Bernies Grill

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Bernie           6/10

Food was good, reastaurant was a bit too basic though. Needed some uummfff! Bernie and Nico are warm and friendly.

Harry G

Bernies...... what a great place! If you want traditional Greek or just Liver and Onion(my favourite), call in, Bernie and Nicko will make you welcome. Didn't want to go anywhere else. Thanks to both of you.

Darren L          10/10

i all went 2 bernies in 1997 and in 2004 nikco and bernie do the best food money buys . and they are so friendly . off back aug 2011 roda is a cool place 2 stay. ps has some one out there got phone number for bernies need 2 book aparments .thanks from daz caf jack from wakefield

Ian -          10/10

we have been coming here for years,and the place is great,food is spot on,infact its brilliant,nicko is a gentleman and bernie is the best cook in roda,we class them as good friends.we are going over in may 11 th 2009,cant wait.  bernie if you read this send me a e-mail and i will speak to you soon lots of love sheila and ian .get ready for fishing nicko cant wait .

Zoe H          6/10

 We went to bernies grill twice in our holiday to Roda, once for breakfast then another time for dinner.The people are fantastic andthe food was good.I think they should get a new bathroom door though. click to enlarge

Liam M           

It Was Great The People Behind Are Like My Uncle And Auntie

The Food Is Great If u Want some where 2 eat Bernies is the place to eat

Jill H           

  hi can any one help me im trying to gat the phone number for bernies? thank you.

Paul G           

hi me and my family will be coming over in august,please could some one give us an idea of  prices for eating out in roda thanks.......

Roger M           

Very shocked to see there was any negative feedback with this restaurant. I had some problems with other restaurants but this one I returned to 5 times within my 14 night stay.

What I suggest is simply have a look, you can see right in from the street, it's clean and Nik and Bernie really make you feel at home.

I had steak most of the time and this was due to the great value for money, I could hardly finish it and I'm a big lad.

Try the toasties, perfect lunchtime snack!

Maggie F           

We were in Roda in September, it is a wonderful resort for families, we came upon Bernies on on the second day and ate there most of the
holiday, the food was excellant couldnt fault it would definitely go back again, which is why I am very suprised at the previous comments having just found this site it is very interesting to read about all the rest and bars in roda so if like me you are wondering where to eat and drink on your next visit to corfu, all I would suggest is you try these places out for yourself as sure some people do have a negative experience but surely not all otherwise these restuarants wouldnt get a licence!!!

Kerry F           

i have also been going to corfu for a number of years. i read these comments before i went, which made me try bernies. when i got to bernies me and my husband and my 2 children didnt even bother ordering food as i seen the state of the kitchen and staff smoking over the food while they where cooking it and ash on the work services
i would never recommend any resturant to any 1 especially this 1.

Jo M           

i have been going to roda for a number of yrs i was recommened to have sunday dinner at bernies big mistake me and my 9 friends had the s**ts for the rest of our holiday that was proberly to do with the food been cooked earlier in the day then microwaved not to mention the hygiene in the kitchen and the dead fly in my friends cold gravy.the resturant its self speaks for its self.

Christina D           

To my surprise I have seen a rather nasty and quite frankly dishonest review.

Nico is a charmer, and Bernie is one of the most hospitable and hard working ladies you will ever find.

Her food is cooked from fresh unlike many other restaurants which claim indifferent. Have a good look at the kitchen if you wish, it's simply immaculate. It looks to me like theres porkies going on, perhaps a little personal vendetta.

Don't take our word for it, pop in and see for yourself it is definately worth a visit. The fact that everyone else mentions it's excellence speaks volumes.

Debbie A           

Bernie's was always great my kids loved it and the food quality is excellent. Nothing is too much trouble and yes it was always clean. I have not been for 2 years although my son went with his Dad so I am looking forward to getting back there this year!!!

David F           

Bernie and Nicko are very friendly and hospitable. The food is good plain cooking and the portions would “choke a donkey”. Bernie is originally from Northern Ireland and her “Ulster Fry” all day breakfast is memorable. Most of Bernie’s customers become regulars during their stay in Roda so the clientele get to know each other, it’s almost like being in an exclisive club. A very friendly couple. Knowing them makes your holiday that bit better.

Linda M           

we had a loverly t bone steak, and it was yum, bernie is very freindly, and just across the way is the crown pub which is great as well

Jayne L           

Really really friendly, excellent basic food. Catered for all!
Go on give it a try!