Bars in Kassiopi

Xxstefxx X           


  music/entertainment : excellent
  drinks/cocktails : excellent
  hunks : excellent
  babes : average

heyah guys i went on ma hols to kassiopi 2week ago and boy am i missin it already!! the reason that i miss it soo much is because of the jasmine bar as i was there nearly every night getting up on kareoke with my step brother makeing the most of my time there!!and gettin free shots and scrumptiouse cocktails all da tym lolxx also i gt to knw most of da people there who were great and reali friendly!!!!but the one person that i miss the most would be the dj lee or should i say docter fox lolxx without him jasmine bar wouldn't be what it is missin ya all loads n cnt wait ta come bk nxt year love ya's all!!!

xxxxlove ya'sxxlove stephxxxx

Coral B           

    Remember remember the 5th of november! Is there a Greek equivalent to fireworks night?mmmmmm mmmm The cold has set in here oh how i long for my long summer nights and days in corfu. its some1's birthday so Happy birthday! (for the 5th of nov).

Michael D           

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hi everyone at jasmines had a great time in kassiopi the breakfasts and entertainment were excellent.bar staff were brill and lee keep the karaoke going hope to see you all soon


Xxstefxx X           

heyah guys i went on ma hols to kassiopi 2week ago and boy am i missin it already!! the reason that i miss it soo much is because of the jasmine bar as i was there nearly every night getting up on kareoke with my step brother makeing the most of my time there!!and gettin free shots and scrumptiouse cocktails all da tym lolxx also i gt to knw most of da people there who were great and reali friendly!!!!but the one person that i miss the most would be the dj lee or should i say docter fox lolxx without him jasmine bar wouldn't be what it is missin ya all loads n cnt wait ta come bk nxt year love ya's all!!!

xxxxlove ya'sxxlove stephxxxx

Jude C           

Had a great time in Jasmines most evenings......wsan't brave enough for singing but a good laugh had anyway!!! The Ouzo sure is strong !!

Vicky P           

HELLO..everyone at jasmines, had a fantastic time out in kassi as usual, every year seems to get better and better.  Shame we had to come home!!!! met loads of fab people some new and others from past years.  It was great to find all the originals working in Jasmines....LEE, YANNI, INA, LAKIS and KIKI. Not forgetting Angelo...it was very nice to met ya. Of course Jasmines would not be the same if we didnt have Dj Lee playing all his stuff and putting on all my songs that i seemed to ask for every 5 mins like Tina Charles, Alice cooper, bon jovi, mymymy....list is endless.....thanks lee  u made ma holiday. Still hopefully if all goes to plan i will harrassing you not just for 2 weeks next year but 6 months in stead....arnt you lucky.... all my love to everyone else....Yanni- me and you do karaoke next year...no excuses...if i can get ina and lee to do it, i can get you. Hope you all have a fantastic summer and i will be seeing you all in the near future.......Vicky....offical pink lady number 1. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

p.s Jasmines is the place to be here in kass
pp.s after typing all that..................... i think i will have a red wine.....oh dear eh!!!!!!laters x x x x x x x


have a look at this every1


Vicki X           

hiya karen we are going to kassiopi nxt yr if u r going when r u going me and my friend are working over ther nxt yr we propa exited to get out of this bleedin country for a bit hope to see you over ther u sound funny as!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

how rude!!!!
haha cya l8a u geek hehehe


i dont no who you barhoggers are but i think vicki n meg are tellin the truth and i think they sound funy n id like to meet them when i go to kassiopi next year if they are visiting


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the other pics didnt work very well u couldnt read the writin so i have done them agin lol


Laddle L           

 hi leee hope your not missing us to much  or jim lol. u having fun goin passion on ur own ? oh no u gotta be good 4 2weeks or ur mum tell u off. how they are having a good holiday, we have posted u  picture to remember us by lol

anyways  laters b***h (dr jones)
love the laddle girls
p.s u seen wat jill jones wrote lol
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Coral B           

Well i love corfu and kassiopi, pete has won bigbrother 2006, england beat greece, ohhhh yeah i promised to put a pic up init? well here it is brought to u by Coral, "Afro Leeeeeeeee!"  because he got high because he gt high because he got high! LOL!

