1 For The Road

Bars in Sidari

Trev Owen

When to Sidari last 2 years and we went into one for the road on a regular bases Napoleon is a great guy
made us welcome every night , and a great thanks to Maria the best waiteress in Sidari

Julie C          10/10

Admarilyn and i (julie)  spent the whole week in this bar,   till early  morning, great atmosphere, well looked after, a big thank you to all the staff, especially  lisa, bobby george and napoleon., thanks for makin  the hol special.


Jay J

hi  to all at napoleons, 1 4 the road , we are still trying to contact anyone who can help us onto facebook,and the photos therein,best wishes to all and thanks for a great holiday, xx

John J

, HI TO ALL AT NAPOLEONS,1- 4 THE ROAD ,napoleon,and family,george,maria,lisa and bobby,and all who help run the ship,not forgetting stevie and the fabulous entertainment provided there,the best holiday in 11 years,booking now for next year,great friends both sides of the bar, best wishes to all,not forgetting also napoleons dad nikolas trivizas and his wonderful wife,again best wishes till we meet again,to my friend martin who was such good company,my thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time for you,,and your sad loss,god bless,.JOHN ( jj) and jay jay junior 

Patrick P          10/10

had a great time here some acts were fantastic and the staff were amazing cheers they madea real fuss of our 3 year old son which was so nice thanks and we had free drinks what else can you say ..cant wait to get back there,,,,,see ye soon patrick dena and dylan ....cheers napoleon ...

Angie L          10/10

Laugh Laugh Fantastic night out at 1 for the road! Great times, great staff especially Lisa the DJ who is hilarious. We will be back thanks for a great welcome. xx

Mary C          10/10

hi napoleon and all the staff i just want to say a big thankyou to yous all weve just come back from our holiday and yous made us very welcome as we spent every night with yous also a big thankyou to lisa and i hope she has a great time at her sisters wedding

Craig V          10/10

Big hello to all the staff at 1 for the road bar sidari just back from a 2 week holiday (july/aug 2012) we were "home" in 1 for the road most evenings napoleon george lisa and the gang....WE MISS YOU ALL thanks for the hospitality warm welcome and great nights of music and karaoke not to mention all the boooooooooooze!!!!! hope the rest of the season is great love from suzie and craig xxx

Andrew W          10/10

click to enlarge hi napoleon, george, lisa, stevie, had a great time in 1 for the road, really friendly atmosphere, and made to feel very welcome, will come back the last week in may 2013 take care all of you.

andy and adele will come in for a wee swally.

Wendy D          10/10

hi you all Myself and kev had a great time with you all, we were supposed to swap phone numbers with Lisa but didn't get time. Can you ple get her to email me please ASAP . thanks for your entertainment we will be back in September xx

Sally T

me and my cousin Vic loved your bar and all the people that worked in it and made us feel soooo welcome. Adored the ouzo and the lovely little shots and the dishes of popcorn. The acts were fab, especially The Splinter Band, great guitarist. Looked at my videos of my karaoke singing and have realised I was crap and cant sing, but had a great time trying, love to you all, see you next year!xx

Michelle G          10/10

The best bar in Sidari by miles. Caters for young and old alike.  Napoleon, Magda and Maria work their socks off to ensure everyone has a good time and your glass is never left half empty!!!!!

Some great bands and good to see Stevie Dell back doing his thang!!!!!!!
We had some great entertaining and extremely funny nights there last week but my highlight was Maria doing her rendition of shake, shake shake senora shake your body in time.......... the song from Beetlejuice
Absolutely bloody marvellous and she got a standing ovation bless her xxx
Anybody visiting sidari soon then pop in to one for the road for a tipple and a good old night out - you won't be disappointed.

Nigel P          10/10

Just back from Sidari and have to say that this was the best night out of the week. The Elvis tribute was not very good, he was more interested in his beer but he was so bad it was good and the staff are fantastic, they really made the night. Our daughters went ahead of us and ate there as well, two huge tasty pizzas for only 9 euro, yes only 4.5 euro each.

Sue B          10/10

Had a great time there,we were sorry we couldnt stay but holidays are for short times.We walked over a mile to get to One For The Road to see Napoleon and the gang.We just got home on fri and were there for 2 weeks and ended up at Napoleons One For The Road every night for the 2 weeks,then we had to walk back to our appartments that mile or more,but well worth it,see you next year Napoleon,from the Welsh gang, Sue,John Jean +Nigel,with the Welsh Flag.

Vicki E          10/10

hi napolean we spent many good nights at your bar in 2009 and we will be coming back in september to spend many more maybe youll remember us when you see us or maybe youll remember me falling asleep on the bar after having way to much to drink vicki and steve 

John P          10/10

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Tony B

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I used to be a DJ in sidari, but am stuck in England, much to my chagrin. Can anyone put me in touch with Napolean at One for the Road Bar. And giannis at Palazzo. I dont know if anyone knows Fanis, from the bar next to Jimmys bikes. I need to get in toucvh with him too. Derek at the tourist/joke shop in that gap in middle of high st. Please please. i missed corfu this year. they can reach me on tonybentley88@yahoo.co.uk

George B          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge Thanks for a great time One For The Road best place in Sidari
LOL George

Dennis E          10/10


Jenny C          10/10

Tribute bands/comedians wanted for 1 for the road: if interested please call Napolian on 00306972251804.

Petra T          10/10

hello everyone!
best wishes to you and maria,napoleon and the dj
right now im back at home, and remember myself the great time at your bar.
the life musik was amazing and the people were awesome!!!
i had a very good time and i will miss it for sure!
maybe we will see us again!
thanks for this wonderful holiday!!!
lovely greets, petra from aachen (near cologne)

Helen S          10/10

hello can someone help me.....did Napoleons in Sidari used to be called Sidari Sunrise? or something similar? taking a bit of a trip down memory lane here

Robert S          10/10

Looking forward to heading back to Corfu this year.

Myself and Jacqui (my wife) are heading back out on the 13th September for two weeks and you better believe we'll be heading for our favourite bar One For The Road in Sidari once we arrive.
I might even try a kebab, didn't get the chance to last year.  More's the pity.  Get ready Napoleon and the gang, we're coming back!

Christine K

does anyone have napoleons or 1 for the road's email address . what is paul's surname the young brilliant guitarists who plays there several times a week

Steph C          10/10

Got back from Corfu yesterday, miss it already! :(

never got to say goodbye to everyone at 1 for the road.
shall be there next year definatley.
get intouch if you remember the crazy Donny twins.