Nikos Family Taverna

Restaurants in Roda

Julie M           

We found this restaurant on the last 2 nights and wished we had found it sooner, it is extremely friendly and relaxed, no hurrying you along, stay as long as you want and enjoy the wine and the atmosphere, when we vist Roda again (which we definatley will) we plan to eat their every night

James B           

Going back to roda as usual on the 12th june for 3 weeks,cant wait to see niko.lucy and family,whom we have known for many years now.

Lorraine M           

We spent a week in Roda at the end of August 05 and ate at Niko's every night.  The food from the vast menu was excellent, both in taste, choice and value for money.  We tried  lots of different dishes and have to say the chicken dishes were wonderful, very tasty, especially the chilli chicken which get's your taste buds tingling..!!!  A big hello to Niko, Lucy, Eddie and the 2 boys who were wonderful hosts the whole week and who we were sad to say goodbye to.  Thanks for the lovely wine you gave us was lovely....!!!

The 2 Rangers fans......Lorraine & Audrey xx

Lucy H           

Nikos Family Restaurant was our favourite restaurant in Roda. Once we had found it we never looked back and returned many times. Every single thing we tried was beautiful and it was fantastic value for money as compared to other places the prices were good and the food was much better. We loved the grilled feta for starter followed by a Lamb Kleftiko or Exohiko where the meat was so tender. Eddie, Nikos and Lucy and the two young boys are lovely people who get to know you when you come back and become your friends which makes your holiday. Eddie was very cool, best waiter in Roda! and taught us a lot of Greek which came in useful Yia sou! Overall the food was excellent, lovely moussaka, great pizza and the 1/2 roast chicken is HUGE and only 5.50 and came with sweetcorn, chips and salad but you get the choice of chips, rice, roast potatoes or jacket which is good. If you ask they are very flexible and will mix and match e.g. greek salad with meals but they have some set menu deals which work out so cheap 9 euros for 3 course. They also have a little take away section if you're in a hurry. The best restaurant by far and you have to try it, the service was the best around and I recommend the Greek dishes cooked in the most authentic style around. The Kleftiko comes in a special terracota pot opened in front of you, exohiko cooked in a paper wrap and cut open in front of u bringing out the beautiful aromas, these small touches had a really greek feel about them which made this restaurant better than everywhere else. We loved it and would love to go back and visit again!

Emma C           

I was in Nikos the whole fornight having breakfast and dinner with my freinds, its definatly the best place to eat. the food is great there and really cheap as for niko eddie and lucy they r all really nice people SEE YOUS ALL NEXT YEAR

Jo R           

My boyfriend Daniel and I spent 7 days in Roda in June 2005, staying a minute's walk away from the Nikos Restaurant. In the 7 nights we ate out, we went to the Nikos Restaurant 4 times. It was fantastic every time. I tried swordfish for the first time which was lovely and the rest of the food is fantastic. We were very impressed by the prices since we are both on strict budgets due to saving for Uni later this year. The best part though was meeting Nikos and Lucy. They were so friendly and welcoming we never wanted to leave!  I was very sad  the night before we left, but luckily we had our photo taken with them so we'll always remember them! Hope to see you again soon guys! Keep up the good work!

Gail .           

This is, without doubt the BEST restaurant in Roda.  The food is wonderful, the staff are great.  We always had the greek food - generally 2 starters, 2 main courses, a soft drink and a litre of wine - we never spent more than 40 euros, and that included a tip.

Niko, Lucy and Eddie always made us feel very, very welcome.
The only bad thing was that we had to come home!

Karen J           

Loved it! Tzatziki with pitta bread and tomato and cucumber salad for starter with either mousakka or spaghetti carbonara for main course every time and it was great. Lucy and Nikos are very friendly and the service is brilliant.

James B           

Going back to roda on the 13th june,cant wait to see lucy and niko and all the family again.

Looking forward to the fantastic food again.

Ray +           

we dined at nikos june/july 2004 been through the menu and all the meals were excellent.nikos lucy and the boys and all the staff were part of our holiday we will be seeing them all again this year 2005 we cant wait.

