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Harry C          10/10

can anyone help me? we went to ag stefanos in 2003 and 2004. we had a brilliant time. and would like to go back.but we have a problem.we cant remember the name ov the apartments were we stayed.we do know they were just past tha paradice restraunt.and the bar was run buy glen and maria.hope you can help.

David D          10/10

Hi There, I was worked in the Condor Bar in 1998. I was the Dj from May-Sept. Great place to stay. I lost touch with many of the friends i met out there, i am looking for Ron, i dont know second name, so if you remember me e-mail at

Bruski B

How long is the transfer from Corfu airport to Ag. Stefanos? We're thinking of visiting at the end of October, will the the shops/tavernas still be open that late in the year? Any advice gratefuly received. Thanks in advance for your help.

Chris H

Does anybody have email address for Coral hotel Roda as spent honeymoon there last year & would like same room this year

Chris M          10/10

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Hi there.. im planning on going to ag. stefanos next year for my holiday... i was there in 2001 and it was a small village but i LOVED it !! even tho the hotel was overbooked me and 3 friends were given 2 shallets (excuse the spelling) further up from it .. the beach was simply sSTUNNING ! the people were so friendly and i have a longing to return.. can any1 give me any info or pics as to what the area is like now ? best place to stay etc .. thanks

Sam W          10/10

I agree; keep this place quiet!!! we have been twice now and love it.

There is somewhere to visit different everynight a few good pubs, there are some great greek nights and we have not had a bad meal. Nice and relaxing.
The people are fantastic we have made some good friends out there, great for families who are not looking for a big lively clubbing resort. But enough to do to keep busy.
Hire a spped boat for the day, great way to see the island.

Cecilia M          10/10

Don't tell anyone but this is the best place in Corfu!  Keep it quiet, we don't want it ruining.  See you all in August again.

Liz O           

Having been visiting San Stefanos for about 10 years now, sometimes twice a year.
We always look for accommodation which is not up a hill.  Efi was suitable but now can only be booked through the internet. 
The Olga apartments and Stamatis do not involve a strenuous climb.  We've been fortunate to find the Vicki Apartments for next week. We've stayed there a few times. 
Look forward to returning to our usual haunts at Thomas Bay, Barras, Condor and the Athens Bar (the latter is very noisy but if you can't beat them join them and visit Nikos).
Stefanos and Dimitri at the Paradise are sure to welcome everyone.
The hike to Arillas is worth the climb to see the family at the Amourada.

Ste U           

This resort is absolutely brilliant it is not lively like sidari, There are more than enough restaurants for 2 weeks and you can use any pool of a day.

We have been back 2 years on the run and are probably going back next year (this after not going back to anywhere in 15 years)
This year we stayed at the kepatanios apts (up the bloody big hill) and had a great time the two barmen are nikos and theo make sure you take time too speak to theo because he is a really nice fella so is nikos but you speak to him if you like it or not.
Down the hill into the main street turn right at the athens bar and head towards the athina hotel on the left is a bar owned by glen and marie brilliant place they both make you feel more than welcome we will work our next holiday from there.
Can't pick out any restaurants because over 2 years only had one or two not brilliant meals.
try this resort i bet you go back-BEACH say no more.
ste al and joe (34,34,5)

Roger W           

Not sure how you get the thumbs to work Errrrr..... But we didn't vote average, we voted top banana !

