Mint Dance Club

Bars in Sidari

Stacey B           

Really good atmoshere been better if it was busy but as went in september there wasnt alot of people in here. But worth a visit maybe in peak season!

Angie W           

I love "Ice".  It is great and even better than last year when it was Mint.  Throughly recommendedand seems to always be heaving after 1am.


no longer mint is now ice s**t hot club check it out

Rob M           

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hi ya fockers!!! anyone going to Sidari this year are strongly advised to visit the characters at mint. On my nights off from fighting crime and making the world a better place, i spent my time in here. They are the best entertainers going and double up as the best friends i had out there. Hi to Dan and Martin, keep up the great work guys. Stay in touch...

Yours forever in the spirit of all things alcohol related ,
(and his sidekicks Kev and tel!)

Kelly H           

if your going on holiday to sidari defo go to mint alot of people say it aint that busy i could never remember as always very drunk but its amazing as you have the dance floor to your self and you can dance how you like hahaha so everyone tells me!!!! lisa jen and laura!!! xxxx miss you loads and loads xx

Emma S           

its a good club good dj but when us went in their was never nobody in the inside bit of the club

Kate S           

 mint club is brilliant. ammerilo dan is the best barman ever. and then theres martin...!! he's pretty bangin when he gets on the decks. i'll never forget our duet together in buddies-everything i do, i do it for u! gonna go bk 2 sidari in october to find a job to start in april. if anyone has any info on workin as a pr or doin bar work, i would be grateful if u could email me.

 i definately recommend mint!  

Hayley K           

It was alrite, but not if you wanna pull cause we was the only ones in there.Gareths favourite bar

Soph S           

great club and definatey go back martin is a great dj

Bradley K           

Everytime we went in there, there was nobody in.

Katy T           

Just been reading all the comments, (about victor) ???? , whoever he is............., But its not true anymore, honestly.The Mint Bar is a really nice place to be, and someone else runs it now, and the staff really seem to enjoy it! Their always talking a chatting, making you feel really welcomed,If i was to come back, Mint would be the first club to visit, Its got the best of both worlds, before 12 0'clock you can have a nice relaxing drink, the after that you can go to the dance club, with really good music!

Katy T           

Me and my friend went on holiday to sidari, and i found it the best holiday, we have ever had!to come back 10 million times, would not bore us.We both thought the Mint club was really relaxing, and both could have fallen asleep on them really comfy chairs!The layout and lights really made it a cool place to be, but i would suggest not to go there til 11:30 12, that is when it really starts picking up! The staff were very friendly, but one person over all was lovely and sooo genuine, we would both say he was the nicest guy in the whole if sidari, which was why we kept returing to the bar! he probley thought we were stalking him though, to coming on your holiday first night not sure where to go and what to do somone shouting "KATES" at me and my best mate really made us feel welcome,we both really didnt want to leave, the mans name was Dan, and he was from america (Texas, amarillo) " yes like the song" he would say!but we only went for a week and it felt like we had know him for ages, so it was really upsetting leaving him.And all the other staff!Just wanted to say my Review would have to be excellent for everything, and recommend it to just about everyone who is up for a good laugh!

love the two kates (Top club, you really made our holiday)but very sad to be leaving

Gemma D           

A proper ace club!! Had some of the best nights in there!! Cant wait to come back in a couple of months dont let me down!!!


DJ Lite you are god, the greeks think you are so thats all that matters when your djing in greece!Good dj x

Ami J           

wow its took me ages ti finally write ma comment i went ti sidari last year wi ma pal toni n loved mint best night club although it was busyier the year b4 all the prs are gr8 esspeically rick ill never forget ya n u better b there this year when i c*m back!!. i dunno how people can slag mind off coz it is (the best night out in town).

James J           

best club in sidari and best staff in sidari (apart from dj s**te.. sorry lite).

p.s. anyone thinking of working in sidari should try mint, dont believe everything you hear!

Matt C

Hi people, i'm comming to Sidari in July 2005 to stay @ the summertime apartments..Just wondering if you could shine a bit of light on some things :) What's Sidari like as a town, bars, clubs, music, transport, food etc? I'm 18 so will there be enough people my age and a bit older there? Thanks a lot :)

Kelly S           

terrible terrible terrible


Emma have a look on the Olympic restaurant site and see what some lass has written about your pyscho lover HA ha ha. Love beaver and slug


Hi ilas is sarah used to work with you in boleros. Dont know what has happened to chris, but we miss him to. (Chris i can dive now and sarahs still got her scar of the iron). Hope you are going bac next year ilas. Phil is in newcastle working been in touch with him quite alot. Just to let you know emma hasn't changed she was out with us the other day and just disappered don't jnow where. Next day she couldnt remeber anything, no change for emma. Keep in touch and have a great xmas and new year and hopefully we will see you nxt year. Luv sarah


ilis its emma send me your number again by e-mail cos my sis deleted it and you better be goin bac next year wont be the same without ya be my room buddy love emma xxx

Ilis W           

Hi to the two geordie sarahs that use to live next door to the big brother house. just thought id mention you both as Idont know which sarah it is? So then how is life in newcastle? leeds is the same old place with the same old people doing the same old thing. Im bored all ready. I miss my family of freinds in our little village behind the dirt track. We had some laughs eh? Have you kept in touch with phill or is he back in hollond? And chris......Were the hell is chris iant spoke to him since igot back. But if you read this then just want to tell you im missing you so so much. Well guys and girls dont no if ill be bak next year but then agen icouldnt imagin life without it. Its like an addiction!! Take care merry xmas and happy 2005
keep in touch


Hi ilis, its sarah from boleros, hows you, hope your ok. Are you going bac nxt year? you will have to come up to newcastle and us geordies will take you out for a good night out. keep in touch luv sarah xxx

Katie F           

aww poor joe, well if no one knows mint night club has the best dj and he plays whatever songs you request right away. i would definitely rate it so if your in sidari any time when dj lite is about i'd get your ass in whatever club he might be at!
love leeds girls xxxxx

Ilis O           

Hey EMMA how are you babe? Am missing you guys lots wish I waz still parting on down in sunny corfu!! What the hell is going on wiv neil man on the 1for the road bit. Take it ive missed quite alot so youl have to keep me up dated and who the hell is his girlfriend- he dint tell us that one. Have you herd from crazy kell? Sorry kell hope your ok and would be nice for you to get in touch.
So miss valantine take it you made it back too the uk then- still reakon that in 5 years time youl be sat with your feet up on the balcony with your bottle of wine, afag in the hand, waiting for mr big willy? Mary says hi and we are planning abig night down in newcastle really soon....neil your not invited but too all the other geordie nutters imet and youl all no who you are - then get in touch and you can prove that anight in newcastle is far better than leeds. Right will love you and leave you if anybody wants a goss then my e-mail dont laugh is (note: no weirdos need not reply) ps emma would put my number on here but you dont no what freaks are lerking around this site take care hope to hear from you soon xx