Andy M           


evening there we had a great 2weeks in kassiopi it was spot on. jasmines is crazy lee your a diamond!
"nah thn nah thn ya bastarrrrrrrrrrds"
i miss having Yannis special shots after singing kareoke
and i miss dancing around like a prat to "those were the days my friends" and jumping aorund like a nut to buck rogers"
all our mad nights out in jasmins can be seen on this site...
absolute legendary!
if you can member us than add me

Coral B           

    Hi ya!

  This time last week i was in jasmines singing, Drinking, chatting and ..................Re packing my case coz i bought too much stuff, i managed to get it done but the greek airport people wanted to look in my bag.
   Viva forever i'll be waiting everlasting like the sun thats what i sang and i mean it! Cha Cha!
 Well i got back and well i found out that two people i know have been diagnosed with cancerand another person his wife's dementia has gone far out she has even forgotten that her own son has died, so i wish i was still there in kassiopi, and plus i miss the company, the people there.
  Lee u gt ure new phone yet? u better make sure its water proof!! LOL!  Have u got even more laser lights smoke machines and disco light thingy's? I'm just waiting on me cousin sending me a picture of Afro lee as soon as i get it i'll post it!
  I'm gnna start saving up so i can come nxt year, at the mo i  only have enough for a Flight Tickets.
   I quite like the idea of wrking through my summer in corfu preferably Kassiopi, could anyone give me any advice on how to go about it?
Jasmines is the best place to be!!
( PS Last Frday i've never been good at letter writting, dnrt hold it against me! Well at least i can Write numbers! LOL)

Shakira, C           

Hi All, "Been a while, maybe you'll remember, when we met on the beach", not long now till we come back. Jasmine's is definitely the place to be in Kassiopi, the people are wicked. 
The DJ aka Mr Happy is ace and as for Yanni, what can we say, he sure know's how to make his sex on the beach .
Ena, Anna and Angelo we had such a laugh chatting to you every night, oh an drinking lots of tequila with you.  Can't wait to come back and carry on the tequila sessions.
Love and miss you
P.s we'll be bringing an new dance back with us called the Mitchony, (credit goes to the two locals who had us fascinated with their moves,) keep dancing mates!!!

Coral B           

well i left friday and im missing everything and every 1. UB40 i got u babe i loved sing that with u lee it was fun i wish we'd sang more together.  You should go on X factor or pop idol or sumphin you have a good voice. so glad u went with disco night on that thursday gooood choice loved the music.the passion club was very good.

I remember a matt from finchely a ben guy two three women who danced alot i think one was called emma and the other natalie i also remember a shavonne,
there two girls who were really upset, they flew with cosmos and they missed their coach then got  a bit upset in  a taxi jus wanna make sure u are okay,
 i stayed in corfu for like 2 weeks from th 14 th to the 29th of july
from coral (  saldolly1@hotmail.com )

Vicki N           

hyaaa jill!!!

dnt really no wot every1s going on about haha but the delphs are lyin if they said they dnt no us as simon a thing wit my lil sis  (keri) she was in kassiopi wiv us aswell!! so whoeer sed we r lyin u shud think bout gettin ur own facts straight yea
cant be bothered with all the pathetic people on here so jill here is my msn addy and megz :
xox_megzi_xox@hotmail.co.uk   it wont let us write it on here but the spaces between the kisses are underscores( _ )
write back an let us no wen ull be on msn jill n av a gr8 holiday!
luv ya n leave ya till then
byeeeeeee xxxx

Colette O           

All ive got to say here vicci and meg is that we dont no any natalie or emma!! and i  dont know what they have sed about uz.

so before you start spouting your mouth of saying things about us get ur facts right becase me nor any of the oher barhoggers have said fuk all about you!!!
seems like youz definatley made some enemies while you were there!!!

