Faros Club

Bars in Sidari

Cara and emma            

Had wicked time in this club, the DJ played banging tunes every nite which really got you in the mood for a dance..loads of free shots which helps u pluck up the courage to dance on the bar!!! Wouldnt bother heading here tho till after 3.00am  as thats when it gets going. The PR lads were well nice, big hello to John who was a really sweetie (hope u can now drink mate and r feeling better!) and what can we say about Wayne..he is a proper little gem, FAF and we think he is sound as a pound! c u all soon xxx



Sara L           


me and my mate kirsty (we were the loud girls from manchester) went to sidari in july 2004 and had the best holiday, everyone is really friendly and i made loads of friends out their, and we spent every night in there. The other good place to go to is plazzo bar where they had a lovly Scottish pr called rik anyway i had a mint time. there are also loads of lovly greeks and english guys too.

Emma G           

Hey Im Emma G frm the beautiful island of Ireland

   Im lookin 4 a job in Sidari 4 the summer of 2006,I workd in Ipsos in the summer of 2005 and I LOVED every minute of it.....meetin new ppl makin friends and partying flat out it was just amazing!!!I would like 2 work sum were different this summer,so if there are any jobs available(bar work) would you contact me on: emmajaye06@hotmail.com!!!THANX
     Ne1 thats interested mail me..Lots of love and Irish Kisses
     Emma G

Becky K           

Donkeeeeey! Its becky (Betty Boop!!!) I knew i would find you girls on here. You girls seriously were class! Everynight was such a laugh at Faros with all us girls, drunk as anything, chatting to everyone, yeaching Bev greek and being hypnitised!hahah

I miss it so much!I thought you would have taken my job and stayed over there!well, im sure youl be there next summer. Send me an email, its bexk_uk@hotmail.com Then we can all chat an exchange some pics. Same for you barbie! Cindy will be back on the 24th so we'l get her on msn messenger too!
-Faros rules....aswell as Bed Bar
-Faros staff are the funniest, especially Fi, Bev, Nikos, Nikos, Alex, Pedros and of course Spiros-miss ya all!

Sarah -           

Faros - ended up there every nyt, absolutly brill!! Met sum wicked people, especially Fi - Princess and Bev - Barbie, haha. MMMM glad every one likes spiros god hes hot! faros wasent even that busy when we were goin in but then u had the dance floor more or less to urself which was a gd thing lol, was class i loved it! we even asked for a job then on the last nyt billy was like do yas wnt a job but coz we had ran out of money we couldent :( if they offered me one though i would take it for next year, keepin in touch wiv fi n bev though they wer top! thanks for a wicked holiday, had sum wicked nights and even the days in lemons on tha quiz haha!

Hope to c yas agen next year xXx

Emma M           

My mate and I came out here 19th August 2005 for a week and spent EVERY night here!!  The Pr's on the door - Fiona and Bev - are SOOOOOOOO nice and always up for a dance.  Inside - dance floor huge, drinks great, free shots for bar dancing, dj is superb - R n B and dance - and last but certainly not least the bar man - WOW!!! VERY hot and friendly!  Spiros - blow thatwhistle and feel my ass ANYTIME

DEFINITELY will be back to Sidari next summer and without doubt heading here for a cracking night out to the early hours

Gill D           

great place to boogie the night away whilst listening to the lovely richie d (top dj)

he's got a juicy a**e or so the mosquitos thought !
hello to fiona, ollie and the rest of the crew.
tshirts are very comfy as bed wear.
hope to see you soon
love from
andrea, becs and victoria ( and little bro scott)

Holly D           

AMAZING,AMAZING,AMAZING!!!  me and my friends and the boys from down south loved it! Nicholas, so funny!! POOSY POOSY!! hahaha!! we were there 5 nights out of 7!! best night we stayed there til 6:30am!!! loved every minute of it!! Faros and Sidari in general was great!!

Craig M           

This club is amence. Dont listen to anyone on the street here cheack it out yourself. Drinks deals are good here. Big THANKS to michele for helping us have a great time. Love you loads XXX Manchester Boys

Samarie K

We have just arrived home from Sidari and loved it! were looking for information on becoming a pr or bar staff for any of the bars during summer 2006. If anyone has any info PLEASE can u contact us, our email is m_k_15@hotmail.com Were hoping to find out about accomodation, typical hrs and pay. Thanx Sam and Marie

Alice M           

Faros club was exelent. anyone goin there should look out for michelle. small scotish girl. she sorts you out with major drinks deals. we went to faros last year and it was crap. this year dont know what you,ve done michelle but its well jumpin. KEEP it up. to any one going here the bar staff are well fit. the music is great. dance on the bar it gets you pissed for free. 

