Three Little Pigs

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Lynne & richard derby Mcallister          10/10

Visited The 3 Little Pigs again in Early May 2014.

Excellent quality food, Service 2nd to none.

We would recommend anyone visiting Sidari to Enjoy their Hospitality Food and Entertainment.

I'd like to Thank all the Staff:-But Especially Spiros the Owner, Petros, & not forgetting Little Spiros (Word has it not so Little! lol) 

I cried when we had to say Goodbye, such wonderful people Especially My Little Spiros.

Looking forward to seeing you again Next Year.

Thanks Boys...XX


Red R          10/10

  Returned from holiday in Sidari after last visiting in 2006.  We were delighted that the service and food quality had not changed since our first ever visit in 1996.

Fantastic starter of Sauteed pork in white wine sauce, only wish I could remember the Greek name for the dish to be able to re-create the dish.
Excellent value for money
Three starters, Three mains, cola and a carafe of rose came in at 50 euro  Best 50 euro spent!!!!
Entertainment, service and friendliness of all staff, would definitely recommend to everyone to go,  I guarantee one visit and you will be back

Gabriella O          10/10

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There was one of my best Birthday. Thank you:-)

Shannon G          10/10

I got back from Sidari this morning and had an amazing time. We were there for a week and ate at The Three Little Pigs 4 nights, and me and my nephew walked across at least once a night to say hi to the staff. This restaurant is my favourite one anywhere, I loved it! The staff were amazing, the food was delicious and the entertainment was flawless! My nephew, Luca, also loved it there, he's 3 years old and the staff were so good with him. There are two waiters in particular that I love the most, Costas and Pedro. They are the two that also do the dancing every night. Pedro took our order all 4 times, he's brilliant. He doesn't just stand there and take your orders, he sits down and has a little chat with you at the same time, he made me laugh and smile a lot. And Costas is amazing. He's very sweet and smiley, he also has chats with you when he can. He was also Luca's favourite one too, he was extremely good with Luca and on our first time at the restaurant we went to give him a tip and Luca decided to act shy, so Costas picked him up and played with a sparkler with him, it was so sweet. Costas and Pedro let me get a picture with the two of them on our 3rd visit there, on the 1st visit I got a picture of just me and Costas. Also, I like the song that they dance to and asked what it was, Pedro sat down with me and wrote it out, explained who the band were, the song title and told me the title in English.  They also have a small park near the tables so children can go play for a while, and next to that is a couple of small rides (Tea cups, etc) that are good for small children.

So basically, I LOVE THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. It's an amazing restaurant and the staff are brilliant, I don't have a single complaint!!

I really hope we go back to Sidari because I would love to go to this restaurant again. If it was up to me I would have made my family eat there every night, and to be honest I actually suggested going there every night. I love it! I'm really going to miss Costas and Pedro a lot. I mean A LOT!

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Kerys S          10/10

Three Little Pigs was the first place we ate out. For me, none of the other resteraunts or bars measured up to what the Three Little Pigs had to offer. The food was gorgeous, the staff were so friendly and talkative. The atmosphere was amazing especially on the greek nights. I would definately recommend the spaggetti bolognese  thanks for making my holiday great  xx

Sophie P          10/10

Talk about a 5 star restaurant! Me, my mum, my dad an brother went to sidari for a 2week holiday, being the first time we had been there but the 4th time in a row goin to corfu! The staff were VERY friendly! You got greated at the door as you entered, they took our order about 5 minutes after we got a seat which was PERFECT as they gave us chance to pick what to eat but did not leave it 20 minutes after we got a seat like other restaurants do! We all had kleftico which just melted in our mouth! (Lamb an veg)The entertainment was 10/10 fantastic :) I am returnin back to the same resort again this year so I will be plannin to eat here again!

Kellie W          9/10

The three little pigs was brilliant!! The entertainment was not to be missed and the staff were amazing we met our very own tom cruise from Cocktail!!! My kids were amazed by the fire dancing show and loved the play area and rides available!!  The food was Fab!! Would deffo reccomend to everyone!

Judith S          10/10

Just back from Sidari had the best time!!!!! Found The Three Little Pigs still there after 15 years and it was even better than ever. So  good we did not bother to eat anywhere else,we tried practically every dish on the menu and found it excellent!!!! entertainment, ambience out of this world, staff were simply the BEST and we will most definately be there next year.


Alana D

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hiya everyone!!

Three Little Pigs is a good place to eat .. food is great and the staff are even better!
loved the greek dancing  
i will defo come again next year
alana xxx

L,inda R          9/10

food was great good entertainment went several nights me and my daughter got pulled out of crowd couple of times well recommended

Claire B          8/10

This place does the best greek salad - amazing value, and the kalamari pretty good too.