Traci S           

hey its traci and michelle here (leeds lasses),

just wanted to say the jasmines bar is great full of loads of nice people we had the best 2 weeks in kassiopi we would recommend it to everyone...
we wanna say hi to lee.... oh and hows the bed? haha hope u got a new one,
hiya to yanni aswell next time we come up we want sex on the beach twice haha!!!

missing u all hope u get in touch

love traci n michelle x x x x x x x x

Colette O           

there was meant to be more after that message lol!

thats me and kirsty!
we know the delphs aswell they have stayed in mine a few times and we always speak 2 them
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Vicki N           

hi jill yeh we r still in touch wit them lads from oldam we go up ther most weekends we dont rememba u was u a barhogger????

ull hav to put a picci up no we aint goin bak ther this yr cant afford it im saving to go an wrk ther nxt yr tho so fingaz crossed write bak soon luv ya

Princesses O           

heyyy yannis! we told u we'd write - so we are! how r things at jasmines? are u missing us ? - stupid question!  we miss u - hate being home ... BUT... we are coming back in september - yaaay!
hey eena! (dont kno how to spell it, sorry!) hope ur good too - ur our favourite jasmines bartender (haha - but u too yannis!)

yannis -- iv just seen something scary!!  (you know wat to say!) hahahaha
u better write back - because if you dont - you are breaking our pinky promise! and - we have your number! haha!   we hav a new phrase for you... if u see something freaky you have to say... "freaky deaky"!
ooh and say hi to your brother and his friend - we miss them too!!

lots of love - us! ur favourite girls! haha

p.s. hi lee!!!!!!!!

Lawz K           

got back last week from another amazing week in kassiopi!

spend most nights in jasmines,its wicked and all the staff there are great!!!!!
cant wait to go back,only 4 weeks 2 go
see you all soon
ps-Lee keep off the fags mate!


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Just back from Kassiopi yesterday had a fab time in Jasmines.  Staff are fantastic could not meet a nicer bunch!  Brill nights with special memories of Ena, Lee and Yiannis - hope to see you all again sometime! 
Definitely go there everyone makes you feel so special and welcome!
Luv and Kisses to you all
Roxy (AKA Gillian)
PS Mum and Dad luv'd it too!


Just about go back monday and sad to be home   wish i was still there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got the pictures developed and they are V.funny  (wot do we look like with our afros)
Lee - Keep playing the dance tunes and of course the summer song - Those were the days my friends, I've downloaded it and play it nearly everyday thinkin of us sittin in jasmines sipping on our cocktails!!
Yianni - Thanks for saying goodbye, but then again sarah sed goodbye for the both of us  
Love and miss you all, lets just hope the time flies by for when we come back in September. Big Big Big thank you to Barbara for drivng us to the airport, we just about made it!!!

Paula D           

heeey love jasmines its brilliant had such a laugh ther with my mates and all the ppl that worked there  especially lee  was awesome!im gonna be there in june does any1 know if thats a gd time 2 go? is passion open at that time also? some1 write back xxx


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Hey Hey Hey booked to go back to Kassiopi in May and can't wait to get to my favourite bar Jasmines

I can't believe this site is only 9 out of 10 it shud be 10 out of 10...................sort it out
This is my 5th Time and i love it   
Dj Lee Jones or Dr Lee Jones as he likes to be known nowadays is the best DJ/DR in Kassiopi. He's a great friend from back home and hopin he's going back this year.
See you all in May

Vicki N           

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its ok meg no problem !!!

yh we gt pix bt non f the apptmnt n yh we had a bathroom wit a shower its gud ull like it wish i wz goin this yr but cant afford it
oh well thers allways nxt yr xxx
this is all of us that wnt xxxx

Sarah M           

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 Laki....can't wait for my Rock and Roll dance  

Lee if you read this u best be going back this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait wish we were going sooner than 5 weeks

Sarah M           

This is our 3rd year and we love it.

