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Sa J          10/10

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i'v been to Roda 5 years in a row and go to the newport every day for dinner and every night for tea, its fab! Cant believe Vangellis left though, he was such a funny and genuine bloke  The spag boll and lamb kleftiko is great and if you want to add anything or fancy anything that isnt on the menu they'l try their best to do it for you and after 5 years you get free drinks and money off, its great  I cant wait to go back again this year and get some fab food down my throat, and anyone who says the captain was annoying needs their head testing  everyone's so friendly and make you feel like part of the family, miss you all and see you soon!!!

Kim B           

The view across the beach and sea were the best thing about this average restaurant, the food was reasonable, but the staff smoking several feet away while we were eating was not very pleasant, i could not in all honesty recomend this place unless you are a chain smoker. Pissed

Amelia S           

I have been to Roda many times now and we always make sure we eat in this gorgeous resaurants.  It is right on the front of the beach and looking out on the sunset while your eating lovely food is fantastic!

The 'Captain' is so friendly and they always look after you when you are eating there. The food is absolutely gorgeous, my favourite is the lamb kleftiko ( lamb, veg and potatoes cooked in a greaseproof paperparcel in the oven, so when they cut it open all the juices from the lamb have been soaking into the potatoes and veg) Beautiful.
I would recommend this restaurant to anyone that asked and when we have been joined by family on holiday we have always taken them there.

Danielle W           

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(<<<< Spireos posing rather dumly at the camera. good times)
It's a family/friend tradition, we've been going to Roda every year, and each night we always eat at 'Captains', because well we always have done.
We're extremely good friends with all the waiters there, they treat us like stars and make sure we don't get in to trouble, they have always looked out for us.
Captain is a darling, he really is; the moment he noticed us in Aug 2005 walking back for another year he laughed, opened his arms and welcomed us in. We miss Vangellis loads, wished he'd stayed working there.
The nights when it was just me and my mate Emma we always got out meal half price, because how do you say it, we were 'friendly' with the waiters and know them pretty well. They remember your usuals if you go there often; i.e cocktails in my case.
As usuals they get to comfortable with us and expect us to clean the restaurant when they close at 1/2 am. But they've offered us great service so we help. Watch out for the 'Dezzie' (romantic) which is the truck they use to take all the rubbish from the day away; it smells, its slow and really not pretty looking.
They're a bunch of the most fantastic, lovely and generous people i've ever come across. And can i just say Spireos and Georgios really know how to boogie on down. sorry. that was off the subject completely.
They all are a class act.
Dannii xxx

Danielle W           

It's been a tradition to go to Roda every year with my family and family friend, but this year though was better than the last years. We always get a warm V.I.P reception from the staff at Newport, a.k.a Captains. They've done us great favours, staying up with us all hours so we're not bored. Not dobbing me and my best mate in for 'certain' things. Visillios, Aegis, Spyros and George were the best hosts. Shame Vangellis doesn't work there anymore. I recommend this place highly. The staff remember and treat you like Royalty. As a 17 yr old i can vouch that the male staff are what you'd call 'friendly' and willing to show a good time. Not only are the staff there friendly, but they'll look out for you if you get in a spot of trouble, for example if some random Albanian stalks you they'll sort him out. They're also the most charming, my mate got bitten on the eye by a mosquito and REFUSED to leave the apartment so me and my mum, her mum and my nan went to the restaurant, they put some pizza in a box with some garlic bread and let me take it back to her. Plus if you have a hangover, try George's strawberry milkshakes...they'll cheer you up in no time. The price is only fantastic if they know you, because as they've known us for years they take money off our final price, and on the last night will give you wine to take home. Plus if you have a night flight on package they're so much help, they let us keep our luggage in their restaurant until we left. Plans to go there next year, already booked, and will probably continue going for a long long time.

Rachel H           

Definitly the best place to eat in roda great food and great staff really friendly me n two friends olivia and stef made good friends with the staff vasiley, george and Spiros and they even came to meet us in town after it closed.Cant wait to see every1 again next year



i went to newport last year and it was fab, this year was better! just got back from roda today and we are missing the place already. we didn't get a chance to say bye to everyone in newport but we miss you all!! hi to the captain and his son..............what was his sons name?!?  (vasilis)

it's a really friendly place to go to, so go there!

love sophie (and family)  xxx

Lizzie K           

had a great time here cuz me and my cousin got free stuff off vasillis as we had an holiday fling, going back in august so maybe we mite av anuva 1, lol. anywayz its a great place 2 eat an every1 there's a laugh. 

