Golden Fleece Restaurant

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Katie & peter            

Just got back home yesterday, Food was great in the Golden Fleece (especially the breakfasts!!..good price aswell!) Thanks to the people who worked there (don't know the names) The service was great. Was good meeting you all and having a chat everytime we both walked past, will miss you all! Thanks for waving bye aswell when we passed on the coach!

Maybe see you in a few years!
Katie & Peter


the sexy pr-luke we loved ya !!! but more to the point ye its was nice in their friendly n that overall ye man go there ha ha

Carl C           

Food here was gorgeous, especially the medium rare sirloin which i got on numerous occasions, succulent aint the word.......oh and the best carrots i ever tasted in my entire life, cooked to perfection!!

Charlotte W           

The food in the Golden Fleece was absouletely delicous! Couldn't get enough of it, and the PR lad was really fit. One big prob though, there were 3 waiters who constantly stared at me and my mate while we were eating (this happened twice when we went there). It put us right off our food, which is a shame as it was so nice! Honestly, the hole time they kept staring. When we asked what was up they shrugged and looked away, but then stared again later. Next time we went we told the PR this, and he told them to stop, which they did (thank God) and we went back loads. Do go here, it's very nice, but the waitewrs are totally weird (we laughed about it though!)

I P           

Very good food and plenty of it.


The food was very nice but you had to be really hungry because the meals came up quite big. We really enjoyed our time in Kavos, Adrian was a bit of a slag but did take us out to all the good places and made our holiday a good one. Try jaz bar we had a good night there. Miss Kavos might go again next year. Sam xXx


Hi Ya it Sam and Laura,
The meal was lovely and the service was Excellent.
Hi Adrian thanks for making our holiday very Memorable would be nice to here from you when you get back home and do you think you'll go back next year????

Love Ya Lots Sam xxx and Laura xxx

Lucy H           

Hey it's Luce... ring any bells Adrian? Just arrived back fairly hyped up on caffeine after a 17 hour (yep, that's right!) journey back home. Nick (remember him?!) & I haven't slept for far too long (unless the four hour snooze on the suitcase at St Pancras station this morning). Just wanted to say thanks again for adding to what was an absolutely wicked holiday, we had a great time. We also have a couple of nice photographs which I could send to you if you can let me have an email address. Hope you make the most of the rest of the Summer & good luck with your last year at uni. Next time I'm staying up in Sheff. with Han I'll send you a text on the off chance you'd want to go for a quick pint-with the girl, incidentally, who dived in the sea at about five in the morning to save your life... before she remembered that she couldn't swim! Thanks again for the swimming lessons. Take care of yourself & have a safe journey home xx

Katie R           

alright adie!!
it's katie and aisha here, sorry we didn't say a proper goodbye but i hope aisha flashing her tits to you out of the coach window was enough!! we are sick being home and want to come back and work!! take care of yourself, we will be back next year definitely!!xxx

Dawn B           

I thought the Golden Fleece was excellent. The stifado was fantastic, and the waiters were gorgeous! Service was good, and the prices were reasonable. We also tried the baked feta, and the spring rolls which were equally great.