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Restaurants in Kavos

Layla D           

This is the best restaurant in Kavos by FAR!!!!! We lvoed it here only 9.90 euros for a three course meal and it was delicious!!!! We only went the once cuz we wanted to try out other things but I wish we'd have eaten here every day! Excellent service from the waiters and waitresses thanks!!!

Charlie D           

We came here a couple of times!! Food was very nice - best chinese / Indian out in Kavos!! Had a right laugh one night thanks to Em "the jew" !! The waiter was hilarious, half greek never would of thought it though!! He had us in stitches mentioning our mate's "walk of shame" he blatently caught you Laura!! Really nice set out and they play nice music aswell!! You get to write a comment in their book before you leave aswell...thank you for hosting Emma's barmitzvah!! ha ha ha The 11 Essex Girls xxxx 


Fab food and sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy waiter!!! Half english born in Kavos he is hottttt !! xxx


Absoulutly Gorgeous food here! Definately go!

They have 3 course set menus for 9 Euros which is really good value!
And really yummy!
If you go before 8 then they will give you the b4-8 menu which is cheaper, otherwise after 8 it goes up a bit.
But def worth it ate here about 5 times!

Charlotte W           

Lovely food, great service and good value for money. Defo go here!


the best place i ate all hol, i am glad i went there on the last night because i would have been 20stone by the end of the holiday, i would have ate there every night!!stunning!!!!

K S           

Really nice food guaranteed. Definitely one of the best restaurants here. Staff are really friendly and cant do enough for you cheers guys!

Joanna S           

if you go here make sure you go before 8 o clock because its loads cheaper. 9euros for a 3course meal. you also get loads of food for the price.

Laura B           

Really good food. But you should go before 8pm, and ask for the before 8 menu. Its really good value and you get loads of food.

West L           

This was were we used to go for dinner most of the evenings (untill we discovered pizza hut) and the food was lovely. It was some of the best food I had out there but the only problem is it was really exspensive! I'm talking about 11 euros for a Chilli con Carne! But it was nice though. Only eat here if you have enough money see you through your holiday sweetly! And they also take forever to give your bill one day we was waiting for about 40 mins!!

Judo J           

being of oriental ethnicity and phaving parents who have been in the stereotypical chinese take-away industy, i feel that am more than equiped to judge the quality of food.

there were 4 of us, we all tried different things and in general, they were very nice appart from mine. the seafood chow mein was like an oil slick which didnt go down too well on an already dodgy beered up stomach.

service was slow but very polite and the enviroment was nice, but dont sit too near the plants as we were feasted upon by mosquitos.
its also comparatively expensive, but you might as well give it a try.


Ian J           

best chinese in corfu

Katie G           

Oops, I should point out that this is run along with its sister restaurant The Drunken Squid (Mexican) next door and you can order from both menus in either restaurant. You can actually have Chinese, Indian or Mexican food.

Katie G           

This was by far the best meal I had in Kavos!!! Could not fault it in any way. It was the most exensive meal of our holiday, but was worth every penny. Good sized portions and prompt, friendly service. Try the chicken fajitas, delicious!