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Denise S


Check out the new live band HOLD THE LINE at the IQ bar Sidari.
The 3 Guys from Manchester uk are STE VOCALS, PHIL VOCALS N GUITARS, NICK ON DRUMS.
In the words of Frank Gallagher, "Lets Paaaarrrrrrty.

Mudri N          10/10

Gia sou everyone, hope ya've survived the winter and now alls ready for another sunny holiday in sidari!!!
Hope see all of ya who were here last year again and  the new customers too!!
roll on in july lotsoflovxx nicki

Mat S


Just a big thank you to all the people we met during our time working in Sidari at IQ Bar / Club Ice and BED.  It was great to meet you all.  We had some good times!
Sorry we had to leave suddenly.  Thanks for all the messages etc!
Big up to Takis and Nicos plus everyone who remembers us.
Maybe see you again!
Best wishes
DJ Mat Stevens (Resident DJ - IQ Bar - May - July 2007)
Kayleigh (PR / Waitress)

Mudri N

Heloo lisa, nice to see your comment, i feel the same, it would be good to see you and also a lotsa people again!sophie sends a big hug to ya,she's fine too, just miss sidari:D
Stay good and take carexx

Lisa W          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge hey Nikki, its lisa (PR from calypso). I miss it loads too hun im definately going back next year i cant wait and have got ages to go! Hope you are ok!! Say hi to Sophie for me. Take care and i will speak to you soon Lisa xxx

Mudri N          10/10

Heyhey everyone,its Nicki(PR in july)wanna say hello to the sidariworkers,especially to the IQcrew and all the customers who were in the bar!!i had an unforgettable time there again and all i can say now is that: love it miss it!!take carexx


Steven B           

Hello its beardo hear.  hello to all the workers in sidari in the 2006 season, special big hello to takis.

check out my website

Lisa B           

Hey all lisa here! Just a quick message wanted to say hi to everyone in sidari miss you all loads i promise to come back over soon things over here have been  a bit hectic lately lol. I also wanted to say how sorry i was to hear about dougal he was a great guy and a really good friend he always had me laughing and gave me the best holiday i ever had everybody always said alan was a bit of  legend in sidari i guess he  truly is now i will never forget him. Rest in peace babe.

hope everyone is well tell jay c i said hi from me and my mate andrea
lots of love lisa
i will look forward to hearing from you all soon xx


hey guys!! its blue, I left corfu on 4th sept n want to be back there now! jus wanted to say i absolutely loved sidari and met sum gr8 ppl out there  but didnt get chance to get contacts on las nite. Was wonderin if i cud get jennies and aarons msn addis b4 i go off to uni?!? coz thought you were great n enjoyed partyin wit u all. My addi is so add me!!

cheers guys
luv blue



Its Jennie!! Jus want to say I worked in Corfu for the high season, only really descovered IQ during the last half of my summer.... but I gotta say I LOVED IT!!! Missin the place an Rich, Takis and Simon... Really loved goin in for a drink and a natter!! Had some great nights with you all!! When the website sorted I will put the group photo on!!
Luv yas xx

Rich I           

Hey everyone, just answering to emails,

Nat - Her name is becky i think if thats the one you mean and no i dont have an email for her

Sally -

Everyone Else - THanks for your comments about the bar guys n girls dnt forget the website and sign up on the forums!!! New and updated website will be there soon


i was in sidari 23rd of june till the 1st of july and enjoyed it so much we went back 28th of july. when i was out there a meet rich the dj from iq does anyone have i addy for him or any thing so i can get hold of him if so email me on thanks x ps anyone with any prs addys can i also have them thanks x

