Theo and Billys

Bars in Sidari

Nikki S          10/10

Well What Can I say I have just sadly returned home after another special stay in Sidari.
I first visited Sidari when I was extremley lucky to be placed there as a holiday rep back in 1998
I have some fantastic memories of the resort and having worked in many places feel Sidari is somewhere very unique. I would like to thank Theo especially  for being so welcoming and for being a very good friend  we share some great memories of years gone by and I am sure many more in the future I hope to be around next season for a lot longer than a week, I am saving the pennies! Highly recommend wandering into Theo&Billys you won't regret it!xxxx

Kirsty F          10/10

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hey ppl!

didn't get chance to come on till now. we've been 2 corfu for last 3 years and been in theos each time. it's a fab bar, really friendly.
was our "local" and my 2 younger brothers loved it too.
nathan (aka michael jackson) loved it and both him and ryan wanna go back.
myself and shawn r married now, wedding was sat n off 2 dominican fri, gonna miss corfu this year plus... we're having a baby nov.
hope 2 c u all next yr. have gr8 season.
kirsty n shawn deeley xx

Robert M           

i cant believe its been another year! just like to thank everyone at T+B's for another fantastic season. Anyone who knows me can email me with any pics as i'm gonna make a website soon. my addy is stay in touch and thanks to all the families who made my 3rd season in T+B's a special one! take care x


Blue B           

hey to everyone at theo n billys!! what an absolute amazing bar to have in sidari! dom u r a great barman thank you for free drinks! n i loved learning the greek phrases2!!rob u r a star and are wicked with the kids, if ne1 is thinking of a family night out this is the place to be callum and louise really enjoyed themselves having you make them superheroes!! Rob, thank you so much for everything really enjoyed my time partying, got some great pix to show ya especially wit the snorkle hehe!!so i really hope to keep in touch wit ya in the future. My addi is so if ya wanna get in touch write 2 me coz would like your msn address  would love to come back next year if uni works out etc,

speak to you soon
luv Blue

Stacey W           

had a gr8 time here was a good laugh like! rob ur the best dj in sidari! Dom ur the best barman in sidari! thanx for a gr8 time n puttin up with us and are very bad voices on kareoke hahaha

from stacey, paul, mad Keith (Dj UK!), crazy aunty jackie (whos goin on x factor haha) and of course mad debbie!! haha xxx

Keith G           


Sarah J           

Definatley the best bar I've ever been to! Everyone was so warm and welcoming, I'm gutted that I couldn't take it home with me. Really miss all you guys (even Theo putting ice down my back!). Dom is by far the greatest barman in the world and Rob is an amazing DJ and loads of fun (bit of a crazy driver mind you!). Highly recommend the cocktails and karaoke just not when I'm singing!

Lyz M           

Only went into Theo and Billys to start off our drinking night to celebrate my friends birthday. Staff and DJ were lovely and got birthday shots!! cheers for them guys. Cool bar!!

Emma B           

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Theo and Billy's was the best bar I've ever been to! 
The staff were so friendly and helpful! 
DJ Rob is the best DJ ever so keep up the good work. Rob here's my addy so please write to me! I'm going back next year to Corfu for sure and i would advise anyone to go it's great!  

Lauren P           

This was the best bar i've ever been to! Everyone was fantastic! Rob is a great entertainer and everyone loves him. The barmen made me laugh so much, esspesially when the one that wasnt Dom showed us his... erm... 'snake'. Rob took us out after which was great! Dom was the hottest guy I saw in corfu. I'm so going back next year!
Thanks for a great time guys!
Lauren and co.


 once again i had a s**t hot time in this bar i got to see sexy rob and dom again which was well good and the new bar man is also very good lookin. rob here is addy ( its sally i asked u if u remembered me from last year and u got i pic up of me dacin ) well the party girls will be back !!! sally xxx

Jane G           

Theo and Billys is brilliant. We spent lots of time in this bar. Theo and Billy are fantasic hosts and make you very welcome. Dom behind the bar is fab and has a great sense of humour. (Beware of the practical joker!) and Diana is lovely and always has a word and a smile for you. DJ rob plays great music and is excellent with kids. Great place to go for a good night out. See you all again soon.