Jasmines is the place to be every night with resident Dj Lee Jones.........Thats if he goes back (Lets Hope so ay   ) Can't wait for the Sex on the beach cocktails and have a good old sing on the Karaoke.

See you all in May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicki X           

hiya we stayed in hercules apts its well nice wid da pool right nxt to it so its top!!!

happy new yr

vix n megs


Nicola W           

we have just booked 2 c*m bak nxt yr and happy new yr 2 evry1

lv nikki

Megan M           

hia were goin to kassiopi in august cant wait me two mates went in october dey sed it was ded gud and nick was well fit so dey decided to go back but wiv md dis time! cant wait anyone no anythin about the hercules appartments coz dats were were goin! Let us no

em meg and suree

Dave M           

I really loved Jasmines bar. I went everyday during our 7 day stay, with my friends Liam and Steve and it was one of our favourite bars along with visions

Nicks S           

nick..... i jst want to say ---- that ....... i friggin hate ur hair short pleeeeeeeeeas for the sake of small children ..... NEVER. I REPEAT NEVER.... cut ur hair short again - cos u look dammmmn sexy with it long  

p.s. why didnt u email me??????
lots of love....HELGA! XXX  love u man!! cant wait to see u next year!!!

Vicky P           

pink lady number '1' returing next august, bring it on........xxx

Nicola W           

we have just booked to come back nxt yr so hope you can handle us all again nick and mighty john but we cant handle him so it dnt matter cntt w8 to see you all lv

mighty jon
+ ray

Gillian L           

click to enlarge

finally got this to work!
fourth time lucky after resizing the photo!!!!!
l-r: Nick, Joanne, Lee, Gill, Alison

Gillian L           

this should be the larger version of the pic..3rd time lucky hopefully!!!

l-r - Nick, Joanne, Lee, Gill, Alison

Gillian L           

click to enlarge

dunno what happened there but this should hopefully be the pic now...xx fingers crossed xx

Gillian L           

Missing everyone at Jasmines loads!
definately be back next year! cant wait!
Alfie and Nick - heres the pic of us lot!
Love Gill, Joanne and Alison

Aimee S           

Hi guys it was great to see you again even if it was only a brief visit! and nick! the infamous nick! was nice to put a face to all the gossip!

See you all next year-6months at least!!

Aimz x

Tara H           

heya all at jasmines!!!

this place is deffo the place to be!! i miss u all loads too!!! i hope u are all well and stuff!! i've not heard anything about us coming back next year but i fink we'll be back in a couple of years!!

lotsa love tara pink lady number 2 x


just got back yesterday and were sad  and missing everyone.

this was our 3rd time and this was by far the best.
lee - you are officially crazy, i know your mad back home but nothing compared to you there with a few good drinks down your neck, but you made us laugh and we love ya!!!!  s**t the bed a few more times before you get back and for us too.
yianni - you are the best barman in kassiopi and the sexiest , yianni when you come to birmingham and we meet up i'm gonna get you back and if you don't come we'll just have to come back. i'll never forget that it was very funny. don't forget to visit us when u come to birmingham.
nick - you were a pleasure to meet and if you do go to lanzarote in the winter have a good time.
ben - you are the best, you were very funny and made us all laugh, hopefully you will come to birmingham so we can all meet up and have a drink and s**t the bed (i bet you'll never forget bodger irrelevant)
ina - give lots of kisses to baby george from us. you really are a nice person and hopefully if we do come back you'll give us a deal on the room, ( i know were cheeky).
p.s lee when you get back we'll have to go out and party.