Roger W           

Reviews are subjective so this is where we're coming from -

US : 40 -ish couple, into footie, reading, local food & drink, easy walks, peace & quiet and more reading.
    Dislikes - kids, the knotted hanky / fish & chip brigade (That whole Avios Chavios crowd !)
KAPETANIOS : Great location, super pool, compact bar reception with deposit boxes, surprisingly good
little restaurant. (Yes it's on the road and up a hill, but to be fair, the traffic's hardly noticeable and you don't get such great views with out a bit of altitiude). Staff - polite, attentive and friendly. Rooms - same basic set up you'll see on many Greek islands, but great balcony views a bonus. Lower block / numbers -
#11 - #17 will experience regular "Cock a Doodle Dooing"
(My question to the rep at the day 2 welcome meeting - "Jo, can we eat the chicken ?"     puzzled looks
all round  "I mean the one that bloody woke us up this morning !")  
Wear ear plugs and drink Metaxa like we did, and it'll be the chickens complaining about the snoring !
Pay for late check out, it's worth it. Out of you room at Midday, only to be picked up more than 12 hours later, you'll regret it. Some on the 6.00 am flight looked like they'd been released from Guantanamo Bay !
RESORT : Suited us - quieter than Sidari, no cash points, more authentic tavernas than not. Second hand books everywhere. A couple of bars to watch the footie in, and cheap Amstel on draught. Nuff said.
Many we saw, stuck with the same restaurant night after night. We went for variety so standards did vary, but I think saying A is much better than B is misleading and very subjective. We had neither a bad or expensive meal the whole week.
THOMAS COOK : The two reps - Jo & Laura we're effiecient, and Jo seemed to be there more often than not. (We've a soft spot for her as she also supports the Boro).  Transfers can run to 90 mins each way ! (You want remote - you got it !) Despite Greece being one of the oldest civilisations in the world, the whole baggage reclaim and check-in operation could be better run by a Channel 5 weather girl ! The Greek night which they want to sell you, is 3 & half hours of great food, wine & entertainment. Shame that it was overshadowed by the 4 hours we spent on the coach getting to & fro, and not the "50 minutes either way" we were promised. (My advice - book as late as possible so you can see if they're picking any one up from Kassiopi. This diversion for just two punters added over an hour to each leg !)
MELDREW MOMENT : I'm from the "Pontious Pilot" school of childcare and didn't expect to share my holiday with kids in mid May.WRONG DIDDLY WRONG WRONG ! Mr & Ms.Oblivious + a trio of squealers descended on the pool area, shattering the tranquility. The topic among the quieter couples turned to the removal of kids from school during term time, while I checked the Greek Yellow Pages for Pirhana Fish Deliveries.(...... and I never get asked to baby sit either !) On the subject of infants, once again, in order to avoid brats, we often travel at anti-social hours, but this time still encountered crying infants on both flights. As usual these little bundles of joy are cunning placed a midships in order to spread their teary gospel to the maximum number of sleeping passengers ! If I made THAT noise, for 
THAT long, I'd expect to be restrained, prosecuted or at the very least zapped with a Tazer ! and I paid full price for my seat ! C'mon you Tour Operators ! There's a significant crowd out there who'd pay more for childless accomodation and travel !
(Sorry about that... I'm going to go and lie down in a darkened room and take my medication now !)

Vassillis H           

the village is fantastic-we live here and can help anyone who wants to visit. More shops this year we have a mexican as well as beauty parlour. Speros wife has the most wonderful shop and not expensive.

Sue R           

Have been many times over the years.
We are not the type of people who go to the same place year after year religiously. We have been diving in the Maldives and the Caribbean several times and recently went to Australia. But San Stefanos keeps drawing us back!. The village is extremely friendly and both adults and children are well looked out for by locals. Have stayed in Angela apartments, Nafsika hotel and have booked into Casa Delphino for July/August this year. Holiday is what you make of it. Beach is large and sandy. Watersports include banana boats, rings, water skiing and paragliding with Nico (weather permitting. Sunsets are beautiful. Beachbars for drinks, breakfast, lunch and evening meal. Swimming pools welcome non-residents. Many reastaurants-from pizza parlours to romantic dinners. Over the years our children have looked forward to going-they have a lot of freedom, meet up with kids they have made friends with, go out to dinner on their own, go to the clubs (not like English night clubs-just meeting places really) and check in with us at regular intervals throughout the evening. Hope Sundowners is still in business-they have great quiz nights where you can win a jug of Metaxa! Great fun. Spero at Nafsika is wonderful. He offers good, reasonably priced food-his Spanokopita (mum's!)is the best I have ever tasted. The pool is great-he has been known to run fun sessions for the kids at the weekend. He has helped us in the past with airport transfers and with organising accommodation at the last minute for extended family!
You can relax in peace on the beach or at one of the numerous pool or you can party at a night club like Condor till you drop-the choice is yours. My children are now 17 and 13 and I'm sure they will return year after year just to meet up with people they have made friends with over the years. This year there are definitely 27 of us booked in already and several others considering. We all stay in different accommodation throughout the village and meet up when it suits. As I said, the holiday is what you make of it. Something for most tastes.

