The Steak House

Restaurants in Kavos

S V          10/10

Nice food and cheap

Lez D           

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Natalie S           

By far the best restaurant in Kavos!! I ate there every day for about three months!!

Big shout out to the Pompey Boys!!

Lez D           

this was the best steak we had out in kavos cooked to perfection, the meals were massive not one off us finished way too much food.15'' plates stacked to the rafters. instaed of chips potato wedges good touch plus rices and veg lovly jubbley....... and the female pr fit as f**k
    pompey boys


gd food and at agd price! spech if ur tight on money! also lots of meals to choose from!! x


the food was really nice in there! would deffo recomend it to anyone goin to kavos!

Paul J           

So many restaurants offer steak, but it was excellent here!

Emma C           

Really big meals that are soooooooooo nice! Just got back from Kavos and we went to the Steak House twice!Def go there, great value for money!Waiters are nice too!!

Matt E           

OMG! What a place! 20 of us went for our last meal of our holiday!The food was sooooo good!(i recommend the Garlic Steak!)Plus, the menu is made out of wood!Nice touch!Service was pretty quick seeing they had to cook 20 meals and top us off with drink every 2 minutes!Def have to go there if u go Kavos!

Colin H           

The best meal i have ever had a great pint of amstel aswell

Slut F           

the s**ts from essex thought the food was delicious as was the sexy pr who i could have eaten wit my steak! his tight firm bum was a very pleasing view whilst enjoying our meal and was probably as juicy as the steak

Joanna S           

i would not go here again. my food was uncooked and cold. the drinks were also absoloutly disgusting!

Adam M           

Top steak!!

Laura B           

We went to the Steak house after a really lo0ng day because we were warned that the meals aren't small. That was an understatement. When they say 15" plat they really mean it. It was really good value for the amout of food you get. It was a really enjoyable meal, and the sertvice was really good. Don't forget that if you travel with Kosmar holidays you get 10% off your meal, but you need to tell them before you get the bill! We would recommend anyone to go there for a meal! Its right at the far end of the strip, opposite Jazz, and Twins bars.