Tina B           

My husband and I took our daughter Samantha and her husband Derek and two grand children Dean 10 and Shannon 7. It was the first time for the kids in Roda, but Ray and I have been three times. It is an excellent place for a family holiday. But the best restaurant we found was Nikos. The food is very good and a great variety to choose from, even the kids menu is very good. There Stifado is the best in roda. Steaks just melt in your mouth. and I like the Idea of having potatoes or rice instead of chips as you get sick of chips most places just serve them with every thing. Derek tried some thing different every night, and Samantha tried quite a few different dishes. Ray had the mussells in sauce he said it was out of this world so Derek tried them the next night and he also said they were brilliant. Had breakfast there every morning for the full fornight. As you know if you find some where good you go back for more. Nikos Lucy Edward and the two boys are great so friendly and willing to do any thing for you. wonderful people. If any one has a e mail address for them could you pass it on me Thanks again Nikos and Lucy Love Tina Ray Samantha Derek Dean and not forgetting Shannon

James B           

Just back from Roda,thats our 19th year going there,Lucy and Niko
are very good friends of ours,we usually go twice a year.
What can you say about the food,that is why we always go there and nowhere else.

Chloe T           

We had a fabulous meal here, the staff are lovely, the food excellent and very well priced. The breakfasts are huge and a bargain at 1.50 euro!

Donna H           

Nikos and family are a great team had a lovely meal there and the service was brilliant!

Darren B           

Fantastic place. Nikos and Family have become great friends of ours.
We have been to Rhoda 4 years on the trot and spend most of the time in Nikos's.
Eddie started as a young waiter and on the departure on the Sylvester Stallone look-a-like, Ediie became the main man.
If you ever see Eddie, ask him about his Salisbury City Football shirt I gave him. He almost ripped it off my back.

Daz,Deb,Heather and Little Eddie

Beverley R           

Lucy,Nikos,Eddie and the children were all lovely people who worked so hard on our behalf nikos was a great hit with our children and any one with children, will know this is a big bonus, the food was beautiful, saganaki,lamb kleftiko, and hawian chicken,simply the best.

Erica W           

Best Moussaka and veggie Moussaka EVER! Great service and they somehow got my friend and me Greek dancing infront of everyone as we were just about to leave. Had to go back there on our last night for the moussaka, saganaki and of course the Mythos.

Susan W           

Just came back from Corfu again. We ate every night in Nikos Family Cusine. Again the service was brill and the food out of this world. NIko, Lucy and Eddie are very friendly and can't do enough for you. Can't wait to go back.

Julie F           

Lovely! friendly service, excellent food ate there 6 out of 7 nights every meal a gem whether traditional greek or pizza. Particular praise for prawn saganaki/cheese saganaki/swordfish and of course the mythos!! Yamass

Darren H           

I'd like to thank Nikos and Lucy for a truly fantastic Last Supper. We started with a Meze for 7 people, and it was to perfection. Followed by our favourite dishes, Lamb Exohito being the best, followed very closely by the meatballs. They then allowed my son, Lewis, to create his own Ice Cream dish with sparklers, which lit his eyes up. Nikos has a lovely family, Lucy, Yannis, Andreas .. and Eddie. To all of you, thank you. You may remember us as, a caraffe of medium sweet wine, and a caraffe of Retsina, and my 2 sons Lewis (lovely boy) and Zak (the miracle child) .. as described by Eddie. Lastly, congratulations on Greece winning Euro 2004, I bet you had a fantastic night.

Claire H           

My boyfriend and I holidayed in Corfu at the end of May for one week. We stayed in the resort of Roda which we both fell in love with. Where ever we chose to eat both the food and service was good in Roda. However on our second to last night of our stay we found Nikos Restuarant and it was fantastic. Nikos and his wife Lucy were so warm and friendly and the food was unbelievable.For the rest of our holiday we only ate there. They have an extensive menu and you are guaranteed that what ever you order it will be of a very high standards and extremely delicious.

Richard B           

this was ultimatly the best restraunt in roda. i made good friends with the owners and the staff. the food was brilliant and filling and you could always eat it again! they are all very friendly and the food is of a very good price. i recomend it to anyone and will definetly go again!!!!!!