Dannii W           

Me and my mate Emma go to Roda every year and we get the same special treatment at the restaurant as the first year we arrived. The waiters are excellent to us (Spyros and Jeorge, especially) and they're still lovely. We're going next week and can't wait to see our old friends, the Captain, Vangellis, Visillis, Spyros and Jeorge, and hope they reserve our sunbeds again.

I highly recommend Roda and the Newport Bay Club restaurant because everyone is friendly (especially to the girls) and i hope you to my word for it.

Lauren!!!! C           

very nice and very blue lol the waiters were dead nice they even got me some
ice when i got bit on my eye n i ended up lookin like qauzimodo!!! lol but it
was a laugh especially the chef amelius...PHWOAR!!!

Chloe B           

I went to corfu with a friend at the start of august and we went to newport in the second week and it was a shame we didn't go sooner because the food was great and the chef amelius well i'll let you guess the rest and the waiter vacillies (i think thats how you spell it) well i'd definately reccomend it to anyone going to roda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chloe x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

Lauren N           

the food was fantastic!!! didn't charge top much the capotain was a little dizzy but a right laugh and one of the chefs amelius god was he cute and the waiter vacilles fit fit fit!!! i would reccomend new port to any1 wose hungry cause u definetly get a plate full
lauren and chloe


Very good. Try their kleftiko. Getting hungry just thinking about it. Friendly place and one we went to a few times.

Graeme N           

my partner and i have just come back from Roda. i like my food and we ate there every night. the menu was quite extensive including many greek dishes and the food was fabulous. As for the captain, its characters like him that keep me going back to the same place. He genuinely cares that you enjoy the experience of boning a cooked fish and will assist if necessary. We usually had two courses with a litre or more of wine for less than 15 a head -and thats hardly too BLOODY MUCH !! If you want a burger and chips they will do it but what a missed opportunity to sample some fabulous food in a picturesque setting.


Well we go there every year and every year it gets better girls girls try and spell his name right its spryos ( i should know ) hey if your those two girls who i gave evils 2 im very sorry you actually semmed quite nice you know who you are you like spryos brother Jeorge. The foods great as i always semm to get it free lol if you go to roda make sure you vist this resturant

Andy H           

Great breakfast just what we needed.
Toast cooked by our son and he was paid 2 euros for his efforts.

Beth H           

i went 2 roda in corfu about a week ago, it was excellent.
all the people there are lovely and friendly.most of them fit (lads)
they have great staff in newport, vasilis is very sexy but make sure u keep ur hands off he is mine and sophie's!!!!!!!!
homtop(quincy)(georgio), spyro the dragon (spyros), vasilis (sexy), bloody hella (wierd), cpt carilly (mint), they were all lovely!!!
little chef aawww so small he cudnt reach the bell 2 tell ppl when their food was ready hahahah.anyways make sure you go its great.lots of love and miss everybody there beth xxxxxxxx

Sophie W           

I went to new port with my mates. it was klas! we are definitaly going back and we miss vasilis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
quincy and homtop with little cheif and BLUDY HELL! ! ! ! !
we'll never forget new port or the waiters!

Laurey S           

i live in the corfu. i do not speak very good english. i live in roda. and i am friends good, with this family. they have very nice food...and corelli's sons nice. it is very hot now here. i am goin into the drunken sailor in halfpast 7. i will be back home in athens in 3 weeks time, and will be back here next year on aprial 7th. its a nice very place to eat. very cheap, and quick serving.

Vikki R           

was it not called a, spaghetti cobanara? or summic?

Erica W           

We had two lovely meals here, huge bowls of pasta (The nicest, can't remember its name had tomato, aubergine, bacon and greek sausage-mmm)The captain was really friendly and nice, as two 18 year old girls we did get lots of attention from Vassily and Spiros - they did try their hardest! but hey, they gave us lots of free cocktails! Everyone was really friendly and the food was LOVELY

Emma K           

Maybe you should ask him...

Vikki R

how gorgeous is roberto from the theodoras pool bar...
2 BLOODY GORGEOUS MAN! roberto's brother iz sooo funny!

Vikki R           


Emma K           

I only just came back from Roda today. I love the place. Me and my sister got jobs there and accomodationd and were planning on staying but found out the owners of the bar we were gonna work in didnt pay some bar staff after they had worked for a month. Anyway, Roda is a great place. We stayed in Blue Gardens. And regularly ate at the New Port. Vikki...Vasilis also took my number too, and said he's text tonite. think he's abit of a ladies man, but he is gorgeous! The food was great and we made great friends with Vasilis, Spiros and George, hope to see them all soon. The Captain was lovely with me and my family. Thoroughly recommended.