Starlight Bar

Bars in Sidari

Steve F          9/10

  Agreat place to be the starlight room no over the top prices and a great freindly atmosphere last year some fantastic live music from different artists including the owner me and the wife judy had a great time so if your in sidari make sure to go and see helen and keith a great place from steve & judy

Steve B          10/10

hi all ,just wanted to tell the world about a great bar in  sidari called starlight.Its a fantastic place to listen to live music and to make great frends like we did (steve & jo ) on our hols there back in july,such a warm friendly atmosphere,that just made our stay in sidari the best.Big thanks goes out to Hellie & alan the owners of the bar ,for such great company we miss the place and everyone there sooooo much and cant wait to get back there next year .So hey peeps check out starlight bar for a great nite we love it x x x x steve & jo cannock staffs .....