Lisa T           

Hey Dr Fox, Yanni and of course the gorgeous Nick!!
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for making it such a great week for us.  We're all depressed now we're back at home.  There will be more dancing in the street this weekend, but it won't be quite the same in Cheltenham!
Nick - I'm gutted reading some of these messages, thought I was the only one for you!! ; )  Remember, you've still got to return the favour!  Surprise me!!
Hope you're all well
Lisa, Kirsty, Emily & Hannah xx

Diane I           

Went to Kassiopi for the day and called in Jasmines for a snack and drink to warm up as it was raining. Best snack that we had in 2 weeks and great hot choc with brandy. Food was piping hot, tasty and plenty of it. Staff very friendly.

Gillian L           

hello to alfie and barman!

we are absolutely gutted to be home! had a fab time (hardcore! haha!). missing our cocktails!
alfie - cheers for the cd! whereabouts in birmingham was it you said you were dj'ing?? you never know..we might just turn up
love, Gill, Joanne and Alison

Nicola W           

hi nick + everyone just thought me and kez would say hi coz we found this website thingy hope ur all ok luv nikki

Vicki N           

hi its vicki n megan (again) i hope u all liked jasmines coz we defo did c ya us xxxxx

Sarah W           

hi everyone at jasmines!!!!

OMG we r well sad that we had to come home  bk 2 sunny old manchester how deppressin noing u r still out there avin a gr8 time an we are stuck in our dead end jobz!!!
well we defo had a gr8 time in kassiopi an jasmines is defo the place to be we love u all there xx
nick---u r a top guy an i know u missed that girl loads when she went home that night was it vicki ?? hope your not still upset about her bless u crying and everythin xx dnt worry chuck im sure she will w8 4 u she obviously liked u as much as you liked her xx
lee---u r the best dj ever dnt ever leave jasmines coz i wanna see you nxt yr hun xx
yani---the best barman in corfu let alone kassiopi hope to see you nxt yr xx
miss you all loads will see you all nxt yr love loads

Keri N           

we r defo c*mmin bk nxt yr this was a fat holiday we met some top ppl aswell includin the delph donkeys and all the ppl at jasmines xxx

Clare V           

Hey every1 @ Jasmines! Its Clare, Gemma and Jenna! Been home for 2days and we wanna come back already!! Gem wants 2 know if Lee still plays the song 'country roads' seen as she requested it all the time!! missin the sex on the beach cocktails and all of you of course! Just wanna say to Nick that he better remember to come visit me in Bath or  when im in wales!! Hopefully we will be back next summer!!! We had sucha great week but it went 2 fast!!

Lots of  love Clare, Gem & Jen xxx Smile

Vicky P           

well another year passes too quickly..........yet again i have had a fantastic time in jasmines especially seeing lee, yanni, ina and meeting new guy nick!!!! i say it every year but this bar is the best in kassi with the music, people, drinks and welcomes.

Nick....have not forgotten you pushing me in the pool with all my clothes on........will deffinatley get you back next year.......Lee and Yanni  your both great and missing you alot.  I hope that if i come back next year you will all still be there......LEE......'but you never know'  who eles is going to play castles in the sky and a bit of Bon Jovi when i return!!!!
Two weeks just is not long enough..........i have had a brilliant holiday they just get better and better.....JASMINES really is the place to be, out in kassiopi !
love to all, and take care from Pink lady number 1......Vicky x x x x x x x(VICKYJENNER@msn.com)

Tara H           

Oh Dear!! I wanna come back too!!! I'm missing everyone like crazy!! Nick ure a Gem! And I hope wen u go back to england u meet up with ure gal! I really enjoyed our little chat in Harbour Bar and nuffin happened between Lee and Vicky which u probably heard all about! Is it me or has Layton got fatter? (sorry mate i remember ya last year and u were a lot thinner!) Lee is the best! And Yanni is soo cheeky!

