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Chez C

If you are all inclusive at Zafiris is this included at this bar?x

Mike H

Awent on holiday there last year and av bin tryin to get back since loved every 1 and i want to open a bisness out there mentiond it too you gyes and went away and thaut hard .will be back in the holiday time .cnt wait to come bk .what a fantastic place .people included xxxour comment here

Derrick P          9/10

click to enlargeI was in sidari a few weeks ago!!! and the in all honesty the best pint i had was in the Saxaphone bar, a family ran bar, with attention to detail!! in a welcoming way! Helen pours the alpha.. with pride!!! such a pleasant place!! thanks. D 

Andy B          9/10

we stayed at zafiris so spent a bit of time in the saxaphone bar and enjoyed it very much the service is good the food great and the atmosphere superb

the entertainment was varied and good
all in all a godd night out try it if you get the chance

Julie and tony           10/10

By far the best bar is Sidari.  The staff are absoutely brilliant and the surroundings excellent.  We have been using this bar for about eight years now and cannot keep away.  The service is always very good, we never have to ask for anything it just miraculously appears just at the right time.  The guys working the bar are fantastic, cant wait to see long haired dimitri without his long hair after his army stint.  Always good to see the rest of the guys, specially dimitri, spiros and nicky. Cant wait to get back there again in September, wont be long.

Donna T           

 Well arrived home from corfu 5 hours ago and missing it already!  The saxaphone bar is just fab!  Thanks to all the guys there, long haired dimitri, dimitri, zafiris, spyros and of course our good friend nicky - we are all missing you already and can't wait to see you all next year.

Also, these guys work their asses off at the Kalhua pool (best pool in sidari/canal d'amour) by day along with spyros and george and do everything possible to make your days and nights as comfortable and fun as you so desire, even if you're not staying at the zafiris complex.
Thanks guys! YAMAS!!!!

Pauline S           

Saxaphone bar is great especially if you have kids as there is a big play area for them to play in. Staff are great and the only time you have to move off your seat is to go to the toilet or dance, Spiros will bring you everything to your table. Had a great time going back again this year.

Denise J           

i love the saxaphone bar the bar starff are all great especially nicky (dj) mitso and demitri well everybody realy i have to agree spiros does smell nice and he always works hard cocktail are great especially the orgasms & blowjobs everywhere is clean and they make you feel most welcome in going back in september and i cant wait to see them all.

Denise J           

Calley M           

Really good, Nice cocktails, Good Service!

Sharon E           

I loved this bar, good entertainment and very welcoming. 

Gary E           

Spent many a night in here they have a pool and snooker table also the best play area for kids like the ones at home


good music and nice friendly staff can not praise it enough my wife and her friend sharon thought spiros smelt lovely cheers also to my drinking buddy mark there is a great play area for the kids as well

Sue S           

Great place to go for a chill out night out.

Nikki the dj will play anything you ask and is a great mover!!!

All the bar staff are the best and most cheerful people you will meet in sidari.

Arrived home this morning and wish i was back there already!!!!

Charleen M           

Im just back from Sidari absolutely loved it. Went to the Saxaphone Bar nearly every night. The bar men are all sexy especially Dimitri (the hunk with the long black sexy hair). Just got my photos developed and the one with me Dimitri is missing. If any of you have a photo of the lovely dimitri please email it to me at I will love you for ever and ever. Thanks PS Going back to Sidari next year hopefully.

Lesley D           

hiya every1 at saxs !!!!remember me its lesley !!!!the saxaphones is the best bar/club in sidari and the bulls**t bout them all bein p**vs isn't true bcus im 14 and they didn't try anyfin like that they r just soooooooo friendly and the entertainment is amazin !!!!i can't wait till i go back to sidari and i will be spendin all my nights like i did when i was there in saxs !!!!!!!!!!!i can't say anyfin bad bout saxaphones its just the best !!!!!!!!!!!!by 1 of the kahlua t-shirts ive got mine on the now !!!anyway see you all soon lots of luv fae lesley xxxx

Sian F           

if u dont like clubin den go ere its full of old foggys an its the s**ttest in sidari an the bar men are p**verts they tried to drag my m8 in a car an shes 14 eeeeeeeeh dont go there young girls

Gabriella E           

Ciao!!!! I went in Corf¨ the last week, with a friend. I was in Dassia, but for two times I went in Sidari. Canal D'amour is wonderful! And people are Wonderful! Especially the staff of saxophone bar. I wish I send them a goodbye and a BIG KISS to Nikki (dj)

Linzi W           

This is the best bar in Sidari! if you want sexy bar men n great drunken nights out, then this is the place to go! Went here most nights out of 14, and it is highly recommended! (Located in Canal D'Amour area of Sidari.) You MUST go!!

Donna T           

The saxaphone is a really great night - music is a really good variety from party songs to 80's to recent dance. Drinks are really good - best cocktails around Sidari.