Diverso Bar

Bars in Sidari

Lynsey M           

absolutely brilliant!! judith you are a legend!! had such a wicked time with you in ceasers.(got some really good pics)!!!!!!!anybody going to sidari, i definately recommend that you have a drink in diverso. there is a really good family atmosphere in there!!

take care judith and everybody else who works in diverso.
c u nxt year guys.

Gemma D           

A truely wicked bar perfect starting point before Ceasers!!! Barman are gorge hunks alex and aspiros know who u r!!!

Jude babe u r truely great!!!!
Sad 2 leave but bk in month or 2 cant wait!!!!

Gemma D           

Diverso was one of the best bars in Sidari and anyone that thinks of going there anytime soon, Alex makes the best cocktails!Get him to do his sexy pose he is such a hunk but maybe should tone down the eyebrows!! ( youll know wot i mean )

Aspiros is the sexiest barman alive!!!

Sylvia C           

I think  it is unfair that you have allowed a comment about victor and the mint club to be displayed on this post - it could be seen as liable and maybe if victor ever saw this he would sue the sight - what has victor got to do with Diverso anyway!!!!!!

Sylvia C           

great place very comfortable and clean - great for a coffee during the day or a drink at night!!

Alan S           

Great bar. Great barmen. Good place to sit, chill and watch the world go by.

Megan R           

It was more family orientated but had a good karaoke going. Barman we were served by was GORGEOUS!!!!!! Great place to chill out in after eating too much before partying! Theo and Louise u guys are great, funny and friendly.

Martina R           

It was my best holiday in Diverso bar. I would like to go back.

Martina R

Hello, I want to know, how is in Diverso bar now. I spend in Diverso bar a lot of nights, very good nights.

Beci P           

Diverso was one of the more family orientated bars i thought offering films etc in the everning. I have to say that the bars staff in this bar are amazing, warm friendly and inviting. Big thumbs up lads!!
Worth a visit!

Charlotte Y           

Me and my friend spent loads of time in Diverso, many a good night! The lovely barstaff were very welcoming ;-)

Geoff O           

its a vey basic bar but a friendly bar which has everything for everyone