, i know the season wll alreay be well on the way by the time we get there, if i could id be there earlier, but im booked up till then with various stag parties in ibiza. so unfortunately thats the earliest we canget out, im 24 and iv done a few seasons abroad now, in malia and in laganos, but iv not done kavos yet. i just wanted to see if anyone could point me in the right direction for work and for cheap accomadation. please fill me in if u can help thanks: Craig streaker boi Muir !

Dannie M          10/10

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kavos is wicked, was ther 13th june till 27th n loved it, goin bk next yr, cnt w8 xxx


Does anyone know if all the bars and clubs are still open in Kavos during the last 2 weeks of september, and what the wheather is like then too? 

Caitlin G          10/10

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Just brilliant couple more pics for your pleasure :D

peach snapps and slush puppie :D
lisa the rep and the lemon grove retaurant! brill timees
get to kavos itsbrillaint! and get to the ekati :)

Caitlin G          10/10

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thats all i can say the bes holiday ive ever had the reps were fantatic!
going bk in sept! its just immenseeeee!
omg go go go go!
u'll regret it if u donnnnt!

Kassie C          10/10

One of the best holidays I've ever been on! some hiccups but we got over them haha, just a warning, if you plan to hire a quad steer clear of the houses in lekimmi, as they like to be driven into! 

Lefkimi hotel on the other hand was great, situated in the center of everything. Everyone there was so friendly and took the time to help you out when need be, Aris was always there to talk to in the stupid (drunken) hours of the morning and Ioannis was a star! Gonna miss it so much, hopefully I'm going back. I would definately recommend it to anyone!
The 24hr beach was the place to be, although it was quiet before 3 the staff are always friendly.

Kate A          10/10

I've just got back from Kavos and i'm missing it soo much, 1 week ISN'T ENOUGH!!!!

Loved everywhere especially Rocky's and Snobs (really hot promo guy with his tongue pierced!)
Ekati Aparts were great, seemed to be where everyone got their mum's to stay when they visited them working out there!!! 24hr Bar and the bar men are legends!!!

Vicky D          10/10

Hello peeps,

2 of East Londons finest going out to Kavos on the 17th of August. Anyone else gonna be living it up the same time??? Let me know x
Went Kavos in 2005 and it was quality. Looking forward to going back to Crash bar and London bar as they played pucker music. Anyone who's just come back, what they like now?

Emma O

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me and my best mate are going on the 31st aug for 2 weeks. cant wait

zante was amazing last year.cant wait for this one

Kelly D

Hya there are 26 of us heading out here on the 2nd of July for 2 weeks, were staying at the morfeas hotel... any ideas what its liek there? also... any tips for where to go and not go?


Lisa J          10/10

just got back from kavos it was the best holiday ive ever been on.ive been malia,tenerife,magaluff,ibiza n kavos wins by farim gutted 2 b home cant wait 2 go back next year

Rich G

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Was Out in Kavos last August 14th-21st....Fink i was the Youngest person there Being only 17 & 2 days old! lol...
...Was the Best Time Ever, Non-Stop Drinking, in the pool, around the pool, at the pool bar .
Hebe Apartments are rockin', right in the centre of everything, has a much better vibe than some of the other pools!
Crash and the Barn definitely the best Bars to check out, and Rolling Stones playes some Phat tunes!
Might be back in Kavos for a few days this summer, in mid july! Although its a bit chavvy, it is the most amazingly vibrant place ever!!! Love It!

Serena T          9/10

Hey all,

Went to Kavos summer 2004 was the best holiday ever! Heading back there again this summer for more fun and frolics! Went to Agia Napa last year and must say Kavos wins hands down!

Went to Kavos for 2 weeks last time and if it wasnt for the photo's i would have forgotten it all.. so if you can handle a 24/7 drinking sesh in the hot sun I seriously recommend it.. Kavos aint for the light hearted!
Best bar is the Fire Bar... remember dancing in a ring of fire ... and best club is The Venue ... great tunes.
See you all there summer 2007. xxx


Hey Chelle, ive been to Kavos 4 times now, its brilliant. There are loads of quality bars in Kavos, the ones I think are the best are, Crash bar, the barn and Tango bar. whatabout u, which bars do u like? did u go to any clubs? have u been to the foam party. Mark

Tamara R           

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hey ppl!!!

not long been back for kavos we went from the 7th of august 2006-14th august 2006
was one ov best holidays i had over there. made a few friends and a few enemys to lol
had to say that i wud defiently visit agen and that the nightlife was amazin.
i remember the pub crawl we had which started at the barn and ended at adlantis where i got chatting to loads a peaople on the beach and runing in the sea haha!!!
i remember breakin a bed in me apartment not the reason ur thinking guys lol jst begin a complete drunken idiot haha!!
highlight ov me holiday was me n me mate vicky pole dancin o jesus dont kavos love them poles haha
if u was dere from these date or u remember me dnt b scared to add me to msn tamara_ridings@hotmail.co.uk
cheers xx

Vicky C           

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hi peeps 

 well wot can i say about kavos it was gr8 me and my ova 2 m8s stayed in the angela appartments near b free bar i think from the  7TH OF AUG TO THE 14TH AUG.  had a brilliant girly holiday the only think i hated was comin home cos i loved everythin there and it was guttin comin home. we met load of ppl that we made friends with if u were  them or was there at that time or jus fancy gettin in touch its vickyc_04@hotmail.co.uk xxx p.s between c & 04 on my email addy it is a underslash there jus incase u cant c it lol xx

Megan C           

 Well what can i say Kavos was amazin!

Me and my two mates from liverpool went over on the week of the 11th-18th august.And we didnt want to leave, everyone is really friendly and we met so many people....mostly lads!!!!  But most of all we just couldnt get enough of rockys the barn or edelweiss click to enlargeclick to enlarge. So if you were over there at the same time as us get in contact (megan120816@hotmail.com) we might even have some pictures of you!! lv meg xxclick to enlarge