Bars in Kassiopi

Carol J

hey, its carol or camilla as best known lol, how do you add jasmines on facebook x great couple of noghts in there xxx

Lee J          10/10


Coral B          10/10


Its a bit late but I was in jasmines this summer and I loved it, great ppl great music Whoop whoop footie and Kareoke!! xx

Samantha T          10/10

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hi to all at jasmines. we went to kass in july 2009 and we spent many a night and day in your bar. we had a great time and we look forwards to visting you again this july see you all soon.

Ryan T          10/10

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Its September 15th 2009 Just came back from Kassiopi. Had a very good time at the best karaoke bar in Kassiopi. I am the one with lee and the others are my mum and Dad Tony & Jeanette and my Brother Dean.

Lana B          10/10

Heya Lee... Oh and Yanni....

Its Alana that vizits u every year  would you please send me a text so i can get your number.. as u no im a bit thick i dropped my phone down th Looo so itz water logggged hahaaa....Was wanderin is that Job still there i mite be over yet...my sister is gettin married so she kinda F*#KED UP th holida routine...xxxx
If i dont get over 2 c u'z ill b Ragin... xxxx

Ryan T          10/10

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Hello Lee.    its Ryan

We will be coming to kassiopi very soon.. My brother is coming with us this time. My dad said get them Elvis songs ready

Ryan T          10/10

click to enlargeIt's Ryan From Jasmine Bar Had A Great Time And Will Be Back Next Yearclick to enlarge


Sarah E          10/10

hiya yianni you ok what you been up to how is everyone we are going back to greece this year we are going back on the 11th august sam and louise said that i should to tell you that we are going but i what you to no i so can not wait to see you all

love sarah
wb soon

Nick C          10/10

hello to all at jasmine bar! it's nick clough here, worked with you guys in the summer of 05. i desperately want to come back this year for the full season, obviously gonna be needing work. would love to work in jasmine bar again, if your looking for some one for this season that is? if not do you have any idears of which bars or reasturants will be looking? can't wait to get back out to kassioppi, missed being there so much, can't wait to see you all again!

nick c
tel no.00447789254057

Diane W          10/10

Hi Laura and Lee,  finally got around to sending you a message.  Thanks to you both for helping to make our holiday absolutely fantastic.  Since we got back Liam has boasted to just about anyone who will listen that he won the karaoke and the quiz single handedly almost every night, (the ego has landed back in Hartlepool)  as for me I miss kassiopi and both of you.  You made us feel welcome every night we came in and I think we came in every night.
Thanks again it was a real pleasure to meet you both
best wishes
Diane and Liam (Monkey Hangers)

Ryan T          10/10

click to enlargeHello Lee

Its Ryan. me and me dad will be comimg back to see you soon. you know dad he likes singing Elvis songs on the karaoke. We had a great time and its the best bar in kassioppi. 

Coral B          10/10

Big Hellooooooo's Its Coral from barking (east london-ish)

    I can't make it this year due to that i am a) skint B) waiting for results. I have however got my holiday booked for next year the 25th june 2008 less than 11months away i cannot wait. if i can get a cheap deal for this summer  after results day then i will get out there.
Obviously jasmines is gonna be the best with it lovely atmosphere and its fantastic DJ Lee. Missing you and ure funny ways.
I heard that my aunt Dorothy and her hubby Alan was in kassiopi for a few days when they were in greece i hope they didnt cause too much trouble. lol
   Everyone take care coz i'm definately coming next year............
hey a question b4 i finish this, does anyone know how to like apply for jobs out there, is there like a general website with vacancies or sumphin?
Lots of luv to everybody,
from Coral

Tara H          10/10

 missing my best mate vicky!! shes been out here since may now and i miss her like crazy!!! she works in jasmines bar so if u go out there say hi to her from me!!!

its wicked in jasmines ive been out there 3 times now! and i love it more than ever!! love to everyone in jasmines specially my lover vic!!! mwah xx 

Debbie A          10/10

My family & I have just returned from Kassiopi & what a wonderful place, so beautiful. The nights were complete with our regular visits to Jasmines and can I apologise to all of you who had to suffer Mark & Debbie's singing every night!! Lee, the best DJ in town (!) was very accommodating and I don't think we were too bad - we won the champers 3 times after all!! Thanks to all of you for making our holiday so special and memorable and we hope to come back again next year so get those earplugs!!

