Memories Restaurant

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Kay Patterson          10/10

I think memories restaurant is the best in Sidari. Great food, service and Jorge especially was really lovely. I was annoyed that we'd double booked ( our fault)for their fantastic spit roast night and couldn't go back again although we did eat there twice. I did mean to return the night after but we had booked for somewhere else again!! I am home now and will live every day with the regret of not going back! Until next year Jorge xxx

Sarah T

just want to say that i went over to sidari and met the most amazing man spiros.  we met fell in love and we are now living in newcastle upon tyne and trying for a baby!  i was working in cocktails and dreams at the time and following a broken leg he came in to have a drink and that was that in love totally.  we are planning to get married next year in sidari so watch out for us guys.  cant wait so in love he is the best man ever and i always listened to people when they warned me off greek men but he is one of a kind love him to bits and thank him for everyday that i spend with him.  love you spiros xx

Tina H

About half way up the strip, heading away from canal d'mur area, near enough by Calypso Bar, beautiful restaurant and staff are fantastic, cannot wait to go back next year, only been home 2 weeks and we already need and want to go back!

Bev A

where abouts in sidari is memories situated ???

Nina B          10/10

Well, I was there some time ago and it was fantastic!!! Excellent food, fast service and very kind staff!  Great dancing every night in a very lovely atmosphere! Lots of drinks on the house! I had the best time! Strongly recommend!!! 
I hope from the bottom of my hart, some day I will go there again!
Sammy if you are reading this, I`m sending all the best to you all!!!!

Tina H          10/10

My favourite restaurant in Sidari, food lovely and fast service, brillient entertainment every night, greek dancing, plate smashing, they get u all up and take you all around the restaurant and outside in the road and literally stop the cars, spiros was there last season 2007 doing the dancing and he was brillient, my 7 year old loved him and he was very friendly, as were all the waiters and staff, lovely and friendly here and jorge the owner, he remembered us straight away from the previous year, very friendly and we got loads of drinks on the house as well, the really welcome you here and yes they love groups of ladies in here LOL, so get in there ladies, free drinks and all!

Going back in 21 days ............ ....... cannot wait and Memories is my first call for my first meal in Sidari .............

Sarah S          4/10

Not very impressed with this restaurant, the prices were very reasonable and the service was quick and firendly, however the meals were very small and not particularly tasty, very average. I prefer greek food and my partner prefers english but both meals were a bit of a let-down.  

Claire B          10/10

I can't understand some of the comments on the board about Memories - we had great food (but we stuck to greek, if you want British then maybe this is not for you?) the service was the best we had the whole holiday and the entertainment (free) was excellent - dancing, plate smashing etc..and the prices were average.

If I went to Sidari again i would definately go back!

Michelle F          5/10

Not blown away with this restaurant, very hot and muggy and were cramped as ten of us sat round a couple of tables.  Food was OK, nothing to write home about, and service was just OK. Only ate there once and did not go back.

Stacey G          1/10

Tastless cold frozen food - friendly service - dirty restrooms (toilets)
Yeah - me and my new hubby have to agree that this was the worst place to eat on the island. We ate there once. The food was cold and tasted like frozen food warmed up in the microwave. The service was friendly and the food arrived fast but we nearly walked out without paying after 4 attempts to get the bill and no-one came. No - definatly a no go. Expensive also for frozen junk they give you. I mean, you can ytaste the difference between frozen and fresh! Best to sharpen up and get cooking lesssons - take a tip from Cactus Jacks and start giving good value for fresh made to order food like they do - best place we went to Cactus Jacks.

Brian           10/10

Really enjoyed it here, the food was great and the waiters were all friendly and made you welcome. This was my 10 year old sons favourite restuarant in Sadari

Sindy E          7/10

good food here reasonably priced enjoyed the plate smashing   if u go a bit further up the road to the cotton gallery t shirt shop denny is standing outside give him a tap on the head

Dorothy R           

   Fabulous food and staff just the best really enjoyed the dancing and the plate smashing  thanks for the bottle of wine.

Sharon E           

I won't forget this restaurant in a hurry as I found it pricey.  Keep to the restaurants on the outskirts of Sidari, you just get robbed in the town.  I am not mean and I don't mind paying for good food but the food wasn't worth the expensive bill.  The service was poor, a couple next to us had to ask for their bill three times before they eventually got it.  The best restaurant by far is Nicholas's.

Gail and sarah F           

 Well what can I say!  The waiters obviously love small female groups coming in.  My sister and I were made to feel very welcome!

We went back to Memories a lot during our stay.  Costas and Jorge were lovely.  The food was nice, shame about the chips but you can't have it all! The dancing was a nice touch and the waiters clearly enjoyed doing it for the attention of the ladies!  We were given plates to smash but chose not to in case hit Costas in the legs whilst he was dancing.  It's worth going to see the Greek dancing as Costas is very handsome!         We were given many drinks on the house and the company of Costas at the end of his shift was fun.This was the highlight of my holiday to Corfu.
From two very happy girls from Wales!

Sarah G           

Went to memories restaurant whilst staying in Sidari and me and my friends thought it was fantastic. The food was nice with a huge choice of greek and english dishes at good prices. The desserts were served with sparklers in them which was nice!  The waiters were really friendly (think they enjoy having female company in the restaurant!) and they really get into their jobs, making guests smash plates and getting the women to dance. We would recommend going to memories, we went there twice during our week stay and loved it!

Lee B           


Sarah W           

Cant really say much. But food was alright, bt the service was dredful we were the only ones in there becoz we ate early. They still couldnt find time to even help us it took us 20mins to get the bill. Not the best place we went to in the holidays. Much prefure to go back to Olympic!!

Sue H           

We really liked this restaurant, the staff were very friendly and the food was good.  They had a soft play area for children so we could chill out for a few minutes while my 14 month old grandaughter could run around safely and play.  We were even given drinks on the house one night!!

Kim and steven -           

The food was OK, decent value for money, but you can get better elsewhere. The service was good and the staff were friendly.


all i can say is...mouldy toast i got it

Les T           

Very good value for money, good sized helpings, attentive friendly staff, nice surroundings. Kids menu only 2 Euro's.


Friendly staff and lovely breakfasts, what more can i say!!

Gary E           

We went here on our first night it was ok but nothing different from any other greek eating place we had the mixed grill which for 5.50 euros you couldn't complain

Jaccie A           

we went to memories and had the chicken i could sole the bottom of my shoes with it it was terrible.