Visions Club

Bars in Kassiopi

Dave M           

What can I say about visions. During our stay in September this was our favourite bar. I really miss Georgia as sheshe is very pretty and was brilliant to talk to. I will be back soon


DJ was relly good! Always plyed the songs we requested and even asked my mate is she wnted to see his "stamp collection" LOL! of course she said no! Great even though it wasnt that full had a great time dancing with the DJ'S mum and the old man who was lways in their LOL !!

Helen K           

Steve i am going to kassiopi at end of august i may know who you want to get in contact with you should be able to get my e mail addy send me a e mail i may be able to help

Kerry S           

it was nice n cool the place got going after a while! loved it

Stevie C

I am trying to contact someone that i met whilst in Kassiopi a couple of weeks ago. and i need help!!

Leanne S           

hi its leanne and tasha, remember us? had a wicked holiday and spent a lot of time in visions club beforegoing to passion. music was great a little bit of's were really friendly and up for a good laugh even took us to the bakery at 6 in morning!if ur off to kassiopi make sure u come here!
leanne and tasha

Chris W           

The visions club is absolutly wicked enjoyed every moment of it i wil b going bk there to find work so carole anne casson il c u out there. lol. C ya next year Ian, Pete and Georgia.

Mel G           

hey guys its mel from the past few years!im coming back to see you this month so u better be as good as last year!!!get the liberty x ready ian!!!!

Carole A           

We went here in September 2002 and spent most of our nights here after spending the beginning of them in the bar. It's really convenient cause you can sit in the bar then move through to the adjoining club around 12 o'clock, which is then open to early hours of the morning. It's one of the best! That good we're going back in May 2003 to look for work!!!