Shakira           10/10

Hey to all in Jasmine's!

Been back nearly 2 weeks from our second time to Kassiopi this year.  Jasmine's is still as good as ever.  Miss everyone loads and can't wait to get back. 
Keep up the good work guys!
See you all in Sept/Oct x

Kelly M          10/10

hey, not long home.... arrived back 18th june......

really miss you all and had so much fun on the kareoke with lee a lady with a cruch  ....... beautiful vikki too ......
have a ot of good memories in the bar and defo will never forget them all ..................
i will be back again for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a promise
lee well where do i begin with him??????...... he was like a big brother i adored him
and ill speak soon xx

Derry F

Hi we just got back on 18th.

argh i fooking miss everyone so much and hate the fact i have to get back to reality. I want a job in corfu.
what a rocking fortnight awayyy
to anyone who was there while i was, get in touch, delliefletcher@hotmail.co.uk

Dawn H          10/10

hi-ya, just got back from kassiopi on monday 18th june, we were there for two weeks and spent most nights at jasmines bar, the staff there were fab espesh lee the dj who always picked me and my hubby dave to get up on the karoke a gud few times each night..............go on dave !!!!!!!, thanks to you all for such good fun each night and for picking me to win the bottle of bubbly for being the karoke queen lee even though "love on the rocks" dave reckons you did it coz of my entertainment value and not my voice cheecky git !!!! he knows i'm better than him like !  hi to vicki too who was great and really lovely, miss you all already depressed to be back at work but hope to see you all again soon. to anyone who is going on holiday to kassiopi make jasmines your local it's a great night out, thanx once again to you all at jasmines, lots of love and hugs from us all the geordie clampits, dawnie, dave, michelle, tony, connor and joseph xxx  go on dave !!!!!!!!!

Tony T          10/10

Jasmines bar in Kassioppi is the best place to be. All the staff are great and join in all the fun. they made use very welcome when we spent our Two week holiday in kassioppi in June 2007. A big thank you to Lee for doing a very good job with the Karaoke and finding all the ELVIS songs for me to sing.

hope to be going back in the not to distant future.  

Chloe F          10/10

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HELLO ITS THE FLETCHERS we love yanni n lee they are the best the fam coming in june sadly i cant come coz i have my exams uhhh but il try make it in august so i can scare every1 off wiv killing my softly or never ever haha luv u all n cant forget save me a shot if i do make it


Shakira           10/10

Jasmine's is the best bar in Kassiopi, the people are great, food is great and service is great.  Clap

The music is top quality with thanks to the Brummie DJ.  Wink

Can't wait to get back there so i can hear all my favourite dance tunes. Smile

See you in May!!!!!!

Shakira           10/10

Sad to say it wil only be 2 times for us in Kassiopi this year - think we need to start venturing out and seeing other parts of the world.    Shame cos Jasmine's is like a second home!!

FYI Jiggy Stan - we'll be there in May for 2 weeks an start of September for 2 weeks.  Looks like we won't be propping up the bar(or your window)this year.

Jiggy S          10/10

click to enlarge Sarah can't watch as her sister rachel grabs YIANNI'S tits..hehehehehehe.

Well i hear ther goin back in may, i wonder if ther gonna make it 5 times in kassiopi this year! 4 times they went to kassiopi last year and spent every night in JASMINES 

Jiggy S          10/10

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the scottish girls havin a gud time in  jasmines! well hope your c*min back this year girls 2 make it your 3rd year in kassiopi.