I love it in Jasmines! I love the happiness of everyone and i cant wait to get my photos developed coz there are some cool ones of me and nick and me and danny boy the rep!!!
I'll post soon!
Tara x

Vicki N           

we want to come back

Dave K           

OI OI this bar was emence for the tunes u gota meet lee the dj we meet kat n gem (blobsters) am cummin bak next year see you all soooooooon  

Vicki N           

hi jasmines

this is vicki and meg and we just wanna say that if nick reads this then dnt grow your hair hunni you look sexy with it short xxx

Dean P           

hi this is dean ive never been to corfu but u never no i might 1 day so just wandered u ok lee i drink with your dad weekends and he asked if i could get intouch with u because he thinks he has lost your details

Vicki N           

hi yani lee an nik

me an megs are well jealous u all get to stay in kassiopi till the end of the season we wanna come back and see u xx missin you nik hope you av finished cryin now ha ha   xx you best come an see me wen u get bak coz i'm not wiv jacko no more   write bk if u can.
cant w8 2 see you
luv vix n megs

Derry F           


yeh we went to the greek dancing at solaris! we saw you dancing with the handsome dancers lol!
the pics are approved now.
if anyone recognises us and wants to speak to me add me to msn
dont ask about the addy, i was hacked on while on holiday and have been resorted to using me old addy lol
Derry x

Coral B           

 Hey ya! 

  Yeah i remember a group cheering me on and the surname fletcher sounds familliar! Did you's go to the greek dancing at the solaris pool bit?
(when i posted this the pictures were still waiting to be approved!)
From Coral

Derry F           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Hey Coral

i remember you singing on the Kareoke! I thought you were brilliant and we all cheered for you!
Everyone i got my photos developed and there's some great ones of Lee, Yiannis and Nick, Shall put them up for you! Maybe you recognise us? who knows?!

Coral B           

click to enlarge 

Got my photos developed but some of the ones that i really wanted to come out didn't but they are all really nice!!
 i have a site for my youth group which i have said some stuff like the funny nice DJ Leclick to enlargee!! and the really goooood brilliant barman who can greek dance as well and gets the ladies an wraps them around his finger or so he thinks! Yannis how r u?
(Ps this description of what i said to my youth groups web site is a very extremely mild one the description on my site says fit fit  wooooww + etc)click to enlarge

Coral B           

 A week ago i was in kassiopi, in jasmines with my aunt uncle and cousin. i was singing karioke, drinking, comin' second in the quiz. CryWaaaaaaa! I miss you all!

Lee you were the best DJ that I've ever met and i miss your suprior musical musical knowledge and DJ iness. There is a place in Barking which does karioke it's i a pub called the captin cook but the music is awful and they ain't got the jasmine well what makes jasmines jasmine. It was a great laugh i was totaly crazy which sometimes isn't me but well i know now i should be more crazy coz sometimes it suites me. you have got me hooked on karioke what am I goin' to do between now and when i next come back? Any way has any one applied for the single staff ladies wanted ? I was going to apply but I had to be on my absolute best behaviour because of my aunt and uncle. I miss you r voice sayin all the names of the songs and of course you singin' along and your jokesLaugh(that head is me laughin at all the jokes hee hee). And you named me CC (Crazy Coral). Please can you play blondie's heart of glass for me and then the village people's YMCA, I can every1 now in the bar doin' all the actions.Smile
Nick you sing soooooo beautifully i miss you singin'. You should be sellin' CD's with the voice you've got. I hope that your eye has gotten bettter/gets better soon. Wink My aunt winked at you, my cousin took the mick out her for that.My aunt was only being friendly. Has any of your hair grown back yet? It was sooo nice.
You all better be there next year coz like i mite be comin again coz i need my karioke, DJ man, barman nick, crazy barman (i don't know crazy barmans real name) and yannis the dancin' king from solaris pool bar bit thingy.
i'll post another message soon,
lots of love, cocktails, sea, sunshine and some other stuff
from Coral