Aine B           

Have been to Roda a few times and feel that this restaurant is one of the best, it is certainly the best equipped for families with young children and we will deffinitely visit them again when we go back at the end of May

Lisa P           

RACH, you get around alot! lol. Yes this is. they are all lovely.

Rach B

Is this the resteraunt next to the roda park?

Pat E           

Been going to Corfu for many years on and off always to Roda. Found Nikos Family Taverna many years ago. Have tried others many new ones that come and then go but Nikos is always there I think for over twenty years. Does that not tell you something. Their secret is great food very good prices very friendly staff and the feeling that you are the only people in their taverna because of the attention and welcome that they give to you. Why only 8/10. They must deserve a 10/10 or even better 12/10.

Sean A           

Myself wife and two young children spent a week in Roda first week in September. Eating out with two kiddies can be difficult and the first two restaurants we tried confirmed this. Then we found Nikos Family actually by recomendation from a family staying in the same apartments as us THANKS by the way. They had met with the same as us in some other restaurants. Well what a difference. Lucy the owner Nikos wife Nikos himself and the waiters Eddy and Costa were all definatly children friendly. Nikos and Lucy have two boys aged 9 and 6 who were often at the restaurant. The food was excellent and the kids menu great also the set meals three courses for 10 euros. Anyone going to Roda MUST try this restaurant you wont find a better place.

Lisa B           

My husband me and two friends were in Roda for last two weeks of August. We passed by Nikos Taverna on our first night and it was packed out. We ate next door at Roda Park which was quite nice and we said to the waiter there how busy it was next door. He said it was the big holiday time for the Greeks and the Italians and most of them ate there. That made us think if Nikos was good enough for the Greeks and Italians then we should give it a go. So next night we got there earlier and we were treated to delicious food at excellent prices. We tried the English breakfast the next morning. It was so big it kept us going all day. Although we did try two more tavernas which were passable none came up to the very high standard of Nikos. All the staff there were very friendly and made you feel special. It was sad to leave it was like leaving friends behind. We cant wait to go back next year to see them all and taste their wonderful Greek dishes again but not in August as these Italians are a noisy bunch.

Sammy C           

Just returned from a two week stay in Roda. Ate at Nikos on first night and thought it was very good. But as you do we tried others.Roda Park was ok Maggies was more expensive and had a poor choice of Greek food. Who wants to eat fish and chips when all that moussaka stifado kleftiko etc are available. So we went back to Nikos and ate there every night and indeed every morning as his breakfasts were huge for 4 euro. The menu is so huge also for children and veggies and a great choice of English if you want a taste of home. Nikos wife Lucy speaks perfect English and is so welcoming to everyone. The waiters Eddie and Kostas are really friendly also.

Denis M           

By far the best restaurant in Roda. Excellent food, wine, service and great VFM. Loved children. Nothing was too much trouble. Eddie and Costos were the best waiters in Roda. Highly recommended 10/10

Kevin S           

Extremely friendly family restaurant with great food.

Susan W           

I am very pleased to see that you have given the thumbs up and 7 / 10 for Nikos family cusine. It is, if not the best of all the restaurants in Roda .

Karen J           

Can't understand why this only gets 4/10 as everyone seems to this it's brilliant!

Kieren W           

Just came back from Roda. The food in Nikos Family Cusine was absolutely gorgeous. I am glad I was told to try it. Best in Roda

Caleen W           

Brilliant food , Brilliant service and brilliant prices. Can't wait to eat there again.

Craig M           

Best place in Roda to eat. Friendly atmosphere and very good prices.
The rating given does not justify the food and service you have at Nikos Family. It should be at least 9 / 10

Sue W           

This is in my view the best restaurant in Roda. The menu is so vast you can eat there every night and never eat the same meal twice. The stiffado is the best I have ever tried. Not once have I never enjoyed a meal there. Niko,Lucy and all their staff always greet you with a smile and are really friendly. I can't wait to go back there.

James B           

We have known Niko and Lucy for a very long time and you wont find better food anywhere.
Siffado,Mousaka,Keftedes,it is all brilliant.

Brent W           


Excellent food and a nice family atmosphere. An excellent selection of both english and greek food on the menu