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I lived here for a bit at the end of the season and it was lovely. I got my sheets done, toliet roll, my room tidied and everything. It was really cheap too, real value for money. Kosta is a lovely man, and he really helped me out when i needed it. My auntie and uncle have been firends of his for years and hes so helpful. The big screen comes in handy for those who miss there soaps etc. Top bar it really is.

Martin M           

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We stay in the appartments above the bar and are provided with a very homely welcome by both Costa and Maria.  The beer is great especially the well chilled Amstel and very good value for money.  The lock ins are better crack when Costa does his Irish Jig down the floor!

Tass T           

click to enlarge we have been going to sidari for 12 years , and theVERY BEST thing about the whole place is costas and the scorpian bar, his sense of humour is the best ,dont take my word for it, visit, you will still get a seat even though the place is now packed every night thanks to the 2 giant screens that show all the soaps AND all the footy BEST BAR IN TOWN , BEST HOST IN TOWN

Lauren M           

only went in in the early evening beforw we went further along the road was dead borin, other places well better, great pr girl tho she was boss


yep Sian thats the 1!! wot else r u lookin 2 know???

Mark M

going to sidari in july,first time back since they changed to euro's,so whats the price of a pint now??

Sian F


Dave P           

the best bar in sidari , best host , best tv [its massive with a great picture]good prices just the best ,,,,,ok costas NOW can i have a free beer :-)

Bud B           

Kostas is the real deal (pipe smoking greek nutter)a friendly welcome awaits you at the Scorpian Bar. The cheapest beer in town and the best,clearist big screen picture for footy fans(the best I've ever seen)The only down side is the mosies there again there every where in Sidari


I have been going to Sidari for the last 14 years and I've always found the Scorpion the most relaxing bar in the town. Although I know nearly all of the workers in most of the bars and love going to visit them when I arrive nothing compares to my first night and going to my Granda Costa's place- although he always gives me chores- I still love 'im. And yeah, you're probably all right, he is a right ole git!!! I'll tell him that when I'm speakin to him next on the phone!!

Tony P           

We sat here a few times(people watching)and relaxed in the friendly atmosphere,cheap drinks and plenty of posers walking past to keep you entertained.
We found this to be the perfect place to unwind after visiting some of the more lively bars,though costas is a right miserable git,ha ha.

Geoff O           

the owners of the bar were very kind and were happy to help you with anything,beer was cheap seats outside and inside were comfortable and the atmosphere was great and the bungie jump next door was also great entertainment.

Colin T           

we met costas on our first night and were charmed and threatened by him for the rest of the week great bar , though not for young trendys

Tref P           

got to be our best bar in sidari and one of the oldest established, run by the famous costas [mr grumpy]the bar has all the cocktails, good music, sky tv on 3 tellys and a beautifull terrace at the front where you can sip your favorite drink and watch the world go by highly recomended,,,,most of the customers have returned to the scorpian many times, mostly because costas is a character and makes you feel you are the best customers he ever had