East of Eden

Restaurants in Kavos

Andrea J           

This has got to be the best place to eat in Kavos! We went for a week and ate there five times!

Josh is the cutest and friendliest PR ever, we saw what you were doing to that inflatable boat, dirty boy!
OK, this place, eat any starter, any main and any desert for 9.90 Euros! So even if you order the most expensive thing off the menu, it will still be 9.90 Euros! Please try cheese saganaki (fried cheese), kleftiko (lamb baked in tin foil with feta cheese), sofrito (sheer heaven) and for desert baklava, mmmmmm I am drooling! Drinks very cheap, 4 Euros for a pint of vodka and coke. The staff are so friendly, we were given free cocktails here and nothing is too much trouble! You can sit and eat your meal and watch the crazyness of Kavos pass you by!
Everything has Sparklers in it, and all drinks are served in frosted glasses! I cannot recommend this place enough, we ate like princesses and were treat like them, if I miss anything about Kavos, its this place!

Emma C           

Just got back from Kavos had a really great time!Went to East of Eden for breakfast it was really nice and cheap!!Did not go and eat there at night but they have a really sexy PR there callled Josh, so i would definatley recommend girls you go there!!

Mel G           

Good food, friendly staff and they are really appreciate it when you say 'ef haristo' (thankyou in Greek).

Rachel G           

East of Eden have the tastiest chicken salad with the nicest mayonase. Watch out for the sparklers they put on everyone's dessert!