Kathryn P           

hey hey jasmines!! i'm c*mmin bk next year n i can't wait! ( woooo hoooo)

the sex on the beach cocktails r the best, but a bit embaressin when u hav 2 order them!! lol i mite not drink as many next year!!lol!! i fell ova a lot!! hehe ! oh well !
i really cant wait!!!
click to enlarge

Fletch F           

Well its back to work for me in sunny leeds sending everyone to Kassiopi whey hey.  massive thanks again to you all for making our holidays fab.  I have to say you have got some very talented customers in your bar (or you did have until we left) lol.

one last time dedicated to you all.
Your So Vain
have a great season, missing you all already!!
ps anyone wants cheaper kassiopi holidays call me
Kay 01132664341

Derry /           


got back into leeds about an hour ago, received some bad news as we arrived, one of our closest family friends only has a couple of days left to live!
anyway about the holiday, it was fab and i'm already saving up to come over and work in April 06, so should see you all then.
Lee - you really made me laugh, especially singing with hannah, i keep singing "wonder who she's doing now" to her, it really winds her up! haha!
Yiannis - you really should stop trying to sexually harass every single girl you meet! Anyway...thanks for all the vodka and cokes! will see you next year!
Nick - didn't know you for long but the time i knew you was cool! thanks for running about backwards and forwards to the bar all the time! WE ARE NOT LIGHTWEIGHTS!
A tip for the future - don't shave your hair! haha!
email me or ring me any of you if you get the chance, would love to hear from any of you!
Chow For Now! Love you all! Seeya in April!
Love Derry xxx

Aimee S           

Hiya Lee, Yiannis and co..! Been back 6days now and I've already booked for October!! Lee-got the pics printed off so I'll email ya a couple! Mum and Janet say hi..

Speak to you all soon..!

Aimz x

Kat E           

hey dudes! its kat, you know...the funky monkey who was in corfu with gemma 2 weeks ago ‚†hows everything goin? hope its all gurd, englands pretty borin, wish i was still there! anyhoo me n gem (a,k,a the blobsters) are defo comin back next year, so dont think uv seen the last of us ‚†thanks for makin our holibob awesome! u all rock our sox. lee dude we miss you!!! anyway gotta go, keep it real guys. see u all next year ‚†‚†

kat xxx

Jeni M           

Hiya Lee... Back in Leicester now. pretty warm tho but still haven't slept. gonna have an early night. Will never remember to look at this site so if you want to stay in touch, your best off emailing me at mcknockers@hotmail.com. thanks for playing spice girls for faye... she was very pleased! Anyway... keep up the good work and give me an email when you get a chance.

Love Jeni x

Kathryn P           

Oh yeah i fing i 4got! the sex on the beach cocktails rule!!!!! x x xlol  ! But maybe i wont drink as many this year!! Lol i lost count of how many times i fell over!!

 Luv kaz x x x

Kathryn P           

hey tara! i cant wait either hopefully fings will go 2 plan and we will b there!!! fingers crossed!!!! hav u bin on kassiopi experience.com there is a gallery on there and there are a few ppl i recognise!!! x hopefully kassiopi here i c*m! lol x x

luv kaz!!! x x

Vicky P           

Only 11 weeks and 1 day left to go!! cant wait to see sum more reviews in the next couple of months!!!!plus back here their sex on the beach cocktails just arnt as good! Cant wait untill us pink ladies turn up again..BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara H           

Heya Kaz u know we are going back in august but we'll be there from the 19th aug!!! and we really cant wait either! we mite see u there keep ure eyes and ears peeled for us

Kathryn P           

i am soooooooooo excited bout c*min bk i realy can't wait it is such a fun place with great people.(and sexy boys) if anybody is goin in august write a message! kassiopi is the best.

p.s sean is fine!
luv kaz! x x x x x x