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Sandra Rosinnek

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Sandra Rosinnek

to all Staff of Kostas Bar, I am back in Germany and i say : Efharisto poly. It was a pleasure to meet you and to see everynight this professionell Greek Dance. I send much Power to Adonis for the loops everynight in the Dance :-). I hope to see you again and i wish all a wonderful Summer. Ja Souuuuuuuuuuuuuu Sandra from Berlin

Roberts S

not been to kostas bar for about four years because of a heart condition but used to go every year and became big freinds with the family hope they are all well and hope to go in the summer

Sam B          10/10

Me and my sister have just come back from our second time in Kassiopi but it was our first time in Kostas bar. I miss it already. The people were really friendly and would always welcome you with a smile. Im never going to forget that place. I hope we manage to make it back next year, think i belong there to be honest.

I have to ask, is Adonis really married with two children?
Hopefully see you all next year
Much love to you all <3 3

Lauren E

ilovee adonnis <3 lol

Graham M

It could be Bruce. The Kostas I knew worked in England during winter for Falcon and at home in summer. MInd you that was 1989. He helped run family car rental business and travel agency just down from jasmine bar. Also drove red Audi. But back then had full black head of hair like myself.

Bruce C

Hi Graham McNicholas,

Two post below yours is a photo, Kostas is the guy with the beard....Is this your Kostas??

Graham M

Came across this by accident and was just wondering is this the same Kostas from Just S many years ago. If so he is a gent and look forward to visiting the bar sometime. Many years years ago in my youth I worked for that Kostas as DJ.

Nicole S

Kosta  or Kay or Nik  - if you read these messages, can you let me know as I need a favour when we get out there in terms of car hire and your recommendations woudl be useful

love to all

Nicole S          10/10

click to enlargeJust booked for Kassiopi for the fourth time! LOve every minute of being there,

To Kosta and Kay and all the family - looking forward to seeing you all again in June, not sure if you will remember our family (rabble!!!) but Georgina learnt to dance with Kosta and it made our holiday, my brother and his fiance wish the you and Adonis could be at their wedding in July

Christine R

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just booked my holiday to kassiopi. will be there on the 8th may. im all excited now

Megan S          10/10

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What a great bar  Cant wait to go back to start working there  Its fantastic!! Love you guys  xxx

Sarah E          10/10

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kassiopi great miss you all  so bad Cry 
can not wait to see you all on the 9th augest  next year
greece dancing was mint =)Smile
see you all soon
miss you kosta Cry

Katarina D

I have just came back from Kassiopi and I am sooo sad, because I already miss Kostas Bar, and everyone there!:(
Esspecially Nik!:)
I want to ask does someone know Nik`s surname???

Nicole L          10/10

hey everyone! just gt bk from another gr8 holiday in kassiopi. despite the fact that my uncle owns de'ja vu down at the harbour kostas has always been my fav bar by far! the greek dancing every night is excellent and everyone is so nice there . hopefully i will be bk nxt summer 4 a lot longer if my family will let me stay all summer haha!  seriously hoping kosta was serious bout teachin me the dancing n work etc because i would do that job 4 free anytime! anyone who hasnt been 2 kostas really has 2 check it out they will love it ! - and perhaps i should say go 2 de'ja vu also lol  big hi 2 everyone at kostas c u again soon !

nicole xxxxx

Sharron H          10/10

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I agree with all the other comments about Kostas bar, Kassiopi, Corfu.

My sister Yvonne and I have just returned from our holiday there and the very athletic and entertaining greek dancing at kostas bar every night really made our holiday. The boys( Adonis, Kostas,Nik and Thanis, et al.) made us feel very welcome, by far the best Greek dancing we've ever seen!
Well worth a visit if you're over there.

Nicole S          10/10

We have been out to Corfu twice now 2004 and 2006 and always head for Kostas Bar we are back again july 2009 with more family and will bring many photos out with from our last visit.

Love the place it always feels like home - is Ben back this Summer? we were hoping he would contact us in Northampton.
Love to all the family

Markos H

I'd like to say Happy new year first of all and second of all, for people who are friends with Costas (Bakas), Key, Nikos (Ballilis), Joanna, & stuff: Adonis, Thanos,  you can watch some videos from Kassiopi. where? on you tube: I invite all friends to watch some videos from activities in winter in Kassiopi also from easter, One of the best easter in the world. go to you tube. write down to the search bar sekosteed, and you f;ind 5 videos.so far.
All created & added by (sekos)
More details about Kosta for sending cards, greetings, etc.

Kostas Sarakinos (Bakas)
Postal code: 49 100
Corfu Greece

home telephone number: 00302663081955
best ours to call is: midday from 13:00 to 13:30 Greek time
16:00 - 17:00 afternoon, & 19:30-20:30 evening. Kostas, or the stuff in the bar haven't got e-mail addresses.

Bruce C          10/10

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I'm off to Kassiopi next year, and after reading all the lovely comments about Kostas Bar, I will certainly give it a visit..roll on the 28th of July 2009..

Glad you had a great time Dawn and Natasha.....Natasha I hope you have stopped crying.

Natasha T          10/10

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well what can i say about kostas bar world class

what with the fantastic dancers thanos,adonis,niko and well costa him self
made my first holiday worth while they were so nice and kind and i miss them all
hope to see you all next year
and i recommend visting kostas bar while having a holiday in kassipi because its really fun

Kiirsha G          10/10

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Hiiaa Kosta And Everyone x

Cant Wait Too See Youu All Soon We Had A Fab Time And Didnt Want To Come Home Love Youu All Loads
Kersha Sam Jenny Steve

Jelena S          10/10

click to enlarge We cant wait to see you again. Big kiss from Beograd!


Jackie & aynsley H          10/10

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Thankyou so much for the great evenings at your bar, all our family and friends had such a great time, and we all have very fond memories of our wedding and holiday in kassiopi. Thankyou also so much for teaching me a greek dance, it was a great pleasure to dance with you, and a lot of fun too,( im still practising in front of the mirror on the quiet ha ha). We hope to all visit kassiopi again in the near future, please pass on our love and best wishes from the uk to all your family and staff.

Jelena S

CryIm crying for Kassiopi together with my daughter, Katarina. Dancing in Kostas bar is fantastic. I love Beograd, where I live, but Corfu and Kassiopi is wonder. Last year, my family and I, visited you first time. That holliday was splendid, this year holliday we spent fantastic, too. See you again next summer. I wish all the best for all of you. Big kiss from Beograd, Srbia. 

Dawn K          10/10

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click to enlarge we have been to kassiopi for last 6yrs

and met some fantastic people.kosta & kay are the best by far,with every night greek dancing & warm welcome..the same people go every yr.maria & bruce are great.gwen is now living down the coast& wish her all the best..something for every1.  i took my 67yr old mum this yr & she loved it..everywhere you eat is gr8.made sure we bk again b4 we left for nxt yr..c ya all at end of august !!