Odysseus Restaurant

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Samantha S          10/10

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 hey guys its sam we used to c*m every year lol me my brother simon n nikki n marion n my mom sue this restarant is the best ever and the staff are really friendly n kind. i love this restraunt n the people hey theo and nicos hope all is well ill be coming over soon with my friends i will pay u a visit sam xxxx

hey guys feel free to email me on sexy_share_89@hotmail.com

Kim B           

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The food and service here are top notch, the Mussle Saganaci are a must for starters and the Lamb Stamna for the main course is beyond words, if you only eat one Greek meal this is the one to have and this is the place to have it. 

Stacey S           

Best meal of the entire holiday!!  We decided to try the Mezes - 12 dishes between the 2 of us - which doesn't sound a lot....but believe me we couldn't move afterwards!  Started with Greek Salad, Tzakiki, Hummus and Rice wrapped in Vine Leaves.  Next course was Beans, Calamari, Mousakka and something else (?), followed by Lamb chops, swordfish, Beef Stifado and a chicken dish.  To top it all off with caramel pudding and coffee.  Beautiful  The staff were really nice and took time to explain what every dish was.

Lindsey G           

We ate here twice.  Both times the restaurant was busy but both times we had very quick service.  The food is very good, especially the kleftico and the moussaka.  The cost was also very reasonable. 

Karen J           

Only ate there once this year - had the Chicken Curry with rice and chips and it was very, very good. Service was also very good but being the start of the season it was very quiet.

Karen J           

Ate here a few times and always had a good meal - just like all the rest, service can be slow if the restaurant is crowded!

Sunil S           

If this is the restaurant near the corner then there pizza's a yummy. I liked this place.



Donna H           

We spent a couple of evenings at the restaurant and the food was really nice and the service was very good

Jo M           

Iv been going to Roda for 16yrs i always make sure i pay a visit to odysseus as the food is excellent and the staff are really friendly and welcoming the only down fall is you are waiting ages for your meal.

Sophie W           

hi beth!
ur comment looked lonely in on itz own so am addin 1 2!!!!
this place iz complete s**te. so dont go. go 2 roxannes, new port or the harbour bar instead! there soooooo much better.
sophie xxxx

Beth H           

it is s**te they take 4 eva 2 make ur meal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dont go