James M           

i really liked this bar. Nice music, looks lovely inside, and the staff are just great. Jay & Ben you were first class, funny guys. And Fiona, well she was just lovely, miss her loads would love to see her again some day or at least keep in touch. Infact, anybody from this place is welcome to keep in touch with me, my number is 07779596437.

However this bar was the scene of my embarsing proposal and song, so its not all gd lol.

Kate +

2 girls and 1 lad r lookin for jobs in sidari for next summer. We love it there!!!!!!!! Top places r Mojo's, Faros, Ceasers, and Shakers! so if there r ne jobs goin plz get in touch nuttykate@hotmail.com thanks

Iain B           

Hi my name is Iain Boxall(bikini guy) i worked at faros last year this is more a message for christos and costos to get in contact with me as soon as possible my mobile is 07791911581!!! to everyone else go to faros don't listen to any of the pr's make your own minds up about the place!!! it really is a good club but hay you'll see that!!! to all my friends i met last year thanks for making it great!! and if you're going to work out there matt's well alright he'll look out for you make sure you get plenty if you know what i mean enjoy people and if you're out there early july i'll probably be seeing ya!!!!!

au revoir people!!!!
p.s. To old man Spiros keep your yang up!!!! 



I hope all the pr's ok that I worked with out there last year. I should be going back to corfu end may/ june time for holiday but may be persuaded work. So hopefully see you all soon
If anyone wants a chat my email address is claire1000000@hotmail.com 

Matt E           

Hi people, this is Matt, i was one of the P.R's at faros and Lemon last year (2004), i worked there for the whole summer and am going back this year, i have been asked by the owner of faros to put together a team of P.R's and a D.J to take to sidari this year, if you are interested then call me on 07921061790, you will be provided with accomadation free of charge while you work for Faros and also you will get a number of free drinks and food + a nightly wage 20+ euros, no experience is needed but i will need to meet and interview anyone interested, give me a call for an informal chat on the phone then we can arrange a meet if we take things further, we all had great fun workin here last year, the owners are great and will treat you well if you work for them, also the accomadation is a lovely big villa (the scene of many a party last year), anyway if your interested please get in touch.

Hello to everyone who knows me from last year.



Kelly S           

hello mat, ian, wayne and darren from lemon, miss u all so much c u next summer if u go
out thier, matt and darren im ready for the treatment!!! u boys no exactly what i mean

Joanne B           

darren if you ever read this could u leave ur mobile number like luke has, i want to meet u and get down with u, while u speak to me in that sexy stoke accent, joanne from bristol, i was there beginning of june

Debbie S           

only went here because the fitest pr darren worked next door at lemon, still had a gud nite way beter than ceasers

Tracy & nat            

have to say that we had the best nights in faros. dj viguelas and mc dappa d played the best music (stupid disco) all night long. spiros is a nutter and kept us smiling all night (blow my whistle b***h). kelly is a great girl, got us up on the bar dancing and kept us smiling.

warning - watch out for the b.o. guy he will try his luck but knock you out with his smell.

thanks to everyone for making our holiday the bollocks.

miss you guys.

tracy and nats x

Stacy H           

Do not go near the bouncer fat vacelease translated fat bill!!! trust me he is fat!!(not bin mean) he will push nd tug till he gets his own way!! just dun let him!! and by the way all the bouncers in there want there own way, the one hit my cousion cos she wouldnt go wid him!!! greeks! well otha wise the music is gr8 and the club is fab 4 a gd dance nd laugh!!


Faros is a wicked club although does'nt really get going til after 2ish, the music is great and the dance floor is so cool! Would recommend this as a starting place to begin getting drunk but then DEFINATLY move onto Caesars!


Hiya, my cousin and myself has just come back from Sidari 2 days ago and it was the best holiday ever. I would definately recommend Faros Club and Lemon Bar to any1 planning 2 go 2 Sidari. The p.r's were well fit and friendly, especially the p.r for the Lemon Bar called Darren. The music was gr8 and it had a lively atmosphere. We hope 2 visit Sidari again sumtime.
Vicky in Plymouth


i went to faros last month and its totally empty its absoulitly rubbish MICKYS INN is the best dont go there its rubbish.The only good thing is holly rooney the bar maid thats now working in mickys inn