Harbour Bar

Bars in Kassiopi

Francesca N          10/10

click to enlarge Hi There, don't know if anyone will remember me i worked in harbour bar in 1999 with my friend rachel and last visited in 2001, if any one does would lov to say hi to adam (daniels son) and george. fran

Carlos S          10/10

hey everyone another great summer with all of us has past hopefully we will see u next year too!!! take care everyone its carlos the crazy boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oscar S          10/10



Ollie           10/10

 well coming here on 1oth august cnt wait guna b wicked

Rory C           

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Oooh Weee!

50 or so bottles of Smirnoff North later and Big Charlie and I were off to a banging holiday! (nice one George!)
Thenasis did the HB proud this year with the music skills - plenty drum and bass to satisfy the baying crowd! (despite Daniel's protests!) Got to thank the lovely bar girls Sophie & Harry too!
Will see you in London Thenasis, hopefully with Adam (danielson!) and Akis etc, definately next year, hopefully with a new boat!

Ollie S           

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heres a pic of me wid sum gals on ma last nyt

Ollie S           

it was well good what can i say. i got back 2day and wishing i was in the harbour bar. its the best bar in kassiopi. the dj plays the best tunes going man all drum and bass at nyt every1 dances and its wkd. if any1 reckonises me and oska the twins from london add me



Oscar S           

ello everyy1 in kassiopi livin it up der!! me n olllie will b der soon livin it up 2006, i cnt wait im counting dwn the dayz now. so excitied cant wait 2 c all the harbour staff. haha i remember wen der was that fight in 2002 wen them men feel into the harbour outside the harbout bar. it was well funni , and i remember the power cut in july, 2002, if anyone remembers this right bak, take care every1.

kassiopi watch out oscar n ollie r c*min bak!!

Ollie S           

now only 2 weeks to go and were back in kassiopi after 2 years yessssssssssssss cant wait, sya guys soon o and if and body remembers me and oscar the twins from london from 2004 add me

ollie_da_man91@hotmail.com, msn or give me an email

Rory C           

I remember you guys - My My My over and over - thank God I'm not DJ'ing again this year as it's been re-released with a new remix...

See you guys for the last few days that we're out there...

Rory C           

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Aaaah yes, fond but debauched memories of what Big Charlie and I like to call "The Promised Land"! (For Barney's sake, 'debauched' means a lot of naughty antics!)

Sad but true, we will be there from 17th July for a few weeks only this year, Barney will finally be able to party with us and not have to work! Let's hope the DJ this year can live up to the standard of the last four years...methinks a mix CD being handed to him to guarantee some decent tuneage!
We want to put a massive shout out to George, Spiros and Thenassis who work behind the infamous bar...the best barmen in the whole of Greece!
Kassiopi watch out...here comes trouble!!
Much Love Rory & Charlie ('peace out' for Barney!)

Derry F           

Can't believe scooba died man!

I've been going to kassiopi every year since i was 4 and i loved that dog like it was my own, he recognised me every year and always fussy panted over me!
I'll never forget him, kassiopi wont be the same without him!!

Tara H           

Why is it only a 6/10???

Its great here!

Tara H           


Loved it
Scuba is dead!!!!!! :0(

Tara H           


Missing everything and everyone in Kassiopi but u have all gone home now coz its the end of the season, Hope to hear from u all soon!!
Tara xxxx

Spiros B           

hey suzy!make sure you come to corfu this summer.i work there through the summer. i work in passion club so if you need a job contact me on bakalaros@hotmail.com or it will be better if u contact me on pap3akis@hotmail.com so i can give u any info about clubs and bars in kassiopi.i'll try and find u the email adrresses from most of the places there.

Akis I           

ok email adresses harbour bars is thanasis_harbourbar@hotmail.com passion club's is pap3akis@hotmail.com

Vicky P           

The Harbour bar is defo the place to go from 2am onwards.......great music and is also another great place to meet lots of people...really enjoyed myself again this year......it is differcult not too!!!!! Harbour Bar 10/10!!!!!!!

Tara H           

The Harbour Bar is great!! We went back for our second year this year and loved every minute of it!!! We are the Pink Ladies and everyone knows us at that in kassiopi!! I hope u had as much fun as i did in this lovely place!!! Tara x

Lorraine T           

To all who know Barney @ Harbour Bar....... need i say more, im his cousin and can pass any messages onto him, flyin out on 9th sept so i'llpass any comments on tehehehe
If u think he's a cutie, u ought to see him as a kid!! ;0)

Derry F           

Hey Everyone

I was in Kassiopi from 17th July - 2nd August! The harbour bar was fab, i'm trying to get in touch with a lad called Charlie that i met in there..anyone know him?
Dellie x

Sarah H

: how can u get in contact with the dj of the harbour bar ?

Georgie M

how can u get in contact with staff of the bar?

Tara H           

it was wicked why has no one posted in ages :(

Tara H           

The harbour bar is right on the harbour just before u go up a big hill towards the Dimas appartments!!! Its a great place to go!! and its the last club before the passion club which is right next to it !!!
I hope u find it :)