Bars in Sidari

Annie L          10/10

hi nikos n anistasia

Loved it again this year you always make us feel so welcome in mojos and just letting you know that we'll be back next august.........see you guys then xxx

Annie Leford n Micah ( MIKEE)

Laura H          8/10

Went to Sidari for 2wks in August 2007.  Mojo was a wicked bar, Lauren the PR was the nicest girl there, going back in June 2008 hope to see ya there!!!

Gail L          10/10

click to enlarge Just returned from Sidari went to MOJO'S every night, great DJ Macky D really entertaining good mix of music had us all doing the conga round the bar and outside really good laugh.  Cheap drinks and free shots. You must visit MOJOs.

Kyle L           

Mojo's was great! went with 4 mates spent most nights there. Alice the Pr was unbelievabley hot. . (did u see those boobs?! how could a pair like that be real!?) a great girl too. Billy was sound too. I'd definately recommend the place.

Lisa W           

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sorry billy hunni it wouldnt let me put 2 pictures on but here ya go!! you will be working out there next summer i will make sure of it your working with me at mojo. nickos said your going back!! please you know your gonna!! didnt know they were changing it again!! still be a great bar though! keep in touch xx

Mojo D           

cheers lisa glad to see who your favourite workers are. . not too bad or a year this year could of been a lot better though, if it wasnt for the fact that we opened 6 weeks late and the complete lack of tourists this year. but its gettin renervated again this winter gonna be bigger and better next year. not too sure what im doing though doubtfull that ill be going back. anyway good luck all for the winter and who knows i might see you again some time. get yourself on its gonna be running by the 1st of december. also i have my very own site being made in the process illl keep ya updated about that as well

Lisa W           

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great bar and amazing staff been offered a job there for summer 07 and taking it. many good memories here, cant wait now not long. heres some pics looking forward to seeing you all soon take are guys xx


Billy you are awsome.Very good bar.One of the best DJs in sidari,but a nightmare to live with.Keep up the good work Bill.!

Danielle W           

elo there eugene!! we had a wicked holiday , mojos was alrite only really went there coz of the dj. silly shots that taste lik ribena!! haha na cheap and good drinks there. bien as tho u havent txt me back u might be able to email me bak ! dw i aint stalkin jus thought maybe u could be my chum haha. the last night was quality!! missin u .we might come bk n haunt ya next year. take care wolly!!   love ya jordan & danielle


Mojo D           

hey guys its billy. how u all doin? keep ure posts coming, and def pics more pics. still bloody hot here. loads of italians at the mo they go home today thank god. dont forget if u wanna contact me its: love ya all xxx

Lizie E           

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hya billys mum, what amazing dj, the best. ive jus c*m bak from my holiday there and i couldnt keep away from mojos it would be nice to get in contact with him could u email me to thanks xx ps thats me and my mate in the sos bar xx

Sharon W           

click to enlarge. Billys Mum here, just got back from Mojos , Sidari, So great to see my son, and enjoyed our vist, lots of thanks to Mojos  who made us feel very welcome, and its great to know Billy is well looked after there, by the owners and staff alike. He has made lots of friends and really loves the lifestyle, good luck to you son, you only live once. Lets hope your spotted soon and you can live your dream to become a top DJ. you deserve it. Great music, great mixing and Mcing. Liked the beach, and it certainly a top place to go, to listen to great sounds and dance the night away. Loved the BedBar, Ice and met alot of English out there, livin the dream. Good luck to you all and remember to keep a eye out for each other, esp my Boy Billy. Love to all, Thanks for a great time, and Billy thanks again for going that extra mile, you know what im talking about, i wouldnt of got home without you, tell Rob thanks too.

Sharon Wallington  28th July - 2nd Aug 2006

Mojo D           

hey u guys. its billy. good to see so many of yas come back.  still wana get a photo album going so if any of ya got any good photos send em to this is my email address and once we get a mojo website set up they will be put on . peace xxx

Nathan F           

Mojo's bar was great.Staff was friendly and it felt like home.Billy was a class dj with his cheesey music ha ha ha.The little dogs he brought in were class.If Alice if u read this please stay in contact and tell the australian girl i'll come over and work with u all.nathan.Who you all met during 30th june till the 14th july.aka michael jackson.

Charlene A           

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Well where to start. me and 4 of my mates went 2 corfu on a 2week holiday. i had the most amazing holiday ever! most of the bars were amazing including mojo's. bar staff were friendly and remembered ur faces. the drinks specials were worth it. the best night we had in there was a pub crawl with the holiday rep Ally. was funny! and the DJ, well what do i say about the DJ.........he is such an amazing guy! missin u loads billy. get in contact. I will def be coming back to sidari! i recommend it to eveyone. Char xXx

Pete W           

Best bar in Sidari! Super cheap drinks and really great staff.

Hey Karissa, Alice (Sean), Billy and Harris. We love you all. 


hey me n mi m8 were goin home on the 30th and was in mojos just seyin our last good byes dnt suppose u was onea the guy that were sat around the bar weere yas?? wow how mintis sidari1!!!were tryin to get bk in nxt few week u missed an amazing week b4 u came me n her got a propa reputation!! lo0l e got the names sidari's biggest party girls and crazy cow gals!!! lol hope u had a gud un.. mi msn addy is get in tuch. lil natzxxx

Tom G           

Alrite there! Just got back today from a bangin' week in Sidari! Spent most of the week hangin' out in Mojo - what a legendary place! Best staff I've ever met - so friendly and funny, and the free shots! Oh yeh! Would totally recommend this bar over ANYWHERE else in the Sidari resort! Billy (DJ) - funny as anything - big up to ya matey!

If anyone was in Sidari/Mojo from 30-06-06 to 07-07-06, then give us a wave and a shout!
Tom xx

Sophie D           

Hey,mojos is a top bar,good to c its back open,and as for billy the dj hes sound and 1 of the best djs in sidari along wi jay c of course,wel be bak agen in sidari in week living it up till october,cheers guys for the best hol,luv ya soph and tasha  


big up the dj at this place hehe hes ace love yas!! will c u vvv soon keep spinnin it babe.xxxx ace place to b even tho it had only just re opened the last few days of my holiday was still gr8 atmosphere and vv friendly staff


hey billy boy. did you get home ok??

got a cute little photo of you dancing the night away in may in the time there was just me, letha michelle and you in there...bless.
Take care chicky boo
Love ya xx


I'll being them in for you when i go home. stil lat gemmas, think it will be on thursday!

But yea...our last night, it was such good fun.


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found a better pic for you...don't worry this one aint of you akip chick.

But i might see if i can find that other pic of you asleep...


Sorry Letha i couldn't resisit - click to enlargehehe you still look gorgeous!!!

Sarah S           

click to enlarge  Hellooo...

Had a wicked hol in Sidari yet agen.. is the third tyme iv bin now n everytime i go it gets even better.. Mojos has to  be the best bar there.. I was there everynight wit ma twin havin a good old boogie tehe! All the staff were luvly. Luks like Billy has a little fan club goin on bless him tehe he's luvly!  Defo gonna be bak agen next year cya soon lv ya sarah x x x x x