Costas Bar

Bars in Kassiopi

Sandra Rosinnek

click to enlarge to all Staff of Kostas Bar!!! I am back in Germany and i say : Efharisto poly. It was a pleasure to meet you and to see everynight this professionell Greek Dance. I send much Power to Adonnis for the loops everynight in the Dance :-). I hope to see you again and i wish all a wonderful Summer. Ja Souuuuuuuuuuuuuu Sandra from Berlin

Anna W          10/10

Minęło już 2 tygodnie od naszego pobytu w Grecji i u Pana w barze. Było przecudownie, na zawsze zachowany bardzo dobre wspomnienia i z pewnością jeszcze się spotkamy. A moim rodakom polecam z całego serca Kostasbar. Dziękujemy za niezapomniane wrażenia i do zobaczenia. Ania i Eugen

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Hi Kostas, Thanos, Kay, Nikos, Joanna ...

How are you ?  Are you know how writing ? Kopelis Slovakia : Jarka, Iveta, Gabi ... Do you remember ?  

Rob C

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeHi Costa I am sure you will catch that big one soon, thanks for the fishing, Rob

Bruce C          10/10

Hi Stefanie

I know it's a bit late, but here's Kostas and Kay's address.
Kostas Sarakinos (Bakas)
Postal code: 49 100
Corfu Greece

Home telephone number: 00302663081955
best hours to call is: midday from 13:00 to 13:30 Greek time
16:00 - 17:00 afternoon, & 19:30-20:30 evening.
 I got this information form the other Kostas Bar page on this site,
It seem there are two Kostas Bar pages going, one spelt with a "C" and the correct one with a "K"..
Try this link below and you'll see what I mean.
Hope this helps.

Stefanie B

I am trying to send a card to Kosta and Kay at Kostas Bar in Kassiopi.  I was wondering if anyone had the bar's address / phone number or email.  Does anyone know their last name?  I am finding it impossible to track down.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Happy Holidays everyone.

Kiirsha G          10/10

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Omg I Cant Wait To See You All Adonis,Kosta, Thanos, Nikos, And Kay &Joanna Missing You Like Mad See Youu All Soo Soon Love Youu

Jelena S          10/10

click to enlarge We cant wait to see you again. Big kiss from Beograd!

Dawn K          10/10

what a place!!!

we have been goin for last 6 yrs,booked again before we came back for nxt yr.
kosta & kay always have warm for the main dancer adonnos well...
what can we say only wow wow & wow again  lol.nikkos is back from army & looking just as fit.
joanne not there much as she has her own things to do..but saw her & looks realy well..cant wait till nxt august..

Monty M          9/10

Super place of a night time, greek dancing every night in some style.  What kostas does in his dance routine with a table and chair needs to be seen to be believed.  Good disco sounds which covers all generations, you would not be disappointed to spend an evening here.

Chelsey H          10/10

this bar is ace. when i went last year i loved it. i was in there every night. the music is great and the dancers phoar. r they fit or wot hehehe. i would recommend this bar to anyone its brill. love ya all in costas bar n hope to cya soon mwoah xxxxx

Amy P           

this bar was brilliant when i went with my mate and her family in august 05 loved it brillaint music exerllant dances and fit men hehe!! cant wait till july next year going again woohooo!! wud reccoment this bar to anyone xx

Nerys W           

A visit to Costas's is a must.  Make sure you get there early for the excellent Greek dancing.  Brilliant atmosphere.  Don't miss it!!

Nic S           

costas bar is gr8! had plenty laughs  there with the staf in the past when weve been. sure wel have just as much fun when we go for 3 weeks in june! laura cant wait 2 c nikos cos shes missin him loads!! hello ben  u sexy thing missin u loads!!!! hope 2 c you al soon! u've got 2 put up with us for 3 weeks! lucky u! bibi luv nic xXx

Kelly G           

i think kostas bar is the best bar i have ever been in i would like to say hi to kosta thanos adonis ben harry kay and we cant wait to see you in june for three weeks my sister is missisng nikos kostas son he is really sexy i also met someone called jimmy

Kelly G           

i think kostas bar is the best bar i have ever been in i would like to say hi to kosta thanos adonis ben harry kay and we cant wait to see you in june for three week

Melissa M           

awsum place..they all bbaabess!!! :D