Eclipse Bar

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Keri N          10/10

hiya paul, rachel, n spiros     hope u all ok cnt wait to come bak there nxt year n c u all eclipse is the best bar in kassiopi i reccomend it to every1 who reads this the musics great and the cockeney djs well fit ( init paul) hahaha c yaz soon   vicki keri cragy n lucy

Lauren and lauren D           

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helllllllllooooooooo conrad spiros and paul!!!
you beter remember us.. haha we were your little fan club haha in every nyt. you got us into passion one nyt paul..n me lauren went on yur moped.. n yur mum loved my lil sister leah.. you better remeber us we were cryin on the lastnyt hahahah. were c*mmin bak!!! hope your'e there next yr.. ryt back lovew lauren and lauren  ( morag n gertrude haah)

Sara G           

hi spiros , paul and konrad..  hope you are all well -  will be with you again very soon !!!   disco dave with be there to give you a wave and we're really looking forward to seeing you all again.   get the beers in  - a large bottle of mythos for me and a pint of amstel for david.   notes for paul   :  dirty dancing  track 4 and i'd better win the bingo this year or  there will be trouble!!!!  only joking .

daydream believer david and sara    x 

Traci S           

hiya its michelle and tracy here...
 just wanted to say the eclipse bar is great we had a great two weeks in there with paul and konrad and the locals gary, leighton, ray,scott. missing you loads hope to be back there soon.

paul hope you still coming over to leeds when you get back missing u lots

love michelle n traci x x  x

Sandra Y           

Glad you're going to be there again this year Konrad.
Spiros, hope the karaoke discs we sent are doing the job - we'll be there to find out in about 4 weeks - absolutely can't wait.

Tim & chick            

Forgot the thumbs up!

Tim & chick            

Great to hear you're back again Konrad. We'll be back again for our seventh time at end of July for 2 weeks. Looking forward to meeting everyone again. We missed last year and can't wait to get back. Hope you don't need the services of DJ Tim again?!! Hi to Rachell and Spiros, see you soon x  

Tasha H           

Hya Every1,

I visited corfu in october 2005 it was a right laugh but then every1 started going as it was the end of the season!!! Bet no one wil 4 get me n Natalie there though LONG LIVE!!!! love nick n paul!!!!! xx tasha from leeds  

Lisa P           

aww are rachelle and spiros back together?? we miss them so much! were just waiting to book again for next year! i hope they are still there!! i still keep in touch with pauls mum! hows his shaved head doing? i cant believe conrad shaved his too!! what are they like?! they better have our pictures up in their bar! we made conrad promise us! ha ha

me, jen and steph cant wait to see them again!! xx

Sara G           

Just got back from 3 weeks in kassiopi  LOVED IT !!!  Eclispe Bar was GREAT.  Spiros and Paul and Conrad (he was just leaving as we got there) were WONDERFUL.  Never won the Bingo the whole time i was there  Were my numbers in there Paul ???   Spiros was super and was always smiling Paul was always cheeky and Hobo (the dog) was always hungry......  I had a blast.   DISCO DAVE GIVE US A WAVE ....  Met Rachelle she came over at the begining of the third week,  she was a sweetie.  Can't praise this bar, the people and the location enough.  Love to you all and see you next year

Lisa P           

Hi, i went in July!

As far as i am aware spiros and rachelle are no longer together! however the bar is still there and so is spiros, Konrad and Paul! The bar is as good as ever! i love the place! miss it so much!

Shaun A           

Has anyone been to the Eclipse in the last few weeks we have been trying to contact Rachelle & Spiro but had no succsess can anyone helpcheers Shaun

Lisa P           

This bar is excellent! 10 of us came to stay in Kassiopi from the 11th July until the 25th July and we found the eclipse bar excellent! the staff are soo funny and welcoming (spiros, konrad and paul)!! i just wish we could have stayed longer because the staff are so lovely!! and the drinks are great and very cheap!!paul (the dj who thought it was a good idea to shave his head- ha ha ) and his mum and dad even came to say goodbye to us on our last day!! we grew to love them all!! we miss the staff so much too!

me, jen, charly and steph love the place and were getting ready to book our next holiday there!!

Sean W           

Eclispe is a wonderful bar with a pleasent atmosphere and welcomign staff.  I personally have seen spiro smile on many occasions, i would personnally go and see for yourself you may be surprised.

Sean W           


Jenna H           

this bar is fantastic. the owners definatley welcome everyone and are great company. see you soon spiros & rachael

Helen K           

Sean which website are you on about ??

I have not seen any slander about eclipse, but remember everyone has their own view and you cant stop people saying what they think about different place no matter how much you may like the place

I know that Starman would not allow slander on his website

Helen K           

Does anyone have Sean's e mail address he used to dj in eclipse ??

Chick D           

I couldn't agree with you more!!! Spiros and Rachelle are both lovely and have made Tim and I very welcome (all 5 times!). People are only negative when they haven't got anything better to do. Rather than slag the place off, we should be supporting them and maybe we will see Spiros smile! We will back next year guys and always recommend Eclipse to family and friends. Have a good winter guys - Chick and Tim xxx

Sean R

dear starman if you could please ammend all the slander on your websit for the eclipse cafe bar it we would be very much appreciated as i have never known so much rubbish in all my life . . . . thankyou vey much s. ryan eclipse cafe bar dj (ex)

Martin and sue R           

we went into this bar as it looked quitye fashionable ! but soon turned and walked out as the greek man who works behind the bar was rude and never smiled why are the geek men like that ?? the dj never even spoke a word and played some really rubbish music we stayed ther for one night and left quite dissapointed .... a good night to be had was illousions bar down near the harbour with akis and panos. we wont be going back to kass in the futer and especialy to the misarable eclipse cafe bar DON'T GO THER !!

Moriella K           

We are all wondering where sean is ???? why did he leave at the begining of the season ? and where is rachele ? maybe somthing is going on with them both? me and my freinds went to see the eclipse bar agin this year and it was below average no dj only a fat welsh bloke who plays music for himself ! now maybe its just me and elle but has the barmaid ran off with the dj who knows !! we won't be going bak into this bar again unless sean is ther. and sean if you read this please contact me becouse we all miss you love morielle x x x

Kerry S           

hey the dj was hot and i really enjoyed the atmosphere it was great!!! drinks were a good price and hope 2 return soon in 2005!!!!


Is Sean back or is he coming back later this summer? At all..?
Missed him when I was there!

Sandra Y           

We still talk about the Elvis impersonator that did a 'gig' at Eclipse last year. Sean - remember the song he did by the Mavericks (oh yes, oh no !!), Gary and I still laugh about it. We are going to a different resort this year as we are bringing 4 kids with us but hopefully we will get the opportunity to drop in and have some more giggles. Look forward to seeing the revamped bar. Will Spiros be smiling this year????