Tropicana Restaurant

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Vicky S

hiya everyone how are you all? i'v heard you all moved to the old domas place steve and me (vicky) missed you all in october and hope to come back soon and yes thats together. what did camilla have boy or girl? annie and jeff both send their love. big kisses to you all tim,telly,niko,vassillis and millie bye for now xx

Gail C          10/10

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Hi to tele,camilla,niko and tim

     We had a great time as usual when we were here in october,especially
when we were winning at the bingo LOL.Great food,great entertainment and great company,hope you are all well and enjoying the quiet season,hope camilla enjoyed her holiday in england and had a good rest.Hope to see you all again this year.
Lots of love
Gail and Robert clelland 

Zoe H          10/10

Hey it's my 1st day back and i'm missing the tropicana crew already-Tele,Nico,Vasilly,Camilla,Debz and Tim Sorry if i forgot any1.The star rating for tropicana should be a 10. it is the best bar-resteraunt i know in Roda. The people are so great that there is no word i can think of to describe them, i love them all.haha.GO TO THE TROPICANA!!If you dont go then you'll just miss out on the fun!click to enlarge

Gary W          10/10

tele liz camilla tim and the rest of the crew all make up for a brill time me and the rest of the family have never left before 2 am totaly sloshed nothing is problem for tele great bloke and has for the girls they work hard tim with his bingo mind you i have never one yet so if you want a good night i would recomend the tropicana

Lisa,garret & olivia H           

We loved going to the Tropicana. The service was excellent,so was the food. Liz &Camilla are excellent waitresses,with good senses of humour. Our daughter loved the bouncy castle and childrens toys.

This place is excellent for families as the parents can relax while the children play in a safe enviroment. Tele is the perfect host he leaves all the hard work to Liz & Camilla. Only joking Tele! The chicken kebab is the best in Roda.

George P

Any one visiting Roda yes there is a bewech in Roda just up the coast from Venus apps into Roda Town. Whilst there visit Adrian & Sue at the Roda Tavern my son and family. You will be very welcome say dad in Leeds sent you. There is hot Chinese snacks too made in the pub. Have a good time