Emma R           

Agios Stefanos is a wonderful and charismatic, resort. The locals are the welcoming and friendly people. They make you feel very welcome and always prepared to help. The best place in Agios Stef is the Nafsika Hotel the food is fantastic, and Speros is very helpful and friendly. The waitors, Kostas, George and Christoph are all very helpful and the greek dancing alone is worth your time. Facilities are excellent and the atmosphere is electric. I would recommend this resort alone for its peaceful atmosphere and friendly, helpful locals. Can't wait till next year (2005) when I will be returning.

Jade W           

i love san stef and can't wait to return on the 18th july 2005 i stayed with kiki and her family they made people so welcome. the next time i go it will be my forth and hoping to go when i'm 18 for 6 months. miss u stef and dimetris at paradise. and also kiki and co.
my fave places to eat were paradise, olive press, the little prince and zorbas. i have loved every holiday there and could see some where i could stay for many years. we love you san steff p.s hope spiros will have my quads in next year. efharisto jade whittle see ya soon.

Louise H           

Had a great time at the Christina Apartments during August 04, so much so I would love to go again. Met some fantastic people, including Chris and Carol, Graham and Tina, Andy and Caroline. To all of you who witnessed "Bart's" drunken behaviour, i can only apologise.

Would recommend this part of Corfu to everyone. The location is fantastic, as is the weather. The food was top notch and the people were very friendly. The area feels totally safe, and i would have been more than happy to walk around alone during the evenings.

David D           

Hi, my name's dave and i was the dj at the condor bar in 1998, i must say the resort is fantastic, people often get the wrong impression of san stef as just another cheep greek resort but its nothing like that. The weather was great but very hot sometimes. if anyone remembers me from the condor bar i was there for 5 months in 98 with
scott,sam and sarah i'd love to here from you, email at

Mair D           

We stayed in Rose Garden appartments and they were the best. The Manager Kiki and her family tirelessly aims to please and is always smiling and happy at all times of the day and if you want to drink in the bar until dawn she will be there with you and still be up next day with a uncomplaining smile. When we left she gave us all presents.

The resort is also excellent especially for children as the beach is very shallow so safe to swim. Its all very unspoiled and natural. If you are looking for nightclubs you won't find any but there ae enought bars and restaurants to keep you busy for at least a month. The supermarkets are well stocked and there are a few gift shops but not too many. If you want shops you need to take a day trip to Corfu Town where you will find every shop you could want.

All in all its a grest place to have a holiday and would reccomend it to anyone, the transfer is a little long but well worth the effort.

One word of warning take pleanty of insect repelant sun cream and spray, need I say more.

Bernard L           

There from 28 May - 11 June 2004. Weather poor for first few days but apparently this is unusual! Looking for some peace and quiet and good greek food. Stayed at Barra's. Good rooms, well equipped (we self catered), clean etc. George, his sons and the staff helpful and friendly. Good bar, pool and restuarant - one of the best we found. Try Nafsika's and Zorba's too for good Greek food. Probably looking at about 45-50 euros for a two course evening meal for two with house wine. The Waves, Athina and Evinas we found disappointing though the views from Evinas are stunning.

Beach very good - plenty of sand (though a bit compacted in parts) and very gentle slope so kids are OK but you still need to watch them (I hope!)

Did the Albania trip - so-so and very long day (7am - 9pm, 2 hours longer than the rep said). Hired a car from Dino (on way to beach - 75 euros for 3 days)and Dino very laid back about petrol levels, return times etc.

