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Bars in Sidari

Steven B           

Hello everyone its Steve, The Dj from babylon in the 2006 season, How is everyone?

I had a great season anyone else?
Check out my website for some pictures of the 2006 season
(It is under construction at the moment)


Arena is now babylon bar

Liam, jonny,matty sherif, B           

bang bang! yeah im still at tesco mate, savin the old penny`s for greece, yeah my christmas was good, did you have a good one? jay said he is comin back ito sidari with his 2 cousins! he comin down eastbourne to see us lot next week, r u goin out there in may still? just think we should all go back to roda again and get smashed! i cant wait to get back over there in the sun, oh yeah im bringing the biggest water pistol this time and ill have ye you b***tard!

Liam, jonny,matty sherif, B           

come back and dance!! he wore an old soft shoe, i should be in sidari around the 20th of may me old boy, jay text me a couple of days ago sayin he is workin for p&o ferrys as a chef! but no he has quit and he is jobless again, i hope he comes back to! r u still with your bird? oh and have you got anymore tatooes?! if you do start work out there again will you be dj for arena again? we can sing more of the backstreet boys! HA! HA!    remember when jay fell over that step outside arena! i coud`nt stop laughing for ages mate!

Kenny J           

That Mr Booooooooooooooooojangles they call him Mr Bucaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanon! Cool mate if all goes to plan then ill be seeing ya out there!No mate aint heard anything from Jay but hope hes all good and that the last i heard he come up your way. Definatley coming out there for a week or two in May see what the crack is and then hopefully stay!

Liam, jonny,matty sherif, B           

yeah the new series is doin well mate!, i might ask my manager if you can come in the studio and go behind the scenes! me, john and jason r comin back to sidari at the start of may me old girl!! cant wait bojangles! im not sure if sherif (marlon) or matty r comin next year yet? have u heard from jay?

Liam, jonny,matty sherif, B           

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im good mate me old bojangles here of some new pics of me on my new sreies of  ART ATTACK!!! when r u goin back next year matey?!do u like the hair in the pic! ha ha! c u soon bojangles

Liam, jonny,matty sherif, B           

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howz it goin kenny me old goat! make sure your back next year mr bojangles!! we`ll have a couple more karaoke songs to sing me old boy!! luv the flamingo boyz!! (neil buccanan) x

Kenny J           

Hello Sidari massive!

It the DJ Kenny Judd aka The Wet Fish according to my adoring public! Please I impressed ya luv!Carry on posting eh!!!!!!!ha ha!Just wanna say had a wicked few months in Sidari great crack and a big thankyou to all who made the Arena Bar the greatest in Sidari.Big hello to the flamingo boys bang bang!See ya next year hopefully 

Emma D           



Lima F           

howz it goin you old goats, im well missin arena bar already! r u still singing mr bojangles on the karaoke kenny! ill be back next year with the biggest water pistol and blast you malaka`s down! BANG BANG!! c u soon guys

Lucy T           

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i loved it at arena bar i went to corfu for a month and i was there most nights i highly recomend it. this is a pic of from left to right alex, the dj kenny, and demitris.


This bar used to be really good, the DJ this year left a lot to be desired as he had the personality of a wet fish, for a real good time at karaoke try siesta barr just down the troad on the corner of canal' da mour, they get you in the mood for a good night! Also they tell you you get a free shot after every go on the karaoke, but we had to ask for our shots!

Claire N           

hi!! we thought this bar was good, Michelle who was touting was a gr8 laugh, good music,suitable for all!! xx

Natalie H           

Kev thanks for a great holiday you are wicked and D you are the man!
Great laugh, luv Nat

Natalie H           

the dj is excellent and really freindly could not have asked for a better friendlier bar, everything about it was great and the bar man is really nice too, you would be a fool to miss out on going to the arena bar.
Love Nat

Sarah A           

excellent!! xx

Sarah A           

Would not have ventured through the doors of this bar if it was not for the gorgeous guy outside trying to get us in. A nice bar which is more ideal for families than some of the earlier bars along the main street.

The point of this email is really to send Mark (Spiros) a huge kiss and tell him that i miss him. I hope you're alright and it would be good to hear from you soon. I really am sorry about that last night!

Loads of love, Sarah xxx