Tex Mex Restaurant

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S V          10/10

LOVED IT hugggggge portions


Stunnin food!! and a decent size 2! me and me m8s liked this place for a gd meal out!!

Michelle G           

Me and my boyfirend went here.  you have to get the Chilli con Carne.  I nearly died when the plate came out or should i say bowl.  It was MASSIVE.  Well worth the 8 Euros.

I got the chicken fajitas as well, its massice, would defo not get a starter, doesnt matter how much u like your food you can never finish the plate - amazing....

Natalie P           

we went to this place my boyfriend had a ten inch tortile wrap n i had chilli con carne was gorgous while there had a glipse of the chinese dishes, god you got to be brave to eat a full one of those, they were pilled high smelt nice. we went for the second time but when we got there it had closed for end of season.

defo must try

J W           

never went but the girl in front of tex mex was a-ok

Jimmy W           

If this was desperadoes, then it is highly reccomended and does have steaks available. The staff were friendly and the P.R was lovely.

Sara J           

Yes if this is Desperados then we loved it! Definitately the best food and biggest portions at not a bad price. You can tell its good as it is always busy!

Mark M

hi i used to work for them in 1999/2000 is it still the same onwer and have u still got the fish&chips shop and how is lakey and little geoge

Jeni S           

I think this is meant to be Desperados as it's the only TexMex restaurant apart from Puff the Magic Dragon and that's already on here. If it IS meant to be Desperados then I would DEFINITLEY recommend it. It was delicious, the portions are HUGE and prices are ok.