Lemon Bar

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Where i was in sidari i never saw anyone actually in this bar so we never went in it even though it did look alright.

Samarie K

We have just arrived home from Sidari and loved it! were looking for information on becoming a pr or bar staff for any of the bars during summer 2006. If anyone has any info PLEASE can u contact us, our email is m_k_15@hotmail.com Were hoping to find out about accomodation, typical hrs and pay. Thanx Sam and Marie


This bar was good for RnB music, but because that all they seemed to play in all the bars in Sidari this one wasn't much different. It was definatley a bar you go into to get ready for a clubbing night. Overall it was good if your up for a madden!


Yep this bar was pretty cool! and yea the guy did look like henry hahahhaha

Phil S           

This was a great little bar with the top guy in the resort, who looked like Thierry Henry. They do some decent deals here, and its got a nice enviroment.

Levi C           

Hi tracy and Nat

Are you guys going back this year? if you are please kepp in contact as i am planning to go back this year and my god is it going to be a good time so make sure you keep in contact and i have left my e-mail address and mobile number for anyone who wants to keep in contact...... is anyone who knows me going back in June? i am planning 1 month
kepp in contact guys
Levi xXx

Levi C           

Hey Darren its nice to hear from you mate, im glad your coming back this year as im sure its going to be  better than last year!! Im not saying last year was rubbish it was fantasic but this year well all make it a better one NOT to forget... Well i spoke to Glem#n the other day and he will be going back in June time for couple of months.. BIG hello to all staff at Lemon Bar and Faros hope that your all ok and doing well and cant wait to see you all and i cant wait to see that famous CACTUS that i fell in to... I;ll never forget that day!! had spikes all over me face!!! my new mobile no is 07888743766 for anyone who wants to contact me!! take it easy!! Levi

Darren S           

Hi.... I DJd in Lemon bar last summer... Dappa D.. jus wanna say hi 2 dmitri, gemma, cristos, kostas and all the other guys... and me old mates spiros, vaegelis and gabrielle... ill be comin back in the summer... show u all how its done! Hope ur all alright... Anyone get in touch if u wanna.... Darren

Kelly S           

i really loved it here and can not wait to go back next year hopefully to work, a big hello to
darren and si, by far the two sexiest funnyiest people iv ever met, hello to george thanks
for our cheeky shots, cant wait for june!!!! please please darren and si work next year and
il make it worth ur while boys, im bringing out my friend helen and maybee u could show
us the beach lol xxxxxx

Stacy H           

hello...the lemon bar is fantastic, i love the sofas lol!! wane the pr is lovely i love him 2 bits!! i loved all the modern music, and the bar man george is so fit!!
hey wane if u r readin this then leave an addy on here so i can contact u!!

Levi C           

hi there guys my name is levi, i was a pr at faros and lemon bar, just wanted to say a big thanks to all the staff and vistors who made my working life in sidari easy, and my god do i miss it, but i will be back in june till september next year so if you went this year make sure you come next year, i know kirsty chris johnny and my pr maanager glen and lee will be going back so hopefully i will see you next year you have my e-mail address which is codysmith-mail@yahoo.co.uk if you met me in sidari get in contact i was the one with big ears a hearing aid and danced like a prat half the night whilst on amstel
speak soon xxxx

Karen H           

had a fab holiday in sidari, i liked lemon bar best because of the lovely cocktails, the party atmosphere and the stunning prs especially darren and ian, if it wasnt for those two my holiday would never have been as good, if either of you ever read this i was the blonde girl from surrey with my friend shauna she fancied ian and i fancied darren, u said u would meet us our last night but you never turned up, i was heart broken. i was there from june 15th for a week, u kept saying i looked like denise van outen. has the penny dropped yet!!! anyway no hard feelings u made my holiday you are the funniest fitest lads i have ever met and i hope to meet u again one day. thanx 4 the time of my life xxxxx

Natalie B           

i have just found this web site i never knew it existed, i went to sidari in june and had an amazing time, i used to go to the lemon bar and faros because of the fit pr darren from stoke, girls he was so fit i went back in august to c him again but sadly he had a girl friend. lucky cow!!! but we still had a cracking second stint and went to the lemon bar most nights. me and all the girls will go next year hope darrens there and singlexx and dimitriz keep poring them cocktails

Edward Q           

I reternd hame from sidari on the 1st and i was missing the place wen i got on the plain i will miss the lemon bar because i met a girl there called Dina she is American iand i will miss her so much. Me an my two m8s would stand there 4 about 2 hours just talking to her she was gr8 Dina i will miss u v much and every 1 plz go there coz it has gr8 music and it is the best nightclud in sidari i will miss u dina

Sadie S

i have just come back from Sidari and loved the night life! I am 17 and want to work as a pr at any bar on the main street in Sidari for the summer of 2005. I can't find any contact details of where to apply for work so any help will be much appreciated. my e-mail address is sadiespeight@msn.com



Niki T           


Sophie L           

just got back, this bar is great place to start off in, cocktails are lurrvly, darren and darren, luvvly guys,michael - could just sit and watch him dance outside ALL nite, also im facinated by the ceiling...

Charlee S           

oh my god! i miss Angel (my little cocktail shaker) soooooo much!!! he is gorgeous! he does all da cocktails and god is he fit! he has the best hair too and looks dead sexy on a motor bike with all his gear on!!! remember the song "im loving ANGEL(S) instead" i know for a fact il NEVER forget it!!!
the blonde girl who was taking all the drink orders was really friendly and very pretty (thats why i gave her exellent)!!!
Lemon bar made my holiday to Corfu the best holiday i've ever been to, and believe me, i've been on loads!
loadsa luv (to ANGEL) Charlee XXX

Lauren M           

if you had finished eating in faros then you will be totally HARRASSED to come in here for a drink its CRAP. its tiny and is useless, i'm sorry and other people probably liked it but its booooorrrriiinnnnng!!!!!!!

Tracy & nat            

We thought this bar was the best in Sidari!! DJ Darren is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He's a great DJ and plays the best music. He's the bollocks (Alright Mate) Dimitris and Gemma kept the drinks flowing all night and are a lovely couple. The PR's were so entertaining especially Darren, Dave, Levi, Wayne and Michael!!! We're gonna miss you guys so much and will see you at the reunion at the end of the season!!!

Keep up the good work and we'll see you soon.

Miss you lots.

Tracy and Nats (Scottish Girls) xxxx


This bar is great.... from the other side of the street in Shakers. Watching the guy's out front plead with people to drink inside is great entertainment; it's not a bad bar, just a bit stale inside. Keep pluggin' away PR's, you gave us a giggle ;) (spitter)

Northern G           




Stacy H           

The lemon bar is one of the best bars in sidari!! it had the most comfyest sofas ever....and the nicest bar man george from athens. The PR's made our holiday, wane, darren, ian, and mat were all amazin!! Its a gd place 2 go 4 a chill out in the night, and it has all the modern music, wid a nice DJ!!!!!!! Just go there and see for ur self!!

Lisa B           

this place is totaly great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!