Sarah B          3/10

We were recommended this restaurent we were obviously unlucky as all 4 meals were well below average. Staff friendly though and entertainment helped make up for the food

Mike K          9/10

Fabulous place to eat in Sidari. We went there a few times on our hols.

Food is pretty good I'd say, although I could do without the tendency to have chips with everything !!

Entertainment is brilliant, on Greek night they really go for it.

Service was great also. The only thing we learnt is to go there when they are busy. If you get in too early in the night the service probably comes a bit too quick between courses.

My slightly too cool teenagers think its one of the best places we have ever eaten on holiday and they aren't easy to please.

Donna B          10/10

Thanks to you all for a great time and making us feel welcome.

The food was great service great all round was brilliant wud give 110%.
Thanks again .
     The 3 Irish girls who had a laugh!
Donna Demi and Maureen.

Jordan L          10/10

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The 3 Little Pigs is by far one of the best places to eat in Sidari. My friends and I ate there every other day last year and again this year. Both the food and the entertainment are fantastic. The waiting staff are very friendly, we made good friends with some of them and have stayed in touch. Would highly reccomend paying a visit  .

Richard C          10/10

some people makeme laugh!! they say dont eat here. blah blah blah!! me and my family ate there almost every night and it was excellent every time, its law of averages that some or all of us are gonna experience a below average meal from any resturant anywhere in the world, i mean how many times have you eaten a sunday roast at home and thought "bloody hell this dont taste right"? It happens im afraid, but to go as far as to try and wage a hate campain and to deter people from eating at certain places is just out of order, everyone and everywhere deserves a second chance And as everybodies tastes vary i think the bloody biggets and moaners on here should just let people try the food for themselves. As for a rating id say no less than10 out of 10 for spirios and the boys! when we left they gave us bottles of wine t-shirts and even gave me 4 clay bowls so we could cook our own givetsi. A top resturant, easily the best in sidari!

Glyn T          10/10

thank you becky your a life saver once agian the three pigs is worth a vist it serves delisious food and provides great entertainment

Becky H           

iya, jus replyin to glyn thynne u asked wat the song was called in three pigs 4 the greek dancin well it's called one love by the antiques.

Also we thought the three little pigs was fantastic, the food was fab as was the staff an we hope to c u all again soon

Sue S           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge here are some photos as request took beginning of September. Hope they bring back some memories for you.

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Aaron A           

Food was good, generally!! Service was terrible though. We asked for a highchair which took ten minutes to come and when it did the tray was filthy!

Elena B           

We live London, the place where formality and rules are a must. Serving staff are usually polite because they have to be and restaurants are usually quiet (too quiet :-( because here people thinks we don't have time to enjoy ourselves! Having said that, it doesn't come as a surprise that we found the Three little pigs one of the most fantastic place in the world (yep! I'm an over-enthusiastic person!). Food is great, service is efficient and waiters...well...unfortunately i must disagree with all the other commenters and say that they are not charming, they are not cute BUT they are absolutely, utterly, unbelievebly sexy!  I must warn you though...I believe that the Three little pigs should be called the "Seven Little Pigs!"

We will miss you guys (particularly baby-cake )

Lana M           

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We just got back from Sidari a few days ago and I have to say the three little pigs is so amazing and you have to go there! We went there about 5 times and as everyone has said, the waiters are very friendly and I fell for at least two of them! The dancing is unmissable and on the Greek Nights they get the woman up and teach them to Greek Dance as well which is really great! For me, the waiters were the main attraction , but the food and service is great! I highly recommend you go there!

Glyn T           

We were in Sidari last week and went to the Three Little Pigs for the first time. We had wished that we had gone there all the time for at least two meals a fortnight. the waiters are always mobile and are quick to attend to your needs. There is a Greek Dancing show on every night that is not to be missed. Should you incur a delay in waiting for your food it will be because of the amount of orders and that it is made fresh however good food is worth the wait. I would recomend the mixed grill. Defintly one of the high lights of the hoiday. 10 out of 10.

Lisa T           

Without a doubt THE BEST place to eat in the whole of Sidari. If you do nothing else on your next visit there make sure you eat in the 3 little pigs!!! The food is amazing, lasagne, beef pastitsada and the tatzicki are HIGHLY recommended. Service is great, all the waiters are really friendly and to say how busy the restaurant is every night they still find time to chat with the customers. The greek dancing is brilliant. We stayed in Sidari for 2 weeks and ate there 4 nights, it would have been more if it weren't for the other great places we visited. Not one bad word to say against anything in there, and I'd love to see what anyone else thinks, I'll be suprised if 99% of people don't agree, the other 1% need there heads testing and should get some culture!!!

Michael L           

Great food, great service, great atmosphre - and very inexpensive.
How anyone can say that this restaurant is expensive is beyond me -where do they normally eat - at a local soup kitchen?