Jane, Kristina and Judy.x.x.x


this is an ace place to b djs r ace bar staff r ave specially my sexy sexy lil baby ( hehe 4got his name too)!!!!!had a mint time here be back as soon as i can !!!!!!!!!!!lil natz.xx

Vickie W           

hey rob just checking if u got my email luv vickie

Vickie & jemma W           

hey every one it vickie here just to say we had the best time ever loved evey minute of being in theo and billys the staff r the best all know how to have a good time we miss u loads bk home cant wait till we get bk out there hopefully this september . jemma and me got home ok the airport was freezing but glad to get bk into my own bed ill catch up with u guys and dianna later  take care and hope to c u all soon love vickie and jemma xx

Nesta & ron H           

Hi everyone, you have to visit Theo and Billys, two of the greatest friendly guys in Sidari.  Their bar is lovely if you have children as they are really made a fuss of but don't get in the way of the evening entertainment.Dominic one of the bar staff is a real stag but lovely with it.  Diana is a lady who works in the bar, she is not only lovely to look at  but lovely with the children, and makes a pont of speaking to everyone sitting down to make them feel at ease.  What can we say about the DJs.  We have been there when both of them have been in charge, Rob is excellent with the children and young nubiles, also us ld silver surfers.  Dave I loved he is so funny, but has a wonderful voice, we hope to see you all this August, cannot wait.  Have you caught the big one yet Theo, Lots of love to

Gemma S           

This bar sounds great cant believe i never went in there. Always in mikeys though it was fantastic in there!! anyway might try it next year sounds worth it !!  And of course had no idea you worked in there rob you probably told me but too drunk to remember it the next night lol!! I will definately go in there next year, Just couldnt help myself with mikeys a certain person made me want to go in there every night then round to mint!!   Hello rob if you read this hello from gemma and dani the brummy girls keep up your good dancing in mint!! take care. Oh and do you know anyay i can get in touch with ben?? he text daves mobile thinking it was me but he deleted it by accident so havnt been able to reply back??? let me know email me Thanks. Also dani got a nice picture off you to its really nice. 

Gemma XXX


  Theo & Billy's is fantastic! Theo & Billy are the nicest guys and Dom behind the bar is great.If you have been there in September you will know what I mean. Nesta (simply the best) has been the star of the hols with her singing. Dave the DJ,well what can I say -great music, great singer & the funniest guy I have met in a long time. Miss you all already but see you next year. Rob sorry we missed you hope everything is OK.

Melissa & Alan


Theo n Billys was a propa belta i luved it barman dominic barman was mint and a luv im 2 pieces

the pool table was mint n the cocktails were lush!!! wish a was stil there a miss dom.

Becky R           

i totally agree with u on the costas front. i pulled him on our holiday in july. hes v sweet and reli fit but i can c him bein a bit of a player. altho he did call me!  


Rob M           

Yasoo to everyone at theo and billys. Just wanted to thank the staff for everything, especially Dom. thanks for looking after kev and tel when they came out. Thanks to theo and billy for having me again this year. Spearos and costas, keep up the good work casanovas...! anyone who wishes to visit a bar just outside of the strip should def visit this place. They do make you feel so welcome.

Dom , here's my email:
Take care guys

Emma S           

theo and billy's is great rob the dj is really good and wiv kids his brothers are class to

Rachael M           

go 2 sidari if your single cos the barmen are up 4 anything watch your ladys lads and make sure you buy the drinks  i will go back!!!

Rachael M           

Theo and billys bar was great the music by dj rob was good and the drinks were well nice i went there this year(2005). they show the latest movies 4 free so it saves you money when you get home lol. I got plenty of free drinks from Costas who is fit but definatly a player so beware girls dont get off with him if u think your the only one cos your not and dont expect him 2 ring you cos he wont my m8 fell in2 that trap.Dominic is a right laugh and will flirt with anything. Diana is a really nice lass 2 she was the only girl behind the bar.
I would definatly go back and recommed this holiday 2 couples and single people on the pull!

Hollie L           

I had the best time in Theo and Billy's specialy with my m8 mia. we was on the kareoke all night every night it was awsome. Rob ur a brilliant dj keep up the good work!hope 2 c u again and mia were (wel mia was more than i was) kareoke queens!!heres my email addy: so rob u can e mail me.spk 2 u soon hopefully x x x