Sammy F           

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big hello 2 everyone in the IQ bar! its the yorkshire girls here! kay, lois, rach, sammy n steph! BECKY'S GIRLS! was the best hol EVER! missing it so so much! shakira shakira hope ur not missing our boogying 2 much lol! we'll be back 2 shake our asses nxt yr 4 deffo! big big big hello to becky and rich! and simon n sam n sally n alex n costa n takis! love y'all! thanks for making the hol so brill! felt so at home there in IQ! our fab local bar! thanks for the t-shirts! think everyone at the airport was jealous of them lol! anyways...GO 2 IQ...ITS ACE! trust us! hope ur all doing well n loving sidari as much as we did hehe! love becky's girls xoxoxoxoxoxox   p.s. hope u like the pic! taken in the wonderful IQ xxx


i want any contact details for the woman pr from 28th july til 31st dont no her name but i want contact details


  this bar is s**t hot dancin on the bar is ace!! a big  hello 2 the djs rich and the one who hurt his leg (sorry do not know your name but i did see u in yous boxers lol) and hey to rich and i had a good night by the way ( u know what i mean) if u two djs read this email me well bye for now but the two party girls well be back x

sally x


had a few drinks in ere atmosphere is ace not too mension dancin on that bar  n geti  blasted by that pressure air lol  miss yas all spesh the pr/dj that fell offa his moped soz 4 got ur name u probz told me... but as u seen iv drunk alot since that hahaha lil natz.

Jessybaby C           

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heylooo jay agen!!!! its the crazy chick agen just thought id send u a lil piccy of u with me n megz, jst 2 prove we look damn good as dj's hehe mwah x*x*x*x*x*x

Jessybaby C           

heylooooo jay !!!!!! its jessybaby one of the craziest chicks u met sept 2005!!!! been tryin to get in touch to say a massive thanx and ur a brill!! me n megz look 4ward to the reunion so make sure u 4ward the detail on asap.thankyou x take care and keep doing your thing... ino its not as good without us 2 nuttas hehe but heyyy!!! we miss u,but got some wkd photo's hehe! mwah x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x

Lisa B           

Hey all! How are you all doing?  So Allan how is the glasweigan twang coming i hope u have practiced for me and my best m8 andrea coming over the girl who was after your job.  The cocktails were great we still remember not getting drunk on the twiggys, remember them jay? have you still got that mini-tshirt bottle holder hell knows you needed that bit of advice after your chat up lines (only joking)  We can't believe your a dad jay congratulations So how is lou  from mojo's tell her we said hello hope your all having a gr8 time you need to make the twiggys stronger for us coming over again hope your all well and hope to c u all soon lots of love lisa and andrea
ps apart from u jay rob is the cutest dj in sidari by far! 

Emma C           

Hello every one its Emma. I like the way you signed my T-Shirt Billy. i think the IQ bar is amazing and cant wait to come back to it. I am coming back next year to work in Sidari i cant wait. Billy and Sosis have to be the best looking bar men in Sidari. Dougall and Dave you have to be two of the best people me and my mam met on holiday! cant wait to see you all again take care love Emma x x x x x x x x x x x x x  

Chloe A           

I went in IQ Bar just once but id go in again.  It had a mixture of age groups in it.  We saw a live band in there who were reallly good but its just a place to drink and not dance.

Chris N           

U boys outside nicked my dog tags!!!! well u dint nick em, it was a fair swap but u best keep em 4 next year! if u dont ill chase ur ass up n down the road again!!!


IQ bar is the best abr out there, all the staff are fun an always up for a laugh. We had the most fun in this bar.Luke, Alan an D-J your all gorgous love all us scousers x x x


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alrite jay n doogs! how r u guys? me, laura, pria n lynz r all c*min bak 2 sidari nxt july so u better watch out iq bar coz we're gona b in there evry nite agen like we were dis time! by da way doogs laura is missin u like crazy! n i'm missin takis like mad! speak 2 ya soon luv ya lots katie

ps if u've 4gotten who we r there's a pic of us nxt 2 dis comment! i'm in da green top, aura's in da black top, lynz is in da yellow n pink top n pria is in the red n white top!

Jay C           

Big oy! oy! to all our crazy customers for 2005 Jay.c and doogs!!