We'd go again to the island and the same accom. Recommended

Bernard Lewis

Sue L           

2004 will be our 15th year - we'll never go anywhere else now! August is always hot and busy, but May is recommended - flowers are very pretty then. Superb beach for kids (and adults)- If you want good nightlife we recommend the Athens Bar - Nikos stays open as long as you want to be there! Try Olympia restaurant - Stellios serves wonderful food and the decor is good too! Maria & Pele's shop always has a friendly welcome and sells newspapers! Try the Sunset Taverna for a good Greek night (also the Paradise). If you want a laugh go to the Sundowner where Mick & Helen give a warm welcome. Try Stamatis (Silver Moon) pool - snacks are good during the day and pool is never too crowded. Roll on August!


This year will be my 5th time in corfu and my friends 11th! I havent been for a couple of years so I cant wait to see everybody again, Ive been on holiday since then and nothing has beaten san stefanos! Some people say that the night life isnt that good but me and my family and friends think its great especially places such as the condor or the athens bar, tsaros pool bar, and leos bar! my favourite place to eat was always the olympia taverna or manthos, I just love it all! The people are great and so friendly such as thenasis (owner of tsaros pool and villas) he is such a laugh! I reccomend this place to everybody and hopefully i will see some of you out ther in the summer!

Andrew B           

Have spent many Summers in this peaceful and friendly resort. Will be going again in 2004 with same company, While away holidays who have always made my stays there most enjoyable. Charming local Villas close to all amenities and the beach. Made to feel welcome on arrival and at the end you really don't want to go home. Would recomend the Sundowners Bar with Mick and Helen for a fun night. The Olive Press for wonderful food and ambiance, also Elpitha Bistro for classic food and Olympia Taverna, The Waves and many more. Quite possible to eat at a different restaurant each night for a 14 day holiday and not have a bad meal.

Paul W           

its a charming little village as friendly and as safe as you could possibly imagine or wish for. the accomodation and food is top notch in particular manthos. try the lobster its the best you'll have! there are many swimming pools and bars around and the beach is of beautiful golden sand offering water sports. almost any accomodation in this village is nearby the beach so there is no treks to get there. if you are the more adventurous type then there is plenty of walks with superb scenery and views. there are three supermarkets in the village so if you are self catering there is no problem and if eating out there is plenty of choice. nightlife in this village isnt really for party goers although athens bar and condor would suit you if you are. if you wish to have quirter evenings then this is definately the right place. i would recommend michalis' bar opposite nafsika for quieter evenings and also nafsika itself. there is so much to do and if you fancy taking a look round more of the island there are car rental places and also boat and coach trips.if you like your football and fancy taking on the greeks in a 5 a side talk to costas at nafsika , they are always up for a game on a sunday though it is not for the faint hearted. along the beach there are a few bars the best one in my opinion being havana, they are very friendly there.the weather in the summer is very good though on the odd ocasion it may rain but in going there for a fortnight for the last twelve years this has only happened on about 5 different days.there a plenty of swimming pools around all of them having bars which also offer snacks.for accomodation i would recommend hotel nafsika or manthos appartments as they are close to the beach and the facilities are excellent. if you are looking for a great holiday that is peaceful and relaxing, this is the place for you. corfu and aghios stefanos is an amazing place to visit it is no wonder why many people go back year after year just as i do and i believe that if you go you will want to do the same. you really do have to go there to realise what a great holiday it would be

Jen G           

Been going for 15 years nowhere quite like it - beach slopes very gently into sea - good water sports with Captain Niko - if you prefer pool Vicki pool has best of both on hill above beach very short walk to beach also nice bar for snacks - best taverna Barras (good valve and excellent choice) George and sons most welcoming - trip to Sidari for shopping Midas best bargins for gold see Debbie, Mike or Maria - back there in June 2004 one day it will be for good

Juliette P           

Our 5th year to San Stefanos so must be good! Good restaurants especially 'symposium', '2 star', 'little prince' and 'paradise'.
Very friendly locals. Rose Garden apartments are the best ever. We love the resort so much we are booking independently for next year to stay for a month...
Beach excellent for children.